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(This Is Gu Family’s Young Mistress)

The Gu family’s affluence was indeed powerful.

In a short time, they had already gotten news that Young Master Lu was seen at Zhengnan Street.

Cheng Naixin looked at Lu Beichen worriedly. “Young Master Lu, Young Master Lu, what is going on with you? Let me have a look alright?”

She tried to get close to him, with the intention of getting something from his body.

“Young Master Lu, do you want me to help you?”

She stroked him with her slim hands.

“Don’t move. Just let me help you.”

Lu Beichen had already lost most of his awareness and naturally did not know what she was doing. He only felt something moving on his body, making him feel hungrier and more unbearable.

His throat felt like on fire and it was making him feel terrible.

At this moment.

Cheng Naixin took the opportunity to get even closer.

Just thinking about getting close to him made her feel like she was becoming a young mistress in the Lu family immediately. She jumped for joy internally and her heart could not help beating hard.

“Come, I’m here. You’ll be better right away. Come, let’s get into the car…”

She had wanted to assist him up but he was too sleepy and heavy for her to move him.

With much effort, she finally helped him up.

They had not taken more than two steps.

“Young Master Lu is here.”

A few guys walked over immediately.

Cheng Naixin got scared. She looked up and saw a few men in leather and suits, looking very scary walking over.

“You guys…”

“What’s wrong with Young Master Lu?” The men pushed Cheng Naixin aside.

“It looks like… he was drugged?”


Behind, Gu Jingyan had just gotten off the car and when she heard the security’s words, she quickened her pace to go over.

“You… You…” Cheng Naixin looked like she had seen a ghost when she looked at Gu Jingyan.

Why did she come out of a posh car?

Gu Jingyan on the other hand, only glanced at her before heading over to where Lu Beichen was.

Cheng Naixin called out, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Why did Gu Jingyan come searching out all of a sudden?

Did Lu Beichen call her just now?

Why would Lu Beichen call her?

However, even if Lu Beichen had called her, he did not entirely say where he was. How could Gu Jingyan get here so fast?

Cheng Naixin looked at Gu Jingyan and charged over to say, “He’s only a little dazed. You can leave this to me.”

When she saw the people who were behind Gu Jingyan, she thought they must have been Lu Beichen’s men. Did Gu Jingyan go to the Lu family just to cause trouble?

This woman was really loathsome.

Gu Jingyan scoffed. She had heard what those guards had said. “If I leave it to you, will Lu Beichen be safe and sound? Won’t he get eaten by you?”

The word eaten was enunciated very clearly.

Cheng Naixin felt a little embarrassed but seeing how Lu Beichen was in an unclear state of mind, she became arrogant. “Eat or not, it’s between us. You don’t have to intervene.”

This was such a rare opportunity. If she allowed Lu Beichen to be taken away by Gu Jingyan, that would be letting her have it easy. The drug was not easy to find and she had spent quite a lot of money to get someone to put it in his drink.

Gu Jingyan asked, “And if I want to intervene?”

Cheng Naixin looked at the people behind and back at her. “Gu Jingyan, you’ve even called people from the Lu family to come. Do you really see yourself as the mistress of the Lu family?”

“People from the Lu family?”

Gu Jingyan looked at the posh car behind and the security guards who had come along.

She knew it was a misunderstanding.

Gu Jingyan raised an eyebrow and smiled. “You can still make it if you walk away now. If not, don’t blame me for being nasty if anything happens.”

Cheng Naixin said, “I walk away and leave Lu Beichen to you? I’m not that foolish. I’m not leaving. Don’t you dare think of taking Lu Beichen away.”

“That’s not up to you.”

Gu Jingyan waved her hand and the men behind her immediately pulled Lu Beichen up to head towards the outside.

“Ah, you can’t move. Your Young Master is unwell and he must stay here. I can help. Don’t get bewitched by Gu Jingyan. She’s a liar. She must be lying. Listen to me, you guys…”

Gu Jingyan laughed coldly. “I would like to see if they would listen to you.”


Indeed, Cheng Naixin did not see them waver.

“As Lu family’s people, how can you listen to a wild child’s orders? Do you guys want to cause harm to Lu Beichen?”

Gu Jingyan said, “You have it wrong. They’re my men.”


Just then, the people from the Lu family had also arrived.

Gu Jingyan had also notified Lu family’s people earlier on. She was just worried that something would happen so she came over first.

Just then, the people from the Lu family had caught up. They lowered their heads in respect the moment they saw Gu Jingyan. They said, “Fourth Young Mistress, thank you very much for letting us know. Our Young Master…”

“Oh, your Young Master is doing fine here. I just think he doesn’t look good.” Gu Jingyan said.

A few men saw their own Young Master and hurried over in a panic. They held their Young Master up.

“Young Master.”

Cheng Naixin stood there in astonishment. “You guys… what are you guys doing? Who are you?”

“This is our Young Master. And who are you?” A subordinate from the Lu family said to Cheng Naixin.

Cheng Naixin looked in shock at Gu Jingyan and her men. “Those people are…”

The man from the Lu family said, “This is Young Mistress Gu, don’t you even know? Ha, if not? Did you think anybody could find the whereabouts of our Young Master in an instant? This time, it’s all thanks to Fourth Young Mistress’s help. She found him in a short time. If not, we wouldn’t even know if something happened to our Young Master.”

Some of the men looked respectfully at Gu Jingyan, singing her praise.

Cheng Naixin’s heart was shaking in shock.

What did it mean that the posh car behind was Gu Jingyan’s and not Lu Beichen’s?

These men were also Gu Jingyan’s?

Gu Jingyan scoffed and looked at her. “I’ve already said so. Unlike you, I’m not interested in using despicable ways to tie a man down.”

Gu Jingyan had said it so directly that it made Cheng Naixin’s face turn red.

The people from the Lu family heard from the side and added on, “What about tying a man down? Ha, are you talking about Miss Gu and our Young Master? Fourth Young Mistress doesn’t need to tie any man down. Our Young Master would definitely like you. I think you both are very matching. It’s our Young Master’s honor if he can be with the Fourth Young Mistress. Oh no, what’s most important is the love between two people. Fourth Young Mistress, are you really with our Young Master?”

What gibberish is this about being with whom?

Gu Jingyan realized the subordinates had gotten it all wrong. She quickly said, “That’s not what I meant. I meant…. Forget it. Quickly take him away, your Young Master looks like he’s going to die soon.”

The men looked and realized they had been focused on singing Gu Jingyan’s praises that they had forgotten about their own Young Master.

But the good thing was, Lu Beichen was still in a daze at that moment. He most likely did not hear what they were saying. If not, he would be mad.

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