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(Nobody to Go Through Thick And Thin With)

Gu Jingyan said, “It looks like Mister Lu already received the court’s order. Since it’s like this, then let’s find some time to talk.”

Lu Beichen heard her distant greeting and took a deep breath. “Gu Jingyan, do you really want to be like this?”

Gu Jingyan said, “Ha, what about me? I’m only taking back what should be mine. Is that wrong?”

“I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you being so distant with me, do you want it like that?”

Gu Jingyan paused before saying, “If not?”

She scoffed. “We have already broken up.”

Lu Beichen was silent for a while.

“Alright, we’ll talk in detail when we meet.”

Gu Jingyan did not want to meet him for fear of bickering again.

She really could not be bothered to quarrel with him again.

But since she had this presenting problem, it was best to meet him just for a while.

The meeting location was at the coffeehouse, downstairs from the company.

When Gu Jingyan arrived, Lu Beichen was already there.

Somehow, Lu Beichen looked like he had lost weight.

His originally prominent and sharp face looked slimmer.


Should she feel sad for him?

She knew that Lu Beichen did not have it good these days since Lu Qinyu’s health was deteriorating by the day.

Everyone would come to face age and death one day…

When one was younger, one would welcome life after life.

But as one slowly grow older, it would also send off life after life. Very sorrowful.

She sighed and sat down. She was firm on not quarrelling with him today, so she would only be discussing the matter on hand.

“I’m here.”

Lu Beichen looked at her. Both of his hands were beside his mouth and elbows on his knees. He only moved his eyes to look up at her.

“Jingyan, you still want to split assets?”

“Yes,” Gu Jingyan replied. “Isn’t a divorce like this?”

Neither of them had thought about it. The assets that they had before marriage were out of the picture. They were assets of their respective families, and they had already signed an agreement for those.

But after getting married, both did not care about money issues, and neither bothered about it.

Now that the situation was dire, they lumped all assets together. Actually, if they wanted to split, they had to hand it to a lawyer’s office which would require quite some time.

But he was not willing to.

Divorce was not a very big issue for him. But at the mention of splitting assets, it felt like it would ultimately cut the last string holding them together.

His heart tore piece by piece.

Lu Beichen said, “But this house…”

“If I’m not wrong, you bought it after our marriage. You bought it for her. This house’s deed might be under her name but the deductions were made from the company’s account. This was a gift, alright, but you didn’t seek my approval. Now, I’m going to tell the court that you secretly transferred the funds. I want it back. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Lu Beichen frowned. “Why must you insist on this house?”

Gu Jingyan scoffed. “Why? Why don’t you think about why?”

Gu Jingyan smiled coldly, her eyes filled with sadness and ridicule.

Her original beautiful and big eyes were only of sadness and disappointment.

“You used the money we worked so hard to buy a house for another woman. How do you think I feel? Can you answer to all the nights I’ve burnt all these years and all the tough mornings I had? We’ve had sleepless nights and skipped meals for days just for the company and the enterprise. Do you still remember? Just for one program, we planned for a week and slept in the meeting room every day. We would just grab a bite in the morning and then get back to the details. Do you still remember?”

Still remember…

Yes, they had once worked that hard together.

Thinking about it, why were his eyes getting wet?

He never thought about all these previously but now, thinking about it…

No other woman would be with him, from having nothing to having all the riches.

In the past, there were only descendants of the rich, with not many achievements and nothing worth being proud of.

It was them being together, and in all these years, they created an empire that belonged to them.

Now, he already had everything.

But if he lost Gu Jingyan, there would be no other woman in the world who would go through thick and thin with him…

His heart hurt a lot. It was unbearable.

He looked at Gu Jingyan and almost choked. “I… I didn’t think about it before…”

“Then start thinking about it now. Think about what Fu Chenxi had contributed? Based on what? She did nothing at all. Just a few drops of tears and she can get a house worth ten million? That family of rotten worms can then live peacefully in the house bought with my money and live a life that people would envy?”

Lu Beichen bit his lips.

“So, I’m taking the house back.”

Lu Beichen paused before he got up. “Alright, we’ll go your way.”

Gu Jingyan was shocked.

She did not think he would say as such.

He stood up. “You’re right. I didn’t ask you about this back then. It’s yours, indeed. But this process has to be done. If not, I can’t ask it back. It was my gift, and it’s theirs.”

He walked out after getting up. One could tell he was feeling very low in spirits.

Gu Jingyan unknowingly suppressed her feelings.

She closed her eyes and thought. Why did she need to get upset over him?

But, he was, after all, the husband she shared a bed with for years and the father of her child.

As she thought, Little Apple called.

“Mommy, didn’t you say that you would accompany me to the Underwater World?”

“Oh, mommy will return right away.”

Thinking about Apple, her face warmed up.

All these years of hard work, but the good thing was she still had adorable Little Apple.

She took a deep breath in and stood up from her seat.


Black Eagle was home looking after Yunyun as Mu Feiran went to the drama team.

It seemed like he was taking care of Yunyun for the entire day.

Though there was a helper, he did not want any help.

In any case, she would usually attend school. It was only the weekends and holidays that he wanted to accompany her.

If he had matters to deal with at the company, he would take her to the company. If there were nothing on, he would look after her.

Yunyun looked at him. “What happened to you, Uncle?”

Black Eagle said, “Yunyun, tell me. Is it not a good thing if I marry your mommy? In this way, you can call me daddy.”

Yunyun said, “Oh, really? Of course, it’s a good thing.”

Black Eagle said, “But the main thing now is.”

He walked to Yunyun’s side, carried her, and said, “Your mommy doesn’t agree to it. What should I do?”

“Ah, why does mommy not agree?”


Yunyun said thoughtfully, “Uncle, Brother Niannian has said it. Marrying a girl is a big matter, you can’t just agree to it because it’s very important. It’s a matter for life. So there must be serious consideration. My mommy disagrees because… Uncle, you still haven’t passed!”


She was mommy’s little outer jacket.


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