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(It’s Your Family’s Kid That Got A Beating)

Lu Beichen asked, “Which Fu family? Haven’t you heard of the surname Fu? This is a surname.”

Seeing how Fu Chenxi stayed frozen and how Lu Beichen had reacted, Lu Qinyu had kind of understood what was going on. He laughed out loud and said, “Oh… It’s nothing, young lady. I was just asking. When you have the time, come over to our house for a visit. There’s a banquet at home for these few days. Get Beichen to bring you over for some fun.”

Fu Chenxi got even more surprised. What did it mean?

Did Lu Beichen’s father… Invite her to a banquet?

Fu Chenxi was pleasantly surprised. What did this mean? Did Lu Qinyu acknowledge and accept her?

“I…” She did not dare to agree and looked at Lu Beichen who was at the side.

Lu Beichen said, “Oh, sure, old man. You said it, so I’ll bring her along.”

Lu Qinyu frowned. “Speak properly, you.”

Lu Beichen realized this was outside of the home. “Dad, what banquet? How is it that I’m unaware of it?”

“You only know how to cause trouble. What else do you know?” Lu Qinyu immediately gave him a dressing down.

“Oh man…”

The teacher looked on, not daring to make any noise at the back.

He only wondered to himself. Wasn’t it supposed to be giving him a lesson on causing trouble? Why did it result in acknowledging a daughter-in-law?

Just then, a person who looked like a caretaker was seen outside. He entered in a suit, looking very formal.

As soon as he saw Gu Jingyan standing there, he hurried in.

“Miss… How are you?”

It was the caretaker of the Gu family.

Gu Jingyan saw that he was here and said in embarrassment. “No issues, sorry for troubling you guys to come over.”

“What nonsense is this, Young Mistress. This is our duty.”

“Nobody else in the family knows about this right?” Gu Jingyan only told the caretaker. The school had informed them about notifying their parents. She did not want to tell her grandfather or mother. Otherwise, there would be more trouble.

The caretaker said, “Nobody at home knows. Relax.”

The caretaker saw Lu Qinyu and quickly greeted him. “Greetings, Mr. Lu.”

“Oh, good good. Please remember to let your home know that it’s our son’s fault for leading your young mistress astray…” Lu Qinyu looked sorrowful.

The caretaker had embarrassment on his face. “No no…”

Their parents arrived one after another, all except Fu Chenxi’s.

Fu Chenxi did not want to call anyone over. She did not dare to let others see how sloppy her parents looked.

The teacher looked at Fu Chenxi. “Where are your parents, Fu Chenxi?”

Fu Chenxi trembled. “I…”

Gu Jingyan saw her reaction and said, “Teacher, this matter has nothing to do with Chenxi in the first place. She’s a good kid. If you get her parents here, they’ll think that she has done something terrible in school and become worried.”

The teacher looked at Gu Jingyan and sighed exasperatedly.

However, he did not throw his temper towards Gu Jingyan. A student who was very good in studies, along with two powerful parents, was not easy to control. He had to hold back.

Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan gratefully. Gu Jingyan returned a smile.

However, Fu Chenxi was still feeling lost. The teacher would listen to anything Gu Jingyan said while the teacher would not pay any attention to whatever she said.

This was the difference.

Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan, wishing that she did not need the help of others. If only people would listen to what she said.

But she could not do it. She was not as confident as Gu Jingyan.

Just then, outside.

The school staff had mentioned that Ceng Kai’s family had arrived and wanted an explanation.

Ceng Kai was the only child. Though his family was slightly wealthy, they treated Ceng Kai with lots of love, never letting him miss out on anything.

For the sake of this son, the family had sacrificed so much. Now that he got beaten up, how could they take it lying down?

Especially when not only was he beaten up, he was also distracted and seemed like he did not want to live when they got to the hospital. It made his family feel mad. They wanted an explanation from the school no matter what. How did these people torture their precious son? Why did he not want to live?

The school was put in a spot. Looking at the fuming mother of Ceng Kai, “Mother Ceng, we’ve said clearly. This fight, we’ll go according to the rules and handle the situation…”

“No way. I want to see the people involved. I would like to see how you guys handle it. I’ve heard these people are not good to mess with, they’re all kids of the rich. Why? Do you look down on us? Do you want to brush us off? We’ve been donating so much money to the school every year.”

This was one of the reasons that made them feel unjust. They’ve given quite a sum of money, just so the school could look out for Ceng Kai.

And now, he was beaten up in school.

“Oh, you better…”

Wouldn’t there be more conflicts if they met? The school did not want the situation to get worse.

Just then, someone inside had heard everything.

Due to Ceng Kai’s mother kicking up a huge ruckus.

They could understand as well. Who wouldn’t be like this if their kid got beaten up?

Lu Qinyu spoke first. “Alright, we’ll not put you in a spot. I’ll go over and speak with her.”

“Mr. Lu, you’re…” The school watched and was thankful that Lu Qinyu personally stepped forward.

Lu Qinyu walked out.

“Ceng Kai’s mother right? I’m Lu Beichen’s father.”

He smiled.

Ceng Kai’s mother shouted agitatedly the moment she saw him. “Oh, so it’s your son who has beaten up our Kai Kai into this eh? You must give me an explanation. Where is your kid, hidden? Ha, we’ll not let this matter rest. We’ll raise this matter up, no matter how much it costs. Do you really think you can hide the kid just because you have your filthy money?”

Lu Qinyu quickly said, “Yes yes yes. You’re all riled up. I can explain it. This matter is on our kid. I’ll definitely punish him at home. We’ll pay for all the expenses your child incurs. Medical, rehabilitation, as well as compensation…”

“Ha, do you think money can solve everything? No way. Where’s he? I must see your son. I have to hit him until he’s crippled. Let him have a taste of getting beaten up.”

“He, I’ll bring him out to apologize later…”

“I don’t believe you’ll go and apologize!”“Really.”

“Ha, you don’t look like a good person.”

“Oh, I…”

Just then, Lu Beichen could not take it anymore.

He ran out immediately. The teacher could not stop him in time.

Lu Beichen went out and said, “Hey, I was the one who hit him. Why?”

Ceng Kai’s mother got a fright. Then she looked at him and said angrily. “Why? You little rascal! You dare hit my child?”

Lu Beichen’s eyes narrowed. “Why don’t you ask what your son did first? Why did he insist on confessing his feelings to my friend and when she rejected him, he did not want to let her go? He almost did something bad on the spot. Fortunately, he had no chance of touching Gu Jingyan. If not, I’ll hit not just his face, but break his legs as well!”


  1. Hahaaa writer dis is going to far, is dis a repetition or flashback o súñ mí òò.

  2. True...d flashback is enough.....

  3. Seriously the flash back is too much



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