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(Everyone Deemed Fu Chenxi As the Mistress)

When Black Eagle heard Lin Che’s name again… he was not happy.

“Haha. Her husband has all the money, and yet she’s still so stingy.”

“Doing a business and having money at home are different things. Would you still have the power if you filmed a TV drama and can’t get back a single cent when it dies off?”

Black Eagle did not want to think about other matters by this point. His only concern was the place that Mu Feiran was staying at was too shabby.

Mu Feiran guessed that everyone had more or less finished eating. She then told Black Eagle, “Shouldn’t you leave if there’s nothing else already?”

Black Eagle looked at her. “No.”


“I’ve decided to stay here.”


Black Eagle was already heading in with a swagger. He added on, “Although shabby, I’ve decided I should still have a room.”

“Hey, what are you staying here for?”

Black Eagle turned his head and said, “Yesterday, Yun Yun said that I’m not doing enough. So that’s why you disagreed with my proposal. I think what she said made sense.”

Yunyun, this girl who put her mother in a spot…

Black Eagle said, “So I’ve decided that I’m going to stay here to accompany you.”

“That’s not necessary. Seriously…”

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“Enough, I’ve already gotten someone to get my room. Oh yes, what do you want to eat at night? I’ll get it prepared.”

Despair was on Mu Feiran’s face.

She just knew that there was nothing good when Black Eagle arrived.

When she went in, everyone continued thanking Mu Feiran.

They also said in envy, “Sister Feiran, President Mo is too nice. He even came all the way here to visit.”

“You’re so lucky, Sister Feiran.”

Mu Feiran thought, ‘You guys try, and you’ll know how horrific it is.’

Of course, though, he had the heart.

But he always put in all the effort, making one feel afraid.

She looked silently in Black Eagle’s direction and went up with a sigh.

At the same time…

Gu Jingyan sped up. The court was going to investigate the truth very soon.

The judge arrived just as Fu Chenxi and her family were having their meal.

Father Fu opened the door and asked, “What do you want?”

“We’re here to investigate. Is Fu Chenxi here?”

The whole family turned pale while looking at the judge.

Not long after, the neighbours had noticed that a judge arrived in the area.

Soon, countless speculations were made.

“What happened to their daughter?”

“I don’t know. It looks like there’s a problem with the origin of the house.”

“Could it be that their family’s involved in some dirty business?”

“No way. Their family is not doing any business. They’re home every day, and I’ve never seen anyone head out to do anything. At most, if not mahjong, then a stroll. Who has so much time if there was business to do?”

“Then what are they doing?”

“I heard that their daughter… is someone’s mistress, and their house was a gift.”

“Oh, gosh, how cheap.”

The people outside looked at the family of three with contempt and disgust.

The people living in this area were all wealthy, and they very much hated mistresses.

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Seeing how dirty looks were thrown at her in an instant, inferiority bubbled up inside Fu Chenxi.

What exactly was this about? Why were they looking at her like that?

It was as though she had sinned.

She had done nothing.

The Fu family was still worried about the house.

“Gu Jingyan, this bitch… Oh man, this house is clearly under our Chenxi’s name. How can its origin be improper? You guys can’t be like this.”

The judge asked, “Where did you get ten million yuan? Your family of three don’t even have a job. I’ve checked the house list. The money used to buy this house is from Lu Industries.”

“That, that also means it’s our house.”

“Now the other party said that this house was bought with her money. She didn’t even know and suspects this is a scam.”

“I… I…”

“Also, you are suspected of transferring assets.”

“Oh my, how can it be?”

“Since you know that Gu Jingyan has the money, you have the guts to accuse us this way. You can’t do this. Just because you can see that they have money, doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of them and bully us common folks.”

The judge could not be bothered to listen to her.

They said they wanted to seal off this place immediately and gave them a time limit to move out.

Father Fu quickly said to Fu Chenxi, “Quick think of something. This good house.”

Fu Chenxi looked at how the people outside seemed to be staring at her.

Those eyes of theirs made her feel like she was stripped bare.

“We’re not moving. We can’t move. We’ve stayed here for so long. This is our home. Based on what grounds are we forced to move?”

When Fu Chenxi got pulled and tugged, she felt like dying.

“Quickly beg Lu Beichen. He gave this house as a gift to you.”

Lu Beichen…

Oh yes, did Lu Beichen know about this?

Fu Chenxi pushed through her parents and went in to call Lu Beichen.

The phone rang, and Lu Beichen picked up.

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“Jingyan! What is up with her? Is she seeking revenge? Are you aware? I don’t know why Jingyon got upset that she called the judge to come over and seal off my house.”

Lu Beichen listened to the voice but was silent.

“Beichen, are you listening?”

“I’m listening.” Lu Beichen said, “I already know.”

“You… What do you mean you already know?”

“Meaning is,” Lu Beichen casually said, “I bought that house without her consent. Hence, she has the right to get it back.”

Fu Chenxi’s phone slipped through her hands and dropped to the floor.

A patter was heard.

What did Lu Beichen say…

As if he didn’t hear her, Lu Beichen only said, “Alright, I’m hanging up if there’s nothing else.”

Lu Beichen hung up, and Fu Chenxi immediately dropped and sat on the floor. She looked at her parents still arguing with the judge and then at the surrounding people who came to spectate.

Gu Jingyan… it must be Gu Jingyan…

It was her doing.

That day, she said…

She wanted to get everything back… She was not joking.

Fu Chenxi’s heart filled with resentment. It was so unbearable. But what should she do? What could she do?

No, she had to look for Gu Jingyan…

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She had to look for Lu Beichen. She had loved Lu Beichen for so long. He couldn’t just abandon her like this.

In the office.

Gu Jingyan heard from the person on the phone that the house had been taken back.

She nodded her head lightly and did not bother about it again.

However, just then.

Fu Chenxi’s shouts and curses rang from outside.

This was Lu Industries.

Gu Jingyan was still working at Lu Industries because she was still a shareholder of the company, and she still had a position and dividends here. Though divorced, she was still tied to Lu Beichen’s career.

However, since Lu Beichen had not been coming to work recently, they did not cross paths in the office.

As for Fu Chenxi, it was presumed that she had visited the company before.

So the people outside all knew her.

She called out, “I want to see Lu Beichen.”

“Miss Fu, President Lu isn’t around.”

“Don’t lie to me. It’s impossible.”

“President Lu hasn’t been coming in for a few days.” The person outside looked at Fu Chenxi with disgust.

Come looking for a married man for nothing.

And this was President Lu’s ex-girlfriend.

This matter of an ex-girlfriend brought disgust to people. Especially when it was someone like Fu Chenxi, from merely being the ex to the mistress.

In the past, Fu Chenxi did not care about the disgust that people had with her. As long as she could see Lu Beichen, she did not care about anything else. But now, her heart really hurt. What did she do wrong? Why was she a mistress in everyone’s eyes?

It was Gu Jingyan who was the third party.



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