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(Why? Are You Concerned About Me?)

The instructor let out a cold snort, feeling even more disdainful towards Lu Beichen’s attitude.

“Alright, you can act cool now, but don’t be crying later.”

The other instructors were also looking over.

They naturally sided with one of their own. When they saw that a young lad like Lu Beichen dared to challenge them, all of them gathered like soldiers.

The school felt that things weren’t going well and wanted to stop this. However, Lu Beichen looked at the teacher behind him, tossed his uniform to the side, and said, “Then we’ve to make things clear. We won’t be doing this for nothing. What will you do if you lose?”

The instructor snorted. “Lose? What if you lose?”

“If I lose, I can apologize to you, beg for your forgiveness, and stand at attention. I can do whatever you want.”


“Then what if you lose?”

The instructor looked at him. “You mean me?”

“That’s right. What will you do if you lose?”

“Heh, if I lose, you can do anything you want.”

The teacher quickly rushed over, calling out from the back, “What’s there to compete for? It’s better to just go ahead with the training…”

Lu Beichen said, “Teacher, don’t worry, I won’t be a bully. We’re just having a reasonable competition and won’t hurt anyone.”

When the instructor heard that, his face turned red with fury.

This lad really deserved to be taught a lesson.

“Hmph, I’ll help your parents teach you a good lesson.”

“You’ll help my parents to teach me? Why don’t you see if you have the right to do that?”

Lu Beichen tossed his uniform aside.

The instructor’s face turned even redder.

The entire school broke out in commotion over his matter.

Lu Beichen had challenged an instructor and was going to be taught a lesson.

Lu Beichen was late, but he still acted cool and was reprimanded by the instructor.

At their age, all the students were still fearful of the instructors. Moreover, they had been scared by the instructors the moment they came and felt that the instructors must be amazing. Moreover, they were also soldiers and were definitely incredible.

And Lu Beichen.

It was true that he was very rich, but that didn’t mean that he was capable. Wasn’t he just an ordinary high school student? How could he compare against those adults who had gone through training every day?

Everyone crowded over to watch the excitement.

“What are they competing in?”

“I heard that they’re going to fight.”

“Then wouldn’t Lu Beichen be beaten to death?”

“I heard that Lu Beichen is very amazing at fighting as well.”

“Those are just brawling between kids. How can that compare to someone who is trained in freestyle combat?”

Everyone felt that Lu Beichen had gone overboard with his acting cool. He shouldn’t have been so rash.

However, everyone had already crowded over, waiting for the competition between the two to take place.

The instructor tossed his cap to the side. Lu Beichen turned his head and saw Gu Jingyan.

“Catch it.” He tossed his clothes to Gu Jingyan.

Everyone looked at Gu Jingyan enviously, feeling that she was very lucky to be arranged by the teacher to have Lu Beichen sitting next to her. This gave her a chance to get to know Lu Beichen, and they seemed to get along well.

However, Gu Jingyan only looked at Lu Beichen. “Hey, can you do this?”

Lu Beichen gestured an okay sign to her and smiled with his brows raised.

Fu Chenxi was very worried. “Jingyan, Lu Beichen won’t get a beating, right?”

Gu Jingyan said, “He looks quite confident. Let’s just watch and see first. He should be quite good at fighting.”

Although Gu Jingyan had only met him when they were young, she did have some understanding of the Lu family. She knew that although the Lu family didn’t have security as strong as the Gu family, they did let their children develop in all aspects from a young age.

These basic abilities shouldn’t have been forgotten.

At this moment.

“Wow, it’s starting.”

“Good luck, Lu Beichen!”

“Good luck, instructor!”

Some girls were crazily cheering for Lu Beichen, and there were naturally guys who didn’t like Lu Beichen who would cheer for the instructor, waiting for Lu Beichen to be put to shame.

At this moment, the instructor cracked his knuckles. The corners of his lips curled up as he looked at Lu Beichen. The instructor was wearing a smug smile.

“Alright, let’s start. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful to not hurt you. We’ll stop appropriately.”

Lu Beichen also let out a cold snort. “Alright, I’ll return the same words to you.”

His words had just ended when the instructor’s fist came lashing out toward him.

Although he said that he wouldn’t hurt Lu Beichen, his fist still struck out toward Lu Beichen’s face.


The girls started screaming as they saw that Lu Beichen’s good-looking face was going to get punched. However, they hadn’t expected Lu Beichen to dodge very quickly.

Before everyone could make sense of what had happened, Lu Beichen had already dodged the punch.

What was even more surprising was that he had even managed to grab onto the fist that reached out toward him.

The instructor felt a chill when he saw the sharp gaze.

He hadn’t expected a child’s gaze to be so sharp and cold.

Moreover, Lu Beichen’s strength was so great that he had managed to grab onto his heavy punch. The instructor wanted to take it back when he realized that he wasn’t able to budge at all.

The people watching at the back were all taken with astonishment.

The instructor was tossed to the ground by Lu Beichen.

After the instructor got up, he wanted to punch out once more but was put to the ground by Lu Beichen once again.

The instructor got up again. Before he could do anything, he was thrown to the ground again.

The girls started screaming crazily, cheering and jumping as they cried, “Lu Beichen, you’re so amazing!”

“Wow, Lu Beichen is so incredible.”

“Why is it that Lu Beichen knows everything? He’s so amazing.”

Fu Chenxi had covered her eyes, not daring to watch. But now, her eyes were also wide-open. “Wow, Lu Beichen is so amazing.”

Gu Jingyan had a seen a lot and didn’t feel that Lu Beichen was that amazing. It was just that some ordinary people thought of them as being too useless.

Even though there were some members from rich families that were profligate sons, families like the Lu family and Gu family wouldn’t be like this. Although they were arrogant, they were very strict with how they educated the children. Moreover, they had more resources and could teach more to their children. Therefore, it was natural for Lu Beichen to know a lot of things.

It was just that ordinary people didn’t know that.

At this moment, when the other instructors saw that one of them had been thrown to the floor by a kid, they immediately felt that they had lost face and thus came crowding over.

“Wow, what are they doing? It can’t be that they’re going to beat him up right?” A girl was so scared that she backed off.

However, Lu Beichen stood in the center and looked at these people. “Why? Do you guys want to come together? Just do it.”

The instructors were raring to go, especially when they saw how arrogant he looked.

At this moment.

Gu Jingyan quickly stepped out.

“That’s enough. You guys can’t be such bullies. If so many of you fight him alone, nothing would be proven, even if you win.”

Everyone looked at Gu Jingyan in surprise. She was really daring to go over at a time like this.

Of course, they were also people who said disdainfully, “Look at how she’s so good at acting, quickly rushing over after seeing that Lu Beichen was surrounded. This is how one gets close to a rich guy. The rest of you better learn from her.”

“Hmph, so what? Would Lu Beichen like a nerd like her?”

However, what took everyone by surprise was that Lu Beichen looked at Gu Jingyan and smiled, asking in a teasing tone, “Why? Are you concerned about me?”

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