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( Perhaps I Was Too Careful in the Past)

Gu Jingyan looked at the state he was in and wanted to laugh.

But she held back.

The doctor rushed in just at this moment.

Gu Jingyan said right away, “Alright, since the doctor is here, I’ll leave him to do it.”

Lu Beichen held onto Gu Jingyan and looked at her with sparkling eyes. “No, you do it.”

Gu Jingyan frowned and looked up. “What? There’s a doctor here, and I’m not a professional.”

Lu Beichen shot a cold glance at the doctor.

The doctor quickly retreated.

Not daring to move forward.

Lu Beichen looked at her with contempt. “What? This wound happened because of you. Can’t I get you to help me out?”

Gu Jingyan really…

Sure, sure, she owed him.

Gu Jingyan had no other choice but to help him with his wound.

Bit by bit, she put on the medication for him in all seriousness.


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Gu Jingyan did not seem to notice that the man beside her was looking at her closely.

Her ears were small and so was her face.

Not knowing why. In the past, he had always felt that she was tall and big. Now looking at her, he realized that she was so small and especially so when she was in front of him. She seemed so slim and fragile, but she still had a strong spirit.

She was a woman who made him confused.

His hand could not help but to slowly touch her body.

His fingers were on the side of her body, slowly rubbing and feeling the curves.

Gu Jingyan felt it… Immediately, she looked up.

“Lu Beichen! Touch me again, and I’ll sue you for harassment.”

Lu Beichen was speechless and took his hands off. “What nonsense are you talking about? When did I harass you? Seriously… You came so close, it’s just a brush at times.”

Gu Jingyan rolled her eyes.

Lu Beichen thought hatefully. His wife, and yet he could not touch her…

He had to think of something to get her back.

Getting him to accept his divorce was already more difficult than death. How could he, how could he ever separate from her?


Mu Feiran sat in her own hotel room, looking through the script and finding the feelings.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Mu Feiran went to open the door and saw Black Eagle walking in and holding onto some supper.

She said, “What are you doing…”

Black Eagle said, “I bought them for you. Come and eat.”

Mu Feiran looked at him helplessly.

This man was really… . sometimes more clingy than anyone else.

After he had entered, the two of them sat at the table to eat.

The room was actually the best room in the hotel. It was just that this was a hotel located near the filming studio, so it was a little old. Black Eagle always looked like he felt uncomfortable.

Black Eagle said, “You stay at this kind of place whenever you’re filming?”

“If not?” Mu Feiran said, “Oh, actually, it doesn’t mean anything even if it’s a better hotel. It won’t be as comfortable as at home. No place is like home. So, hotels to us actors are just as they are.”


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Black Eagle took in a deep breath. He thought that she was having it tough and his heart ached.

He looked at Mu Feiran. She lowered her head to eat and looked at the script at the same time.

He thought about those years she was by that man’s side. She was as hardworking as well. After nurturing that man’s entire company, she seemed to be oppressed.

And she was still treated like that by that man’s family.

Black Eagle got closer to Mu Feiran and looked at this strong woman.

Soon, Mu Feiran felt it.

She looked up and looked at Black Eagle with a warning. “Hey, isn’t it time for you to go?”

Black Eagle cleared his throat and looked at her. “No… It’s just that…” He smiled. “I think you look good. So I want to look at you more.”


This man…

He had said it so directly… It made her whole body feel warm.

She felt something in her heart. She wanted to smile but she was not willing to smile. So she only glared at him.


However, her voice had a hint of shyness and it made him happy.

Black Eagle looked at her, “Why? Am I wrong? If you weren’t good looking, why would so many people like you? You have so many fans. That means… Everyone likes you, right?”

Was he licking her boots?

Mu Feiran got even more shy.

Getting complimented by Black Eagle made her feel even happier.

She always felt that this accomplishment was probably nothing to someone like Black Eagle.

Mu Feiran said, “Alright, don’t tease and make me happy. I have to get up early to film tomorrow. I need to rest early.”

Black Eagle looked at the time. It was already quite late. He stood up and said, “Then I’ll leave first.”

Just that, he looked at her for one last time…

And immediately kissed her passionately…

Mu Feiran felt her cheeks get wet. She wanted to say something, but the next thing she knew, Black Eagle had already ran out…

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Her face turned red in an instant.

Black Eagle closed her door.

He could feel her being like a little woman, and he could also feel her face turning red.

He instantly seemed to understand Yunyun’s words.

Though they were together, it was not enough.

He had always been worried about her shadow and did not dare get close. So it caused a distance between them.

Once he understood this, it was as if he had opened a new door. He smiled and headed forward.

Just then…

It so happened that a group of people had gotten back drunk.

They saw Black Eagle along the corridor and they all got a shock.

“Wow, Black Eagle.”

“It’s so late and you’re still here…”

“Did you just go to Sister Feiran’s room?”

“Hey, hey, aren’t you both staying together?”

“Sister Feiran is so dedicated to her work, she wouldn’t let someone stay the night.”

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Everyone laughed in low voices as they speculated. But they definitely did not dare let Black Eagle hear what they were saying.

Zhou Tong was amongst them and her eyes brightened as soon as she saw Black Eagle.

But she lightly bit her lips when she heard everyone’s conversation.

Mu Feiran’s man…

She wondered why Mu Feiran was so lucky. She had already given birth to someone else’s kid, and she could still get Black Eagle.

But many wealthy people had low emotional quotient.

They only liked big stars.

Perhaps it was just because she was the screen queen. So, Black Eagle did not bother about all these and only wanted to have his fun with this star.

After all, it was rumored that Black Eagle was the king of the underworld.

The underworld is all about fighting and killing, which does not sound decent when you hear about it.

But he has such a big affluence that he eats up both black and white. It scares everyone once they land their ears on that.

Zhou Tong looked at him and thought that he could easily smite anyone although he was from the underworld.

He was not like what most would have in their minds, a whole body of tattoos. On the contrary, he had the look of a classic sword-wielding handsome hero.

Zhou Tong blinked her eyes and watched Black Eagle walk past. She set her mind to an idea.

He was in the production team, anyway. It was a favorable position…

Zhou Tong smiled silently to herself.

Soon, it was the next day.

When Mu Feiran came down, she bumped into Zhou Tong.

She scoffed and brushed past Mu Feiran.



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