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(We Would Not Get Bullied That Easily)

Yu Minmin said, “To us, there’s nobody we can’t find in B City or C Nation.”

Wu Yufei looked at the people behind Lin Che and understood right away.

Liang Shan had really thought he was dealing with ordinary people.

Lin Che said, “Alright, tell us first. What happened exactly?”

Wu Yufei started crying immediately, holding onto her cheeks.

Nothing needed to be said actually. One could tell by the looks of it. Hearing Wu Yufei finish speaking, Yu Minmin said angrily, “What he did is illegal. Ha, he’s courting death.”

Wu Yufei quickly said, “What do you guys want to do? I don’t want to, I don’t want others to know. I don’t.

Yu Minmin said, “Wu Yufei, you’re already in this state. What else are you thinking of doing?”

Wu Yufei looked at Yu Minmin. “I’m born in a small household. My family consists of ordinary people. They’re very happy that I can become famous, thinking that my house has a celebrity.”

Wu Yufei’s words made Yu Minmin stop.

Wu Yufei looked bleak, and her face showed a smile that mocked herself. “All these years and I’ve always been said to be the most capable in my family. Because of me, we were able to live in a big house and we can stand up tall and proud in our hometown. Every time I see them, I think, no matter what, it all seemed worth it. At least, my hard work can make others happy, right?”

She started sobbing, tears flowing. “If people see my video, if others were to know about my incident, how are my parents going to face the world? I might as well be dead. There’s no point in heading out and seeing others.”

It was thoughts of despair but as women, they could understand.

Women were already on the losing end of this aspect. Others say you have to be brave and come forth about it like it is an easy thing. However, they did not think about the consequences of being brave.

Yes, there would already be brave people. They sacrificed themselves for the sake of getting the bad guy punished.

They were sacrificed.

And there would always be some who did not dare to sacrifice.

Countless girls still do not dare to sacrifice and they should be understood. Others who are not the victim will never know how painful it is to face it.

Lin Che said, “Okay, we won’t announce it if you don’t want to. But now that you’re on our side, you have to trust us. Even if nobody will know about this matter, we have ways to deal with it. But the important thing is, you have to stand on our side. It’s just Liang Shan. You don’t have to be afraid of him. Didn’t you say so yourself when you looked for me? As long as I can help you to deal with him. Then why are you so terrified now?”

Wu Yufei looked up. “Can you really deal with him without letting it be known to the public?”

“Of course. Moreover, he can forget about appearing in the entertainment industry with his stupid face. This black sheep. It’s because of people like him that the industry has become so frightening. Since he wants to use extreme ways, then I’ll not show him any courtesy as well. If he can be that heartless, then don’t blame me for being unreasonable.”

Wu Yufei looked at Lin Che and kept all her tears immediately.

In an instant, it felt like Lin Che had become extremely big and mighty, nothing was impossible for her.

“I’ll listen to you.” Wu Yufei nodded her head with might.

On the other side.

Liang Shan was drinking some wine.

“Ha, Wu Yufei, this wretched girl. She still wants to fight with me, thinking I’ve no ways to deal with her. I know her weaknesses the best. With this in my hands now, I’ll see if she dares to turn around. Pitting herself against me, and now she still has to stay obediently by my side. She doesn’t even dare to head out anymore.”

A guy eating some nuts at the side said, “Where did you hide her? Don’t let Lin Che find out.”

“That place is under another person’s name. Nobody knows I have such a place.”

“Then that’s good. Brother Liang, you’re really good. Only the brave can survive in this career. The weak ones will die out.”

“That’s true. Come, let’s see. Wu Yufei, this lass, is not bad-looking. Look at that body. Hahahaha. I’ll let you see this part of the video. Don’t leak it out.”

“Hey hey. That’s for sure. Oh, it would be great if I could do her. Where’s the fun if I can only watch the video?”

“You can if you want. With this in my hand, in the future, she’ll have to serve whoever I want her to serve.”

Then, the two of them were about to watch the video.

But a group of people barged in.

The door was kicked open and the people came in. It scared the two of them and in a jump of fright, Liang Shan’s mobile phone dropped to the floor.

“What are you guys, daring to come here? What are you doing? Get lost. Where’s the security? I’m the VIP here.” Liang Shan started shouting.

Someone outside cleared his throat. “Do you know whose place this is? The VIP here? You’ve offended Black Eagle. You’re not a VIP anywhere.”

Offended Black Eagle?

Before Liang Shan could react, he was already pushed to the floor.

He saw a few big and strong men walking over and was picked up in a sweep.

“Ah ah ah. What do you guys want?”

“You guys.. You took off my pants… You…”

“Ah… Are you guys perverts?”

Over at this side, the man who was getting ready to watch the video with Liang Shan, had been frightened out of his wits and had hurried to flee from the side. When he looked back, he saw that Liang Shan had already been stripped naked and held there, with someone filming him at the side.

Gosh, these people… were really sick.

A short while later…

Liang Shan was tortured intensely.

Someone watched him from the side, lowered his head, and threw his mobile phone at him.

“I’ve helped you record a segment as well. You can watch it. Of course, we’ll be taking the full video. You better be careful. Don’t deal with women carelessly. Everyone is human. You’ll know what it means to be humiliated like that.”

“You… You… You’re sent by Wu Yufei?”

“Haha. Do you think Wu Yufei has the ability to get us to take action?”

Liang Shan’s eyes changed. “Lin Che… Lin Che, you… you guys are sent by Lin Che. Oh, this Lin Che dares to treat me like this. Is she tired of living…”

Liang Shan cursed but did not think that with his words, he got kicked to the ground immediately.

Liang Shan responded.

“I… You guys…”

“You should know the relationship between Miss Lin and our boss. Do you dare talk about our boss’s sister? I think you’re tired of living.”

Having said so, the man kicked Liang Shan in his weakest spot.


Liang Shan held onto his lower part. He wanted to cry but had no place to.

“You guys… You guys, I want to call the police.”

As soon as he said that, a gun pointed at his head.

The guy cleared his throat. “You really don’t know who you’ve offended? It’s fine. Our Sister Che usually keeps a low profile. She doesn’t like our boss to meddle in things. But it doesn’t mean that she’ll allow you to be such a bully. Understand? You can try to call the cops. We’ll see if the police want to take this plaything in my hands or I’ll take your life first.”

This plaything. It was not carried around by just anyone.

It was the first time that Liang Shan had seen this plaything. He was so scared until he started trembling. Something filthy started flowing out from his lower part.


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