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(Jingyan, I Genuinely Like You)

As for Ceng Kai, he looked at Gu Jingyan and felt an unexplainable sense of happiness.

It seemed that Gu Jingyan was not completely uninterested in him either.

Everyone watched Lu Beichen leave while sighing at the side.

Unexpectedly Lu Beichen had not laid a hand on Gu Jingyan. It was such a surprise.

Why did Gu Jingyan receive such generous treatment from Lu Beichen? He wondered if Lu Beichen was being too nice, which was why he was treating her so well.

Meanwhile, Ceng Kai followed Gu Jingyan all the way out.


Gu Jingyan turned her head to look at him. “What’s going on?”

Ceng Kai looked down and mumbled, “Seriously… Thank you for being so good to me.”

Gu Jingyan smiled. “It’s nothing. I feel that you’re really too simple-minded. Why did you let him bully you for no reason?”

Ceng Kai said, “The less trouble the better. What’s more, he did not particularly bully me either.”

“That still wasn’t considered bullying?”

Ceng Kai smiled dryly. He merely stared at Gu Jingyan and said, “Jingyan… I think, that since you care about me too, why… are you so sure that we can only be friends? I think we can be more than just friends.”

Gu Jingyan went speechless for a moment. She looked at him and did not know what to say.

In reality, she was not good at rejecting others. Although she had rejected many people in the past, it was always because she was forced into a corner. But to be honest, she did not dislike Ceng Kai that much. Furthermore, he seemed to be a good person. After they had become friends recently, he looked after her a lot too.

Towards him, she could not possibly reject him with such unpleasant words as she had done to so many people before.

She said, “Ceng Kai… To be honest, I really just think of you as a friend. I helped you only because we’re friends.”

Ceng Kai looked at her, not believing her. “Impossible. You went up against Lu Beichen. If you didn’t have deep feelings for me, you wouldn’t dare to do it.”

But Gu Jingyan did not think that opposing Lu Beichen was a big deal.

She smiled and said, “Didn’t I say that Lu Beichen isn’t that terrifying, to begin with? This is nothing. Don’t think too much of it.”

“No…” Ceng Kai grabbed Gu Jingyan’s arm all of a sudden.

Gu Jingyan’s arm was extremely slender. It was soft, fair, and flawless and made people like it.

Ceng Kai did not expect himself to be so bold. But once he did, he really only became even bolder.

He tugged at Gu Jingyan. “Be my girlfriend. I know that I’m not as wealthy as Lu Beichen and the other guys from rich and powerful families with whom you’re on good terms. However, I can still make sure that you live worry-free for the rest of your life. I’m very serious about wanting to date you.”

Gu Jingyan’s head felt heavy all of a sudden. Internally, she was thinking that she was done for. He was being so serious. She did not know what to say to diffuse this situation.

“It has nothing to do with family background… Ceng Kai, to date, two people must have feelings for each other…”

“Really, Jingyan, I’m talking about very practical things too. Although they’re wealthy, look at how Lu Beichen behaves. He has such a bad temper and is a spoiled rich kid. Someone like him from a wealthy family won’t be able to bring you true happiness. But I’m different. I can give in to you in every aspect.”

What was he talking about?

Gu Jingyan genuinely felt that she could not let this continue.

“Alright. Ceng Kai, I have no feelings for you. That’s the main reason. I’ll go first. Calm down on your own and think about it. A relationship involves two people. It doesn’t work just by persuading me like this.”

“Jingyan… Jingyan…” Ceng Kai watched her leave quickly from behind. He pondered for a bit and felt that he had behaved too abruptly today. The next time, he should be well-prepared and let her see his sincerity.

The next day.

Upon arriving at the classroom, Gu Jingyan saw a bouquet of flowers on the table at the back.

It was a huge bunch of roses. The surrounding students were impossibly envious.

Of course, Gu Jingyan saw that the flowers were on Fu Chenxi’s desk.

She heard her classmates saying, “It’s Fu Chenxi’s birthday, so Lu Beichen gifted her such a huge bouquet of flowers. Fu Chenxi is so lucky.”

“So many flowers. They look so beautiful. I wonder how expensive they were.”

“Forget it. It’s probably nothing to Lu Beichen.”

Only then did Gu Jingyan recall that it was Fu Chenxi’s birthday today.

However, she probably did not need them to celebrate her birthday. Lu Beichen had probably made preparations already.

When Fu Chenxi came and saw the flowers on her desk, her eyes lit up immediately.

With her hand over her mouth, she walked over and looked at the flowers on her desk in delight.

It was her birthday today. She had hinted to Lu Beichen a month ago and thought that he had forgotten about it. She did not expect him to actually remember.

She lifted the flowers and saw her classmates look at her enviously as they walked by. She felt even happier inside.

“Wow, Fu Chenxi. You’re so lucky.”

“Fu Chenxi, Lu Beichen treats you way too well.”

Everyone spoke to her as they passed by.

Blushing, Fu Chenxi said, “I’ve never told him about it… I don’t know why he gave me flowers too…”

Gu Jingyan turned around and smiled. “Chenxi, happy birthday. But we probably don’t have to organize a party for you tonight, right? The two of you will probably be enjoying quality time together, right?”

Feeling even more embarrassed, Fu Chenxi lowered her head. “Of course not… I, I don’t know what plans he has either.”

“He even gave you flowers. He must have something planned,” Gu Jingyan said.

Fu Chenxi looked at her and felt for the first time that she was truly the luckiest person right now.

Perhaps even Gu Jingyan had never received so many flowers. But she had.

Immediately, she became the center of attention of the entire class.

She felt an immense sweetness in her heart.

Of course, Lu Beichen remembered.

He still had some romantic tendencies. He was not a serious person and liked doing such flashy things.

At night, he had already made a reservation for a candlelight dinner. Once it got dark, he took Fu Chenxi out and skipped their self-study session that evening.

Fu Chenxi was initially worried that the teachers would notice, but Lu Beichen said, “Today is your birthday. It’s fine to be a bit rebellious. So what if the teacher notices? What can she do to you?”

This was a benefit of being with Lu Beichen. Although the school absolutely prohibited students from being in relationships, the teachers didn’t dare to interfere in Lu Beichen’s matters either.

Thus, even if they knew about her relationship with Lu Beichen, they merely pretended not to know.

Fu Chenxi looked at him sweetly and nodded.

At the same time, here…

Gu Jingyan was studying when she heard someone singing outside.

Everyone instinctively looked in the direction of the sound. They immediately saw that Ceng Kai was downstairs holding a guitar. He had arranged some candles in the shape of a heart and was singing a love song.

“Wow. So romantic.”

“It’s Ceng Kai. What’s he up to?”

“It goes without saying. He must be confessing to Gu Jingyan.”

Gu Jingyan looked in his direction. She only felt a buzz in her brain and a brief sense of disgust.

She had already rejected him. What was Ceng Kai up to now?

She looked out in disbelief and saw the flashy words “Gu Jingyan, I love you”.

Gu Jingyan held her forehead in her hands briefly before walking downstairs under everyone’s watchful gazes.

When Ceng Kai saw Gu Jingyan walk towards him treading lightly, his heart immediately started to pound erratically.

Gu Jingyan came before him.

He said, “Jingyan, I genuinely like you. I mean it.”


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