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( Fu Chenxi Left)

When Fu Chenxi came home, her parents were already saying to her happily, “Chenxi, break up with Lu Beichen.”

Fu Chenxi looked at her parents as if she had been struck by lightning. “What’s wrong?”

Fu Chenxi’s parents said, “Lu Beichen’s father dropped by just now. What he said was right. Our statuses are too different. Lu Beichen is young and he’s just toying with you. Don’t fall for his trap. Once he’s sick of you, he’ll leave you and you’ll have nothing. It’s better if you wake up and leave him as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be a double loss if you wait too long.”

“What double loss… They… What did they give you?”

Fu Chenxi’s parents were a little embarrassed but still told the truth. “They gave us ten million yuan. It’s so much money… They are really rich. Chenxi, leave him. Otherwise, you’ll never have a chance like this again.”

Ten million… Ten million…

His family spent ten million yuan to get rid of her. Should she feel honored?

Fifteen minutes later, Fu Chenxi ran out of her house.

Half an hour later, she appeared at the Lu family’s door.

Lu Beichen picked up the call and quickly came out. He looked at Fu Chenxi and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fu Chenxi grabbed Lu Beichen. “Beichen, tell me. Do you like me?

Lu Beichen said, “I do…”

He had been answering this question by Fu Chenxi recently. He thought that Fu Chenxi was really too sensitive these days and kept asking him the same question.

Fu Chenxi looked up at him. “Then will you… really be with me for the rest of our lives?”


Lu Beichen never thought about these things.

They were still so young and had a whole lifetime ahead of them. Who knew what was going to happen?

“Chenxi, listen to me. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future, right? We… Shouldn’t we take things one step at a time?”

Fu Chenxi’s hand suddenly fell.

Lu Beichen said, “Hey, Chenxi…”

Fu Chenxi pushed Lu Beichen away. “You are all lying to me. You’re all liars.”

Fu Chenxi turned around and ran off.

“Hey, Chenxi…”

Lu Beichen called out, but Fu Chenxi did not turn back.

Lu Beichen thought of asking her about it tomorrow. He did not know what happened.


Fu Chenxi went and never came back. The next day, Lu Beichen went to her place. However, he discovered that the Fu family’s house had already completely moved out without a trace…

Lu Beichen wanted to burst. He upturned the whole world in his search.

“Gu Jingyan, has Fu Chenxi gone to look for you?”

Lu Beichen called Gu Jingyan on the phone.

Gu Jingyan replied, “What happened? What about Chenxi? She didn’t come to me.”

“Really? No, I don’t believe it. She’s gone and you’re her only friend. You must know something at least.”

Gu Jingyan paused, then asked to talk in person.

They met outside. Gu Jingyan then handed a letter to Lu Beichen.

“When Chenxi left, she said that you two were from different worlds and you were bound to leave her. Thus, she’d rather be the one to leave first.”

“You…” Lu Beichen grabbed Gu Jingyan forcefully. “How could you just let her leave like that? Why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Gu Jingyan said plainly, “Lu Beichen, wake up. She wants to leave and that shows that she did not have a sense of security with you. Would this be because of me? What’s the use of getting mad at me?”

Lu Beichen knew that this was all due to his own negligence. For some time in the past, Fu Chenxi hadn’t quite been herself but he never bothered.

After leaving Gu Jingyan, Lu Beichen wondered if he had really done anything evil. Otherwise, why would Fu Chenxi just leave so quietly, without even giving him a reason?

The year passed uneventfully.

One semester after another, he never heard from Fu Chenxi.

Until university.

As expected, Gu Jingyan was admitted to the best in B City, Q University.

Lu Beichen surprisingly got into the same university too.

Everyone had to stay in the dorms at university. Gu Jingyan was studying abroad, so she could only join a few days later.

Carrying luggage in all sizes, she thought despondently at the airport. She should have told her family that she was returning today, but she was already standing here and she was too lazy to call home.

She flipped through her address book and selected Lu Beichen’s contact.

At this time, Lu Beichen was still hanging at the bar in school.

“Drink up.”

“Wow, Young Master Lu, you really can hold your liquor.”

“Young Master Lu, why are you so cool?”

In the bar next to the school, many students from the surrounding universities would come to have fun. He had gathered many girls around him. Boss Xu and Little Q were there too. The group of people was noisy and lively.

Lu Beichen said, “Okay, you guys drink. Whoever drinks the most will get this.” As he spoke, he took off the watch worth a million yuan from his wrist and placed it on the table.

Their eyes lit up and immediately drank up excitedly.

“Young Master Lu is so generous.”

“Young Master Lu is really too generous.”

Everyone looked at Lu Beichen and was really drawn to his coolness and generosity. They were lucky to have met Lu Beichen here today. The women wanted to get closer to him and wondered what kind of woman could become his woman. In any case, they thought that it would be an extremely honorable thing.

Just then, Lu Beichen’s phone, which had been tossed aside, rang.

Lu Beichen did not see it. A woman saw it and picked it up.

“Hey, Lu Beichen, come here for a bit.”

The woman holding the phone froze. Who was this? Why were the words so harsh?

“Who are you? Young Master Lu is busy.”

Gu Jingyan heard that it was a woman.

She laughed.

Ever since Fu Chenxi left, Lu Beichen really let himself go.

She was also used to it already. She scoffed. “Hand the phone to Lu Beichen.”

“Ha, just who do you think you are to demand that?”

“Let me repeat myself. Hand the phone to Lu Beichen. Otherwise, you’re responsible for your own actions.”

“Ha. Who do you think you are? To insist our Young Master Lu answers your call. Who are you to him? Young Master Lu is with us now and he’s very busy. He can’t take your call.”

Gu Jingyan took a deep breath.Just then on Lu Beichen’s side, he discovered that his mobile phone was gone.

He looked up to see a woman holding it.

He frowned. “What the hell? What are you doing?”

That woman looked and quickly handed the phone to him coquettishly. She said, “Young Master Lu, you see? There’s a fierce woman on the phone who insists that you answer her call. She sounds so rude. She dares to talk to you like that. I was lecturing her on your behalf.”

A fierce woman?

Lu Beichen snatched his mobile phone back.

Boss Xu asked at the side, “Could it be Gu Jingyan? It seems like she has returned from abroad.”

“Ha… It has to be her. Such fierce words,” Little Q said.


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