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(Definitely Prettier Than Her)

Xue Mengqi was dressed in a pair of silver heels that was ten centimeters tall, and walked out of the spotless black Maybach she came in.

After getting out of the car, there were reporters who kept asking if she was Lin Che.

Someone at the back said, “Ah, I know her. She’s Xue Mengqi. She’s now the person taking charge of the Gu family now.”

“It’s a woman?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I heard that she’s really amazing. Otherwise, how could she become the head of the Gu family?”

“Oh my, let’s quickly go over and take a look.”

The reporters came crowding over, but Xue Mengqi kept her head up, not throwing them a glance. She called the security guards to send them off while she lifted up her chest and stepped with her high heels on the smooth marble floor to enter the building.

At this moment, someone at the back said, “Quick, look, is that the Gu family’s car?”

The reporters looked over and saw that it was true. The Gu family’s blue symbol was very obvious, and given the formation, it should be Lin Che.

All the reporters quickly crowded over.

And Xue Mengqi had already entered the building by this time.

The moment she did, she was surrounded by people.

“It really is our great honor for Miss Xue to come to our event.”

“Miss Xue is really beautiful, both refined and capable. As expected of a young miss who had grown up in such a dignified family since young.”

“Miss Xue, your dress is really beautiful. Your figure is also wonderful. You’re really born with such great traits.”

Xue Mengqi smiled politely, enjoying these praises. However, she didn’t show it on her face.

When the people at the charity banquet saw Xue Mengqi entering, people who knew her started to share who she was and that she had been quite impressive recently.

Everyone showed great enthusiasm in such gossips and kept on discussing amongst themselves.

“Look at her. She’s leading the Gu family despite being so young.”

“That’s right. Although the current Gu family isn’t what it was in the past, it is still a top-notch influential family.”

“She must have grown up in the Gu family since she was young as well. This is the type of education she had been given since she was young and thus, she’s so amazing.”

“That’s right. She’s someone who has a better starting line.”

Xue Mengqi looked at the others and was feeling very happy.

However, at that moment, Lin Che entered.

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they saw Lin Che lifting up the hems of her dress and walking in, with a few personal guards following behind her.

A group of reporters followed behind her, and a noisy commotion broke out at the entrance. It was a state of chaos, with everyone trying to take a picture of Lin Che. It was as if nothing else was important except her.

Everyone watched as Lin Che entered. She was wearing a light green long dress with prints. It had frills near the chest area, with the bottom trailing to the ground. Her high heels were very shimmery. Although she was dressed in plain colors, it brought out her beauty even more. She wore light makeup, but her eyes brought out her beauty even more. She only wore a simple necklace on her. She had dressed up so simply but still appeared so distinguished and unique amidst the chaos. It was as if no chaos could disturb her tranquility and gracefulness. She was like the brightest spot in the crowd that was noticed no matter how many people there were around her. Just one look at her was an unforgettable image.

“Wow, so beautiful. As expected of Lin Che.”

“Who are those people around her? Why are the bodyguards brought in? Are bodyguards allowed in here?”

No one had brought along their bodyguards with them to the charity banquet.

Someone said, “These are her trusted aides, and she brings them no matter where she goes. You don’t understand. Other people aren’t allowed to do this, but if she wishes to, she’ll definitely be able to. Moreover, these bodyguards have statuses as well. Do you think that anyone can have them? Her personal guards only recognizes her as their only mistress. They are very loyal. They aren’t ordinary bodyguards but are her lackeys, the kind that is especially amazing.”

It was true that Lin Che appeared a lot more special when surrounded by the ground of people. She didn’t have to care about anything, and it was enough for her to wear a faint smile and greet other people, showing off her beauty.

Everyone’s gazes were attracted by Lin Che’s beauty.

Xue Mengqi stood there and felt faintly uncomfortable.

Lin Che was greeting other people when she looked up and suddenly saw Xue Mengqi.

Xue Mengqi looked at her arrogantly, walking toward her under everyone’s gaze.

“Long time no see.” She wore a faint smile.

Lin Che returned a smile as well. “That’s right. It’s been a while, Miss Xue.”

So the two of them knew each other.

Everyone watched and had found this strange at the beginning until they recalled that before the Gu family was separated, the two of them were from the same family.

Xue Mengqi let out a snort and walked over in her high heels. She felt that she shouldn’t be inferior when compared with Lin Che. After all, she had many years of upbringing.

However, she still heard those soft whispers coming from others when she stood in front of Lin Che.

“Lin Che has such a great disposition.”

“Lin Che is better-looking.”

“Lin Che is a lot younger than Xue Mengqi, and her skin is filled with plenty of collagen.”

“Moreover, it’s as if Lin Che doesn’t age. She has always looked like she’s only eighteen-years-old. Her skin is really good.”

“Lin Che really looks good no matter what she wears. Xue Mengqi’s arms might look nice when seen individually, but they look thick when she is next to Lin Che’s thin arms and slender legs.”

Xue Mengqi’s countenance turned grim.

Did these people think that she was dead? Did they think that she couldn’t hear them?

However, she did hear them.

However, Lin Che acted as if she hadn’t heard anything, and continued with the casual talk. “It has been very long, and I do miss the days. Miss Xue should be busier than before. That’s why it’s so hard to get to meet you.”

Xue Mengqi chuckled. “Of course. Alright, I’ll have to go. I haven’t brought over the item I meant to donate. I wonder what rare item you brought. Gu Jingze should have quite a lot of good things.”

Lin Che smiled. “It’s for charity. It isn’t anything good. It’ll be fine as long as it can be sold to bring about the charitable effect.”

When the others heard their conversation, they suddenly felt that Xue Mengqi appeared very stingy in front of Lin Che. She had purposely asked what Lin Che brought, as if she wanted to compare. However, Lin Che had spoken really well.

Everyone had come for charity, and not for comparisons.

After Lin Che said this, she walked past Xue Mengqi. Xue Mengqi seemed very angry and realized that she had lost her composure earlier on. However, it was only because she had been angered by other people, and had chosen the wrong words to say.

Xue Mengqi watched as Lin Che entered with a graceful demeanor. Her face sank and she walked over.


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