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(How Did Gu Jingyan End Up in the Hospital?)

Fu Chenxi shouted, “I don’t care. I want to see Lu Beichen! Let me see Lu Beichen!”

“That’s enough.”

Gu Jingyan’s voice drifted from inside.

She looked at Fu Chenxi and walked over.

Fu Chenxi slowly froze upon hearing that growl.

Fu Chenxi held her breath and started to tear up as she saw that two more people had followed Gu Jingyan, looking at her with contempt.

“Gu Jingyan…”

Gu Jingyan frowned at her. “This is my company. What is the meaning of this commotion that you created here?”

Fu Chenxi laughed. “What is the meaning? And what is the meaning of you intending to drive me out onto the streets?”

Bystanders looked over curiously.

Was this a big drama between the main chick and side chick?

It was intriguing to watch.

Gu Jingyan realised that people were watching, and she lowered her eyebrows. “Alright, all of you can leave first.”

Everyone looked. It was a pity that they could not watch how Gu Jingyan would deal with Fu Chenxi. A pity, indeed.

However, Gu Jingyan had already given orders. They could only watch Gu Jingyan and Fu Chenxi stand there. They glanced back before they scrammed.

It was just Gu Jingyan and Fu Chenxi left.

Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan with hatred.

Gu Jingyan smiled. “What did you say, Fu Chenxi? I chased you out onto the streets? Let me ask you. When you weren’t living in the villa, what were you living in? Did you not have a place to stay during then?”

“I… What I’m saying now is that the house is under my name. You don’t have the right to care. What are you doing this for? You just want to take your revenge on me since you know that the house has nothing to do with you. Why do you have to be like this?”

“Nothing to do with me? When Lu Beichen bought that house for you, we were still husband and wife. When we were still together, whatever money he used to buy you a house was also mine. Understand?”

“You’re spouting nonsense.” Fu Chenxi growled, “Lu Beichen has all the money.”

“Haha, so what? Does that mean he can spend on you without a thought? He has all the money but it has nothing to do with you. That money belongs to us. Both of us had worked day and night tirelessly to accumulate that amount. It doesn’t matter how much money we have. Every single cent represents our blood and sweat, do you understand? What have you done exactly? You’re just full of tears, and you think you can get a villa just like that? What do you think your tears are? Pearls?”

These words of mockery made Fu Chenxi go red in the face.

Fu Chenxi’s eyes moved. “But, but… don’t think you can use such words to lecture me. It’s you who have been wrong from the start. Gu Jingyan, it was you who snatched my boyfriend. This villa shall be compensation to me. You shouldn’t take it back.”

Gu Jingyan smiled wider right away.

“Snatched your boyfriend? So, you want this villa as compensation? A boyfriend in your eyes is only worth that much? No, or should I say that a boyfriend to you is to be used like that? He should be used to exchange for money?”

“I…” Fu Chenxi’s face changed. She flinched and her hands fidgeted in discomfort. “No, that’s not what I mean. You… You’re twisting my words. You’re eloquent and you were a debater in the past. I definitely can’t outtalk you. But what you’re doing now is wrong. You have no right to take my house away. I want to see Lu Beichen. I know you must have used some dirty tricks to trick him into agreeing that you’ll take my house. If not, he wouldn’t do this to me.”

Gu Jingyan said, “That’s beyond my control. It’s a fact that he’s not here. If you want to ask, ask him. You won’t believe what I say anyway. You can go now.”

Seeing how Gu Jingyan wanted to go in after she said her piece, Fu Chenxi panicked.

If she were to just leave like that, where was she going to find Lu Beichen?

She had been searching for him for a long time.

“Gu Jingyan, don’t you leave.”

Gu Jingyan turned her head around arrogantly. “Chenxi, I advise you to open your eyes. He doesn’t love you as much as you think. Perhaps he doesn’t even love you anymore. His feelings for you were perhaps from the past. He has affections for you but he doesn’t love you the way you think he does. Understand?”

This sentence made Fu Chenxi panic completely.

He did not love her anymore?

He had no feelings for her anymore?

Impossible, impossible.

Gu Jingyan was lying to her.

Gu Jingyan was saying this on purpose.

Fu Chenxi charged towards Gu Jingyan right away.

“Gu Jingyan, it’s all because of you. You’ve ruined everything. I… We shall perish together!”

As she saw Fu Chenxi charging over, Gu Jingyan retreated.

Fu Chenxi immediately fell onto the table.

She hit herself hard and was in pain, but she did not get a hold of Gu Jingyan. She felt even more desolate.

She had forgotten how powerful Gu Jingyan was. In high school, she could take on a few guys in a fight.

She was in great pain. Why did Gu Jingyan have to be that capable? She had no chance of even taking revenge.

At that moment, she was in tears and saw a scissors on the office table.

She grabbed the scissors right away, turned around and stabbed Gu Jingyan…

Lu Beichen was at home drinking liquor and watching a movie. He had made up his mind to not pick up phone calls and to not go to work. He felt perplexed and upset, unable to concentrate.

He did not know what was going on with him. Why was he in such a mood even though he was such a grown up?

However, it was uncontrollable.

Just then, the phone rang incessantly.

He picked up the phone and said irritatedly, “Aren’t you annoying? It’s so irritating that you keep calling. I’m busy.”

“Lu Beichen, you’re still home. Gu Jingyan is in the hospital.”


Lu Beichen threw down whatever he was holding in his hands.

At the hospital.

People scurried back and forth.

Blood could be seen in the trauma department.

Lu Beichen reeked of alcohol. Seeing all the fresh blood on the ground made him feel like darkness was in front of him.

He held onto the walls to walk in. The moment he saw a nurse, he straightened up. “Where’s Gu Jingyan?”

The nurse jumped at seeing this drunk man. “You… you… what are you saying? What’s with you? This is a hospital, what are you here for?”

“Where is Gu Jingyan? Why is there blood everywhere? Did she lost that much blood?”

“No… It’s not…” The nurse said in a tremble, “There was a car accident today, and there were many casualties. What are you doing exactly? Don’t hinder our work, alright?”


Lu Beichen pushed the nurse aside and continued to head in.

Once inside, he saw the Gu family’s bodyguards outside a room. It was very obvious.

Gu Jingyan must be inside!

“Where’s Gu Jingyan?” He walked over right away and pulled onto the bodyguard to ask.

“Mr. Lu…”

The bodyguard’s facial expression did not look good.


Lu Beichen was startled and could not control his oppressed heart. He immediately kicked the door open.

“Mr. Lu… Don’t. Inside is…”

Gu Jingyan was seated inside…



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