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(The Top Company In the Trade)

*Glorious Star.*

When Liang Shan went out, everyone looked at him with strange gazes.

They seemed to be mocking or pitying him. They looked at him like they were watching a show.

Although Liang Shan was really capable in his work, he was also considered a man of evil deeds with a bad temper as well. If anyone went against him, he wouldn’t let them off.

Now, everyone was happy to see him get chased out because he had offended Lin Che. They all felt that he deserved this.

He really thought that he was a top character in the circle, daring to offend anyone. Why didn’t he think of Lin Che’s status?

Somewhere else…

Wu Yufei raised her head and looked at Yu Minmin and Lin Che, who had come to the airport to send her off.

She turned back and looked at this land, and at the posters of various celebrities that were still hung up on the walls.

In the past, her photo had also been hung up here. However, when she passed by the airport, she would never care to take a look at them.

After her scandal broke out, all of her advertisement offers had been retracted, and all the posters here were also replaced by other people’s posters.

In this circle, generations changed very quickly, and many people disappeared very quickly if they weren’t careful. Therefore, only they knew how much pressure they were concealing under their glorious appearances.

Some people said that they had a lot of money.

That was right. If she was given another chance to make her choices again, she would still choose to join this trade. It was true that she shared the same thoughts as others about earning a lot of money in this trade. However, that was just one of the reasons. Compared to other hardworking people, it was much easier for them to earn money, and in larger quantities. However, it was impossible for one to feel satisfied. The more one got, the more one would want to get. In comparison, people who work in regular jobs might end up happier than them.

She smiled and looked at Lin Che, her eyes moistening. “Thank you. I really didn’t expect that you would help me out like this. When I went to look for you, I didn’t really have my hopes up, but was just left with no choice. But to think that you would still help me even though I’ve done so many bad things. I’m really sorry… and, thank you…”

Lin Che sighed. “I’m not really helping you either. It’s just that I’ve seen too many people like you, changing as they work in this circle, turning from an innocent young lady to a darker character. Therefore, when I saw you, I thought of how so many people were led down the wrong paths. I can only say that I helped you because you were able to come and look for me. For others, I can only watch as they continue to pave about on this road. It would be like a repeated cycle, with everyone taking the same path.”

Yu Minmin said, “That’s right. You’re lucky. Thankfully, you could still turn back. Go on. The things with Liang Shan have already been deleted. They won’t be anyone threatening you anymore. But you should know that your reputation is very bad right now. If you continue to stay here, things will just get even harder. You might as well study abroad, build up yourself, and then, when you come back again, I hope that you can become better.”

“En, thank you, Sister Yu.”

More moisture gathered up in Wu Yufei’s eyes. Tears were glistening, and she sniffled before taking another look outside.

The plane heading toward England was arriving very soon. After she got on that plane, she was planning to leave for a few years and not come back. It’d be like a brand new life. She felt very emotional, but at the same time, relaxed. She had been in this circle for many years, but there had never been one moment when she had felt this relaxed.

As expected, giving up was the most relaxing thing. It was just that most people continued to hold onto their obsessions, and weren’t willing to give up the things that they had gotten.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin watched her leave before they turned.

Yu Minmin said, “Glorious Star has liaised with us. There are some things that I don’t know how to deal with, but they seem to make it seem as if we’re now considered one family. Sigh… they insist on coming over to our place for observational learning. Those artists had gone up against us so much in the past. This would be very awkward.”

Lin Che said, “Forget it. In the past, everyone belonged to different companies, so it was normal for there to be competition. Since we’re now together, then we should let the bygones be bygones, and just do what needs to be done.”

Many celebrities felt anticipation when they heard that they were going to work together with Lin Che’s work studio. After all, Lin Che’s work studio didn’t collaborate much with Glorious Star in the past, and they could only watch as Lin Che’s work studio filmed one television series after another while they couldn’t be involved. They were starting to wonder if they could be a part of the works Lin Che’s work studio was involved in now.

Yu Minmin said, “Everyone in the trade now knows that the two biggest agencies are working together. Glorious Star isn’t weak, to begin with, and we’re very strong too. Everyone is now saying that with the two of us working together, we’ll become the biggest company.”

Lin Che said, “Really? When did our company become so amazing?”

“Tsk, you really pay too little attention to the company.”

Lin Che didn’t worry too much about these things. She was going to attend a charity banquet these few days, and she was planning to read through the materials in preparation for it.

This was because this was the first time she was attending in the capacity of Mrs. Gu. Therefore, many media companies felt very agitated. Lin Che had long received news that a large number of media companies might head to the banquet.

Moreover, the media also mentioned that this might be the first time for people to witness Mrs. Gu’s charm in a formal event. They wanted to see if this big celebrity from the entertainment circle would do things that might bring disgrace to the Gu family.

They made it sound so serious that even the company’s stylist felt very worried, and started to make preparations for Lin Che very early in advance.

Lin Che’s style for that day was only decided after a few days of selection.

In fact, Lin Che had attended similar banquets in the past. It was just that the media hadn’t been openly invited.

Lin Che didn’t feel nervous at all. Seeing that everyone was prepared, she attended the banquet light-heartedly.

However, it was unexpected that there would be other relatives from the Gu family attending the banquet as well.

After the Gu family divided into two groups, the internal group, and the external group, neither group interfered with the other nor mentioned each other much. The relatives that formed the internal group also treated as if Gu Jingze was a traitor, and their countenances would change at the mention of him.

This time around, Xue Mengqi had prepared a previous gift and went to attend the banquet with the others.

Before they arrived, they saw a group of reporters crowding outside, appearing to be very agitated.

Xue Mengqi turned and asked, “What’s going on?”

Someone said, “Miss Xue, these people are here to take a photo of Lin Che. She’s just a performer after all, and likes such effects, seeking so much attention no matter where she goes.”

Hearing that, Xue Mengqi let out a snort. “Heh, she isn’t presentable at all. I wonder why Gu Jingze is so bewitched by her.”

Her servant added, “That’s right. Miss Xue, you’re a successful person. After all, as a young miss from a great family through and through, you’re definitely different from people like them. Your disposition, your figure, and your tastes in clothes is something that Lin Che won’t be able to compare against.”

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