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(It“s Better To Teach A Man To Fish Instead Of Giving Him A Fish)

Xue Mengqi submitted a diamond necklace in fury.

When her servants saw that, they found this surprising.

This wasn’t what they had decided on giving for the charity event.

This… was probably one of Xue Mengqi’s best items.

Xue Mengqi looked at the blue necklace in her hand.

This blue diamond was referred to as the modern Heart of the Ocean. It was a very rare natural blue diamond.

She didn’t feel any heartache at the moment. She only wants to show others that Lin Che was just a performer and could only act.

Lin Che was eating food while Dong Zi walked over and said, “Miss, we’ve found out about it. Xue Mengqi had donated the Heart of the Ocean.”

Lin Che wore a cold smile. “Is that something very expensive?”

“That’s right. It’s very expensive.”

“Tsk tsk, she really wants to do this.”

At this moment, as expected, the big screen in front displayed the items that had been donated today.

The emcee was a well-known host, and he was saying this very agitatedly, “We’re very honored and thankful that the many kind-hearted angels in the human world can come here today. Everyone can take a look to see if there’s anything you like. We hope that everyone can show more love for today’s charity event.”

Other people’s items were still decent. After all, although they were rich, there wasn’t anything that stood out a lot from the others. Not many people would be willing to bring out their heirlooms for this event. After all, it was just a charity event. Although most of the things that were donated were quite valuable, there wasn’t anything interesting.

Moreover, everyone knew that a few influential families would be attending this event and thus, many didn’t try to fight for the limelight. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to win against them anyway. After all, those families were more well-off than they were.

Therefore, everyone just watched as the few big families took out the items.

The first item was a Buddha statue. It was an antique and even if the price went up to over 10 million, there would still be buyers for it.

Everyone exclaimed that this was expected of an influential family. They were what smaller businessmen could compare against.

Lin Che, like the other few influential families, had been arranged in an individual room upstairs. It faced the stage, and the spot she was given gave off a sense of superiority.

Lin Che’s item still hadn’t appeared, and everyone was full of anticipation. They wanted to see what Lin Che would bring when this was her first time officially attending such an event in the capacity of Mrs. Gu.

However, at this moment, the emcee suddenly said, “Now, we’d like to bring out a rare gift for everyone.”

A blue diamond was brought in under everyone’s exclamation.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“This looks a lot like Heart of the Ocean.”

“Such a big diamond piece must definitely be very expensive.”

“Who is so generous to donate such a treasure?”

The emcee gave everyone the answer to this. “The person who brought such a great gift is our beautiful and kind-hearted Miss Xue Mengqi.”

“Wow, Xue Mengqi.”

“As expected of an influential family. To think that she’s so generous.”

Everyone turned their gaze to the private room on the upper floor.

Xue Mengqi sat there, looking down and wearing a smile. At this moment, she appeared as if she was covered in a layer of dignified aura, and other people were very envious of her.

Everyone looked at that diamond and started to fight for it.

Xue Mengqi watched from upstairs, not showing any emotions on her face. She just cast occasional glances toward Lin Che, who was in the room opposite hers. Lin Che sat there, not seeming to be taking any action as if she was neither planning to buy nor sell anything.

Everyone started discussing amongst themselves.

“This is really awkward. One of them is from the Gu family’s internal group, and the other from the external group. What is Lin Che, the one representing the external group, going to do since the internal group brought out such an expensive item?”

“I haven’t seen Lin Che’s item brought out yet.”

“Gu Jingze’s item can’t possibly be bad.”

“But it might not be as good as this.”

Everyone looked toward Lin Che but at this moment…

The emcee suddenly said, “Now, let us invite Mrs. Gu to the stage.”

Under everyone’s strange gazes, Lin Che walked naturally up the stage.

She was an artist, to begin with, and her performance on stage was a lot more natural than the other people present.

Lin Che looked at the emcee and smiled, “Hello, it’s been a while since we’ve met.”

Since the emcee was a well-known host, he naturally had met Lin Che before.

It was just that back then, Lin Che wasn’t Mrs. Gu yet.

This time around, he already felt very honored to be the emcee for this event. He knew that everyone here was very rich and influential. This was an event that people who were just rich wouldn’t be able to enter.

Moreover, this time around, there was still the Gu family and a few other influential families attending the event.

Therefore, he had been very careful when he came.

Now, looking at Lin Che, hearing her mention that it had been a while since they had met, he felt very guilty. He lowered his head and said, “Mrs. Gu is too kind, too kind.”

Lin Che stood there, and everyone found this strange.

“Why did Lin Che go up?”

“She’s an artist. She can’t possibly be like other celebrities who attend charity bazaars and want to donate her personal belongings, right?”

“Haha, who would want her personal belongings? This isn’t the television station.”

Just as everyone was finding this strange, the emcee had cleared his throat. He held the microphone and said, “This time around, we’re very honored to announce that although Mrs. Gu hadn’t brought anything to our charity banquet tonight, she has indeed brought a great gift.”

Everyone wondered curiously. What did he mean that she didn’t bring anything? Lin Che came empty-handed?

The emcee said, “I feel that I should let Mrs. Gu be the one to say this herself.”

Lin Che smiled and took the microphone from him.

“It’s true that I didn’t bring anything today. It’s because after giving it a lot of thought, I felt that although we’ve been contributing our love by participating in charity banquets every year over so many years, it’s better to teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish. I don’t really feel much when I donate things every year. I have a lot more leisure time compared to everyone present here, so I’ve set up a charity organization, called the Pink Angels. Given the Gu family’s capabilities, I hope that we can help more people in need.”

Set up a charity organization…

Everyone understood what was going on.

At this moment, a foreigner walked in slowly, holding onto a stack of materials.

He walked up the stage and said, “To support Mrs. Gu’s kind intentions, I, as a representative of the Di An royal family, will show support for Mrs. Gu. We will be providing for 50% of the fundings for the Pink Angels.”

The royal family was working together with Lin Che…

In the beginning, everyone still couldn’t understand what had just happened. But now, they finally understood.

Gu Jingze’s relationship with the royal family was this good.

And the crucial thing was that Lin Che now also had such a close relationship with the royal family.

This was something that they had not known before.

Although there had been rumors that Hammond, from the royal family, was a good friend of Gu Jingze, no one knew if this was true.

After seeing the royal family’s relationship with Lin Che now, everyone suddenly recalled this.

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