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(I“m Worried That Something Might Happen To the Children)

Suddenly, no one cared about anything else. Lin Che herself was providing official help to the people in need. It wasn’t a matter of tens of millions, but an endless investment. Moreover, it was cooperation together with the richest royal family in the world.

Everyone naturally stood up and gave Lin Che a round of applause.

“Look at her. It’s a simple cooperation, but she’s doing it with the royal family.”

“She is really generous. She doesn’t care to just donate a little amount of money. This is what it really means to be doing charity work.”

Everyone looked up at Lin Che, feeling as if she was shining very brightly.

It was because her connections were very shocking, and her status was also very amazing.

People like this would seem as if they were covered in a halo everywhere they went, making others look up to them uncontrollably. Therefore, everyone naturally felt that this brilliant lady on the stage was very dazzling. She looked very beautiful, generous, and exuded a different charm.

Xue Mengqi looked at the woman downstairs, her countenance turning very grim.

Xue Mengqi quickly left, but with everyone busy praising and being envious of Lin Che, no one noticed that she had left.

“Lin Che is really good. To think that she has connections with the royal family.”

“With the royal family assisting whatever she does, will there be anything she won’t be able to do well?”

“Moreover, it’s such a rich royal family.”

Xue Mengqi listened as others spoke, feeling so angry that it felt as if her heart was convulsing.

She arrived back in the Gu family mansion very quickly.

Xue Mengqi threw a stack of documents onto the floor.

She looked at her assistant and asked, “When did Lin Che get to work together with Hammond? How do you guys do your work? To think that you didn’t tell me about this in advance.”

“This… Right now, the news from Gu Jingze’s side is very tight. The people there have been replaced in waves long ago, and we don’t have many people there anymore. Therefore, it’s very hard for us to find out about their news.”

Xue Mengqi gritted her teeth.

“Then what on earth is Gu Jingze doing now?”

“This… this… There are rumors that Gu Jingze had intentionally left the Gu family so that he can help Hammond to fight for the throne. They also said that Gu Jingze has his own secret troops that no one knows about, to begin with. It’s just that all the news sounds like a mix of true and fake news, so it’s really hard to determine…”

Xue Mengqi’s hands clenched tightly together.

That was impossible. Gu Jingze couldn’t have done it on purpose. It was also impossible for him to have some kind of private troops. Otherwise, why weren’t they able to get any news about this?

However, if these were true…

Xue Mengqi felt a chill in her heart.

This Gu Jingze would be too sinister and too terrifying.

Lin Che headed back from the charity banquet, and she had just entered the door when she received an invitation from the Gu family.

She was stunned for a moment and asked, “Gu family’s relatives?”

The butler said, “This should be an invitation letter sent by the relatives.”

Lin Che picked it up and took a look. It said that the Gu family’s relatives were inviting them to pay respect to their ancestors.

Lin Che asked, “Does Gu Jingze know about this matter?”

“This invitation is for you.”


Lin Che opened up the letter and only then did she read that the relatives hoped that she could bring the two children to pay respects to the ancestors. It was because the two children hadn’t paid respect to the ancestors in the past. They were from the Gu family after all, and paying respect to the ancestors would allow the ancestors to bless them with safety.

Lin Che said, “Heh, what do they mean by this?”

The butler said, “It seems that the relatives still wish to break the ice. They probably know that with Sir’s departure, the Gu family are no longer as strong as before, and thus feel a little guilty.”

“I’ll still ask what Gu Jingze thinks about this.” Lin Che personally didn’t wish to go.

After Gu Jingze came back, Lin Che showed him the invitation letter.

“Do you think that Xue Mengqi is pulling tricks and want me to go?”

Gu Jingze took a look. “No, it’s the Gu family’s relatives. They probably hid this from Xue Mengqi, wanting to get into our good books.”

“Huh? Then what should we do?”

“Do you want to go?”

Lin Che shook her head. Of course, she didn’t.

“Then there’s no need to care about it.”

Lin Che replied with an oh, then continued to ask, “There’s no need to care about their efforts to do these?”

Gu Jingze replied indifferently, “No need. We don’t need them to be a burden to us either.”

After saying that, he picked Lin Che up.

The Gu family’s relatives were feeling very disappointed that they hadn’t received a reply from Lin Che.

However, at this moment, Xue Mengqi found out about this matter.

“What? Are the relatives trying to get into Gu Jingze’s good books?”

“That’s right, Miss Xue. It seems like it.”

Xue Mengqi said angrily, “Back then, they were the ones who said that they didn’t care for him. But look at what they are doing now!”

However, it was true that Xue Mengqi was afraid.

She didn’t wish for Gu Jingze to come back. If he did, the first person he’d deal with would be her.

“They are forcing me.”

Xue Mengqi hammered her fist down onto the table with great force.

Lin Che sent the two children to kindergarten early in the morning.

She only left after seeing that the children had gone in and that there were no reporters following them.

However, Lin Che had just arrived at the company to deal with work matters when she suddenly picked up a call.

“Ahhh, Mama, Mama…”

A pitiful voice rang out and Lin Che was suddenly struck with a shudder.

This voice… sounds like Niannian’s.

But, no, Niannian wouldn’t call out like this.

She was surprised for a moment and quickly picked up the phone. “Who are you? What do you want?”

The call got cut off.

Lin Che listened to the beeping from the phone and blinked.

“Dong Zi,” She said, “Go check if Niannian is safe.”

Dong Zi said, “Yes, Niannian is safe. Madam, we have people constantly on surveillance over here.”

Lin Che felt assured for now. “Alright, there’s nothing else then. Send more people there, and help me check where that call that just came in is from.”

Dong Zi left after receiving the order.

“Miss, that’s an invalid number. Someone must have called with a fictitious number.”

Lin Che was feeling a little worried, and she couldn’t sit still. “Clear my schedule for the day. I’ll be heading to the kindergarten first.”

“Yes, Miss.”

At the preschool.

The children were playing happily.

Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan weren’t in the same class. Lin Che took a look at Gu Shiyuan, then went to take a look at Gu Shinian. After seeing that both children were fine, she felt even more uneasy.

That was right. Children were a mother’s greatest weakness.

After taking a look for a while, she still said to Dong Zi, “Send more men. I suspect that someone is planning to lay their hands on the two children.”

Dong Zi asked, “Who could it be?”

Lin Che said, “Recently, the Gu family’s relatives have been trying to get into our good books. Xue Mengqi might harbor hatred toward us. I’m worried that she’d lay a hand on us.”

Lin Che looked at Dong Zi. “You go over as well. Follow Niannian.”

“But Miss, you…”

“I’m fine. I feel more at ease with you over there.”

Dong Zi gave it some thought before nodding.

Lin Che left to head back. However, she had just arrived outside when she received another call.

“Beep beep… Mama… Mama, I’m very scared…”

It was still Niannian’s voice.

The voice sounded very heartbreaking.

Even though Lin Che knew that the child wasn’t Niannian, her heart still wrenched up.

“Perv*rt, who are you? What do you want?”

She cursed, but the call got cut off once again.

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