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(There Is No One More Beautiful Than Gu Jingyan)

“Why is Gu Jingyan together with Lu Beichen?”

“Your level is too low. They were already together yesterday. They even skipped classes together, but no one knew where they went.”

“Wow, that’s such big news. Are they together when they just met? That Lu Beichen moved too quickly.”

“Well, he has money. Didn’t you see that when he transferred here, the principal went out to welcome him personally? He is a high school student… yet he drives a Ferrari to school. Have you seen such an amazing student before?”

Although there were quite a number of students from rich families in the school, most of them would give the school face. This was because this school was reputable in B City, and even across the nation.

However, Lu Beichen clearly didn’t think the same.

At this moment, a few girls who overheard the conversation got together.

“What? Lu Beichen had just come and he’s already together with Gu Jingyan? That can’t be. Why would he like a nerd like Gu Jingyan?”

One girl raised her objection.

“Alright, Gu Jingyan is quite pretty,” Another girl who was standing in the middle said. She was a lot more beautiful and refreshing as compared to the others.

She was none other than Cheng Naixin, who had been revered as the top beauty in the school when she had just transferred here.

Her family was involved in business and was quiet. She was quite pretty as well. As Gu Jingyan had always kept a low-profile and was a cold person, everyone turned their attention to this more beautiful and more cheerful goddess who was easier to get along with.

There had always been endless people wooing her, each person more intense than the previous.

However, she had never agreed to go out with anyone of them. She only said that she hopes everyone could get along well together and study well, not holding up their studies for these matters.

When everyone saw that, they felt that she was really a nice person. She was so gentle even when rejecting someone.

Therefore, even more people wooed her.

When another girl heard her say that, she said in despise, “Gu Jingyan is such a country bumpkin, and doesn’t have our Naixin’s great disposition. She isn’t as pretty as you either. Moreover, she’s just a blockhead who does nothing but study. If this isn’t true, then why is it that there aren’t many people wooing her but there are so many wooing you?”

“That’s right. You’re the most beautiful girl in our school. Who is she? Everyone’s judgment is an accurate one. Everyone feels that you look good. That’s why you’re the top beauty in the school.”

Although Cheng Naixin was feeling delighted inside, she continued to wear an indifferent expression.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with Lu Beichen’s eyes.”

“It must be because he had transferred to Gu Jingyan’s class and had been arranged by the teacher to sit beside her. Naixin hasn’t met Lu Beichen before. Otherwise, Lu Beichen would be our Naixin’s.”

Cheng Naixin blushed. “Don’t be spouting gibberish. I didn’t say I want to be with him, even though it’s true that he is quite good-looking.”

“That can’t do. You and Lu Beichen are the most compatible together, and not with anyone else. You’re the only one who is worthy of him, and only Lu Beichen is worthy of our Naixin. Naixin, if you’re not going, we can help you.”

“Hey, you guys…”

Lu Beichen had just taken a seat.

He then saw a girl standing in front of him.

It was a girl he didn’t know. Lu Beichen frowned slightly.

However, the girl put a cup of water in front of him. “Lu Beichen, this is given to you by our Naixin. Remember to drink it.”

“Who?” Lu Beichen’s brows furrowed even more.

“Cheng Naixin.” She replied.

Lu Beichen propped up his leg. “Oh, I don’t know her.”


The girl looked at him in surprise. “Lu Beichen, you don’t know Naixin even though you’ve transferred to our school?”

Lu Beichen smiled coldly. “Oh, is she very well-known? Must I know her?”

“Of course. She’s the top beauty in our school.”

“Oh~” Lu Beichen dragged out his tone and then chuckled. “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

“Hey, you…”

The girl wanted to continue to say something when the bell rang.

The girl looked at him and then left, unable to accept this outcome.

Gu Jingyan had overheard their conversation and when she looked at that cup of drink, she thought that it must be some hot drink. It looks very warm.

She said, “Oh~ The school’s top beauty is confessing to you.”

Lu Beichen pushed the drink to the side. “Stupid.” He turned to look at Gu Jingyan. “Hey, why aren’t you the school’s top beauty?”

Gu Jingyan laughed. “Why would I be the school’s top beauty?”

Lu Beichen said, “They are too blind. You’re the Gu family’s Fourth Miss.”

“Hey, I told you to shut up and don’t create trouble for me.”

Gu Jingyan lowered her head and opened up her book. “She is recognized by everyone as the top beauty in the school. It has nothing to do with one’s background.”

When Lu Beichen heard this, he developed some interest.

He wanted to know that other than Gu Jingyan, who else could be referred to as the school’s top beauty.

Was there really someone more beautiful than Gu Jingyan?

Although he felt that Gu Jingyan was really not like a girl, he didn’t deny her great beauty.

Her third brother had already stood out in the entertainment circle despite his young age and was liked by many girls. From just this, it was clear that the Gu family’s genes weren’t weak.

After class, he asked a guy next to him, “Where is that person called Cheng Naixin?”

“Ahh, Naixin? I’ll bring you there.”

Everyone knew about Cheng Naixin. He brought Lu Beichen over to take a look at her.

And on the other side.

Cheng Naixin’s followers were feeling angry.

To think that Lu Beichen really said that he didn’t know of their Naixin.

At the next moment, they saw someone bringing Lu Beichen over.

“Ahh, Lu Beichen… Oh my god, look.”

“I knew it. It’s impossible for him to be uninterested in Naixin.”

“That’s right, that’s right. It must be because the person who went wasn’t Naixin and thus, he acted so loftily. Look, isn’t he here now?”

Cheng Naixin looked up. It only took her one glance at Lu Beichen to be astonished by his looks.

He was so handsome.

Moreover, his disposition wasn’t what an ordinary high school student, or even those ordinary rich guys in the school, could compare with. Cheng Naixin’s face flushed up.

Seeing Lu Beichen coming over, her heart started to beat.

“Ahhh, he’s coming, he’s coming.”

Lu Beichen got closer. He assumed a handsome pose, keeping both his hands in his pockets, and saw the girl when he looked out…

He had to admit that she was considered pretty. Her skin was fair and her complexion wasn’t bad either.

However, he felt disappointed as he felt that this girl wasn’t a match for Gu Jingyan.

How could this girl have become the school’s top beauty?

Could these people be blind?

Lu Beichen took a glance and lost interest. He shook his head and left.

Those girls who were still feeling elated earlier were all surprised.

Hey, why did he leave just like that?

Why didn’t he come over to say something?

Cheng Naixin’s heart instantly sank.

She had to put in a lot of effort to not show the stiffness on her face.

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