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(Who Dares Touch Lu Beichen’s Person)

When Fu Chenxi played with Gu Jingyan, she frequently heard the other two going, “Jingyan, quick come and save me…”

“Look, Jingyan. Someone’s coming to kill me.”

“What should I do, Jingyan? I can’t seem to move.”

Sometimes, Gu Jingyan would go over and find that it was just an operational issue. Sometimes a common problem, and sometimes it was just a mistake she made.

However, Gu Jingyan did not play so rigidly. She would splurge money on areas she could. After all, the Gu family had no lack of money.

Since Gu Jingyan was already spending the money, she would not leave Fu Chenxi to fall back on her own, including her share. And since Fu Chenxi also had Lu Beichen’s aid, she had quite an amount of money which made them shot up to the rich men’s list even though they’ve only played for a short while.

Everyone started speculating, questioning the identity of the rich newcomer in their region.

The game was worldwide popular. So for those who made it into the rich men’s list meant that they had spent quite a sum of money.

They had to buy rare characters and skin, and yet Gu Jingyan had already acquired them in a short span of time. She also immediately bought a ton of symbols and furnishings, just so she could unlock special items quickly. So, despite having a low-level account, the furnishing she had was already more comprehensive than some bigger accounts.

Everyone looked and estimated the amount of money that this newcomer had spent, and they all rounded it up to about a few million.

Spending millions in such a short time was not a small figure.

All this money was not a small figure for Gu Jingyan. Since she was still a student, she did not have a hefty amount of pocket money. Most of the time, she had to ask for money from her second brother. Her second brother, Gu Jingze, had a lot of money in his hands, and that was because he had been working at the company for a long time already. Along with the fact that everyone in the family adored her, they would give her a generous amount every time she asked for money. Moreover, Gu Jingyan was a trustworthy person, and they know that she would not use her money for trouble. Hence, they felt that it was only natural if she would use the money to her enjoyment. However, most of her money came from Gu Jingze.

Everyone was on the region’s discussion board mentioning, “There seem to be many rich newcomers in our region recently.”

“And I think that rich person is a girl.”

“The bio and display picture seem to indicate so. Who knows if it’s a she-male?”

“You’ll know when you meet her.”

Though Fu Chenxi had spent quite a sum of money, she did not spend as much as Gu Jingyan did. Hence, she was not as famous as Gu Jingyan. The players also realized that Gu Jingyan was very violent. She also had brilliant tactics that in a short while, she rose the rank and sat on the top.

Hence, they paid more attention to her.

The debate on her being a she-male got more riled up.

This day, someone immediately harassed her.

“Hey, little girl. Come, let’s play a game. Little brother will fly with you.”

Gu Jingyan blinked and saw that this player was also from the rich men’s list and also on the PK scoreboard. It looked like he was someone well-known in the region.

The username was ‘Just Do It.’

Gu Jingyan replied, “No thanks. I like to play on my own.”

“Don’t be like this. Come on, let’s play together.”

“No, thanks.”

“Little brother won’t be happy if you continue being like this.”

Gu Jingyan could not be bothered with him. Yet, he kicked the nose on the face and immediately went to the public region network and made a public shout out.

“Brothers, I want to welcome our region’s new goddess ‘Nanny I’m Not Dead Yet.’ Everyone, please give her a warm welcome.”

When they announced it, they highlighted it for an entire day.

Gu Jingyan got so annoyed that she did not want to play the game anymore and disconnected.

Fu Chenxi did not expect that Gu Jingyan would be so famous in this game. She looked at Gu Jingyan and consoled her, “These people are unreasonable. Anyway, they’re the only people you see online and not frequently. Treat it as you didn’t see anything.”

Gu Jingyan said, “I just think I’ve had enough of such shameless people. Forget it, it’s only a game, anyway. I won’t see anything if I don’t go online.”

For a few days, Lu Beichen and the rest played the game furiously, preparing for the school league that they were taking part in.

A team from the previous battle was around too, and they seemed quite skilled since Little Q had the taken the opportunity to train them. Since they’ve already registered, they could not afford to embarrass themselves.

So, they did not take notice of all this news for a moment.

At night, Lu Beichen went online to look and discovered this matter.

Seeing how there was a shout out that welcomed ‘Nanny I’m Not Dead Yet,’ and knowing that username was Gu Jingyan’s, Lu Beichen’s face darkened.

Little Q could not take it anymore at the side.

“What does this mean? Ha, marry Jingyan? This guy must be mad. Does he think we’re all dead, the audacity to say he wants to marry her?”

“Precisely. The almighty Fourth Young Mistress Gu is not someone he can afford to marry.”

“Moreover, Gu Jingyan is ours. Doesn’t he know that?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know. Gu Jingyan is still a small account and hasn’t joined any teams. She didn’t even join us. Maybe they don’t know how we’re connected with Gu Jingyan. If not, this guy wouldn’t be so arrogant.”

Lu Beichen looked. Everyone was talking about this on the public region server because of this news.

“That’s Just Do It. Looks like he’s some coal boss, and he’s very showy. He went after so many girls and spent a lot on them. So he’s the front runner on the board.”

“This time, he shouldn’t be able to go after the Nanny. The Nanny has all the money.”

“Who knows if the Nanny has been relying on men’s money or not.”

“Our region hasn’t had such commotion in a long time. Quick, do the Nanny.”

“Do the nanny. Live up to your name.”

Damn, these people were seriously…

They even dared to plot against his people.

Boss Xu asked, “How now, Beichen?”

It was seen below. Lu Beichen had already done a shout-out.

“I’ve only been gone for a day and someone climbed onto my roof? Who’s Just Do It? I’ll make him become Never Do It.”

The moment this sentence got out, the public region network exploded.

“Me. You must be Lu Beichen.”

Lu Beichen’s username in the game was Annihilate The Stars Chen. Everyone knew this was Lu Beichen’s moniker because he had accidentally revealed it on Weibo once. So, it became famous in a short while.

The local region all pretty much guessed that this guy, who was on both the rich men’s board and the first ranked on the PK board, could only be one person. And that was Lu Beichen.

Soon, discussions started again.

“No way, Lu Beichen has taken an interest in the Nanny?”

“This is the guy who’s Just Do It? Haha, let him be impotent.”

“Now this Just Do It is going to wilt for daring to call out Lu Beichen.”

Gu Jingyan had not realized all this was happening. Feeling frustrated, she had no mood for the game.

Boss Xu immediately called her inform her.

“Quick, look. It’s chaos in the game.”

Gu Jingyan went to look, and people immediately realized she was online.

“Here comes the leading female. The Nanny’s online.”

“Quick, have a look, Nanny. Young Master Lu is fighting for you.”

Gu Jingyan was dumbfounded. What was this all about?


  1. I don't think this is the right episode, because it's confusing, episode 56 ends with GGu jingyuan arrived at the airport but episode 57 is talking about her being together with Fu chenxi and others playing games, can you please check the post?

  2. I don't understand what I just read. Could you please cross check it doesn't seem to tally with the previous episode



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