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( Look at Who We Are Before You Provoke Us)

From her side, the assistant snarled, “Hey, what are you doing? Why aren’t you apologizing even after bumping into someone?”

The audacity she had to bump into Sister Feiran.

Mu Feiran looked up.

She did not remember offending Zhou Tong.

But having been in the circle for some time, she could understand that some people would still stab you in the back even if you did not offend them. Sometimes, your existence is a threat to them.

Zhou Tong quickly turned around. “Oh, Sister Feiran. Ah, I’m really sorry. It was an accident.”

Mu Feiran gave her a faint smile. “Really? It’s alright. If it’s an accident, it’s an accident. I always meet careless people. I’m used to it.”

Mu Feiran patted the spot where she was bumped into and walked over.

Zhou Tong looked like she had swallowed a fly.

‘Ha, acting like a big shot? I’ll see how long you can stay popular for.’

Mu Feiran had scenes for the entire day.

Black Eagle watched from the back. Seated on a chair, he stared calmly at Mu Feiran.

Everyone felt very uncomfortable with Black Eagle staring.

But a few of the girls’ hearts melted for him.

“Look, he’s been sitting there throughout just waiting for Mu Feiran.”

“Sister Feiran is so lucky to have met such a man who has no complaints.”

“It’s so loving, coming here just to accompany her.”

Other than the rest, Mu Feiran herself felt very uncomfortable with the constant staring.

She wondered if it was because he was Black Eagle that the director did not care if he was from the production team and allowed him to sit there, disrupting everyone’s time and affecting the filming.

Mu Feiran looked back at Black Eagle and walked over. “Don’t you have other things to do?”

“Not today.” He drank a sip of water.

“Then you might as well return to the hotel.”

Instead, Black Eagle grabbed her hand. “I want to stay here and wait for you. Can’t I?”


Mu Feiran quickly drew her hand back, but everyone had already seen it.

She glared at Black Eagle in embarrassment.

Black Eagle smiled and said softly, “Alright, you film what you have to. Even if I don’t bother you, there are so many others watching the filming. An extra person wouldn’t make a difference.”

How was it not a difference?

Did he not see that so many people had their eyes fixed on them?

Mu Feiran had no other way and could not get him to leave. She could only say, “Why don’t you go and make me some ginger tea with brown sugar? My stomach’s feeling queasy.”

“Is that so?” Black Eagle started to frown. “I’ve said it. There’s a problem with staying here.”

“It has nothing to do with that. Perhaps I can’t eat so much at night.”

Upon hearing that, he felt that he was partly responsible as he brought her supper at night. He quickly said, “Alright, I’ll prepare some for you.”

Seeing Black Eagle finally leaving, for now, Mu Feiran quickly got the team to continue filming.

Without him around, the efficiency got much better.


Just then, Zhou Tong saw Black Eagle leaving and glancing at this side. She quickly caught up with him.

Black Eagle did not know how to prepare tea.

When he got outside, with a hand in his pocket and the other hand holding onto the phone, he called someone to get it prepared.

When he turned around, he saw Zhou Tong smiling gleefully as she walked over.

“Why, Mr. Mo? Is there anything wrong with Sister Feiran?”

Zhou Tong looked at Black Eagle.

The men she usually met were from families of small statuses. None were famous.

It looked like Mu Feiran’s popularity was not by chance. There were so many people helping her, and there was a mogul behind her. They were all affluent people.

If she was with Black Eagle, would it mean that she would be closer to becoming the screen queen?

Black Eagle did not know her and naturally would not talk much. He immediately raised his eyebrows as though he did not know her and walked past.

“Ah…” But if Zhou Tong could climb up the ladder that quickly, it meant that she was of some substance too.

He did not appreciate her greeting, and was it all fine if he just brushed past her?

No, Zhou Tong’s body tilted, and she fell. “Ouch.”

That sounded like an attractive voice that got choked. If others heard it, they would feel goosebumps all over.

Black Eagle narrowed his eyes and turned his head back.

With his vault black eyes, he glared at this woman who had thrown herself onto him.

He smiled and went over. “Get up on your own. Or do you want me to help you up?”

“You… You help me up. I can’t get up.”

“I can’t help you up. I’m a person who doesn’t like to serve others. I only like to be served.”

Zhou Tong immediately stood up when she heard that. “Is that so? Then what I know best is to serve.”

This was a sign. It was an obvious test.

Black Eagle scoffed and looked at her. “Are you sure? I do need someone who knows how to serve.”

Zhou Tong’s eyes brightened. “You mean Sister Feiran can’t serve you well enough?”

Black Eagle raised his eyebrow and declined to comment.

Zhou Tong immediately seemed to notice that. “That’s really… Maybe it makes sense. Sister Feiran is a little older and can’t learn new tricks. There are many tricks now.”

She blinked her eyes as she spoke, looking very seductive.

Black Eagle smiled even more. “If this is the case, then wait for my news tonight.”

Zhou Tong’s heart glimmered. She said, “Really? Sure, I’ll wait for you.”

Black Eagle smiled at her and walked past.

Zhou Tong looked and felt her heart become full.

As they say, no man cannot be hooked, but only women who did not work hard.

She thought about herself becoming Black Eagle’s woman immediately.

Not knowing if she would become the next generation’s screen queen soon, she started to get excited.


Zhou Tong got the news very quickly. It was to be at the Charming Bar just next door. He was waiting for her.

Zhou Tong dolled up and headed out.

Just as she reached the entrance, she saw Mu Feiran exiting.

Zhou Tong wondered why Mu Feiran was there when Black Eagle had set up a date with her.

“Yo, are you heading out, Sister Feiran?”

Mu Feiran saw Zhou Tong and soon felt she was encompassed in perfume. She was a little surprised.


Zhou Tong said, “I’m heading out, too.”

“Really? Have fun. I’m going off first.”

Zhou Tong scoffed. “Sure. See you later, Sister Feiran.”

Your time is going to be up. The next part will be mine.

Zhou Tong’s words had arrogance and ridicule. Mu Feiran looked at her and did not get it.

Zhou Tong concluded that since she was heading out alone, it looked like it was not a date with Black Eagle. Otherwise, Black Eagle would have already been with her.

Zhou Tong headed out very quickly and arrived at Charming Bar.

After looking for one round, she still did not find Black Eagle.

However, at this moment.

Someone suddenly pulled her. “Zhou Tong, right?”

Zhou Tong recognized him right away. This was Black Eagle’s man.

“It’s me. It’s me. Black Eagle… is he inside?”

“Haha, come in.”

Zhou Tong was pulled in in a moment.

When she went in, it did not feel right.

Instead, she heard that man immediately say, “Boss treats us well. I heard he has especially found someone with many tricks, good skills, and knows how to serve well, to serve us. Don’t stand on ceremony, everyone. Come start.”


Zhou Tong was utterly dazed.

“You… You guys. How could you?!”

“How could we? Haha, did you think we are kind masters? If you want to offend our boss, you should first check and see what kind of people we are.”

His eyes darkened, and the man pushed Zhou Tong onto the sofa right away.

“Ah… No…” No matter how Zhou Tong screamed in here, it was of no use.

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