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(You’re So Brutal For A Girl)

What did it mean by as long as he listened…?

Lu Beichen raged internally as he looked at his own father who behaved as though Gu Jingyan was his own child.

Why did it seem like whatever Gu Jingyan said was right and whatever he said was wrong?

Moreover, in his eyes, his own dad was a hot-tempered man but he looked at Gu Jingyan as gently as a flower.

Lu Qinyu talked for half a day before taking the three of them out.


Those hooligans were still calling out.

“Ouch, ouch, that’s them. They’re the ones who hit us. Ouch…”

They looked at the three of them being led outside and quickly asked, “Oh, where are you taking them? Are you taking them into detention?”

The policeman bellowed, “What detention? They’re going home.”

“Ah, why? They hit people and look at how they’ve hit us! How can you…”

“Enough, so many guys get beaten up like this by students and you still dare to talk about it. We’ve already asked and they said you started the fight. They were defending themselves.”


“Alright, shut your mouths. Can’t you see who that is? That is the Lu family’s young master. You deserve the beating. You don’t even realize who you’ve offended and you’re still shouting here.”


A few of the people looked outside in shock. “What Young Master Lu?”

“He’s the top in the city. He has no time to hang around outside, you understand?”


How would they know?

Once out, Lu Qinyu said, “Go, send her home. It’s dangerous for any girl to be out and about.”

Lu Beichen laughed. “If she meets a bad person, I’m more worried about that person’s safety.”

“Hey, you rascal. How can you say such things?” Lu Qinyu slapped him.

Lu Beichen said, “Ouch.”

Gu Jingyan sniggered. Behind, Fu Chenxi looked on quietly.

Lu Beichen still had to send Gu Jingyan home.

On the road, Lu Beichen was in protest. “My father absolutely treats other people’s kids better than his own.”

Gu Jingyan said, “I’m better than you in the first place.”

“Hey, it looked like I helped you fight off the guys just now.”

“You say it as though I needed your help.”

“….” Fine, he now felt that she indeed did not need his help.

Lu Beichen looked at her. “But how is it that you, a young mistress, can fight so well?”

Gu Jingyan replied, “Don’t you know we have a training camp at the Gu family?”

“Oh, I know. Gu family’s security guards are all trained in the camp.” Lu Beichen said.

Gu Jingyan answered, ” So we also train there from young. Though I don’t train like my two elder brothers who are not far off from those guards, I can still handle those few hooligans.”

Lu Beichen shook his head. “You are so violent. Seriously… It’s not feminine at all. You’re a total tomboy.”


“But I ended up at the police station because of you.” Lu Beichen said.

Gu Jingyan knew right and wrong, and she knew that his situation today was because of her.

She said, “Yes… Thank you very much.”

With those bead-like eyes, she looked at him in embarrassment.

Lu Beichen said, “Alright. Well, I was just thinking if anything happens to the Gu family’s fourth young mistress because of me, your family members will tear me apart.”

Gu Jingyan glared at him when she heard that.

“You do know it’s because of you eh? Don’t go to those kinds of places too often.”

They chatted as they sent her back home to the Gu’s.

Gu Jingyan was staying at the Gu family mansion with an alarmingly big courtyard.

After sending Gu Jingyan home, Gu Jingyan instructed Lu Beichen. “Do your job to the end. Help me send Fu Chenxi back home.”

Fu Chenxi grabbed onto her bag nervously when she heard that.

Lu Beichen remembered at this moment that there was one more person in the back of the car.

He acknowledged. He was driving anyway, it would not be much further to send her home.

“Okay okay, it’s on me for taking you guys out today.”

Lu Beichen drove Fu Chenxi home after Gu Jingyan went in.

Fu Chenxi was not considered pretty, but she was delicate.

Naturally, if you compared her with Gu Jingyan, she wouldn’t appear to be beautiful.

However, now that Gu Jingyan was not around, her presence was felt as she was seated alone and coyly there.

Lu Beichen looked at her. “You’re quite close to Gu Jingyan.”

Fu Chenxi looked and realized he was talking to her. She got nervous and nodded her head. “Yes, we’ve been together since junior high.”

Lu Beichen asked, “Why didn’t you talk just now? I thought you weren’t around.”

“I… I didn’t want to interrupt you guys.”

Lu Beichen smiled. “How can that be?”

Fu Chenxi smiled and lowered her head. “My family is not as good as yours. My family is very ordinary. You’ll see it in a moment. My home is very small, unlike Gu Jingyan’s home which is so big like a castle. I suppose your home is like that as well.”

Lu Beichen raised an eyebrow. “You could say so.”

Fu Chenxi lowered her head further. “So I don’t know what to say. But I’m quite happy to hear you guys talk.”

When Fu Chenxi saw Gu Jingyan’s home for the first time, she really was shocked. She wondered how it was like to live in such a big place, as though like a palace. There were many rooms inside as well. Gu Jingyan was like a princess living in it with so many maids.

Even today, despite having seen it a couple of times, Fu Chenxi was still amazed.

However, today, because of Gu Jingyan’s background, she could still be alone with Lu Beichen. This made her feel very nervous and her hands were in a cold sweat.

Lowering her head, she dared not look at his extraordinarily handsome face.

Having arrived at the destination, Fu Chenxi said, “This is my home… Alright, I’ll make a move first. Thank you for sending me home.”

Fu Chenxi was embarrassed to say that the torn and tattered looking house outside was her home. She was worried that he would start asking questions as he looked on. She quickly said what she wanted to say and hopped out of the car.

Lu Beichen turned his head around.

It was indeed quite run-down.

However, it did not matter to him. He had never looked down on it. He hurriedly left after seeing her go in.

The next day.

The school teacher called the three of them out to the academic affairs office.

“Tell me, you three, how could…”

The teacher was speechless and exasperated. Why did it have to be Lu Beichen who called them? She did not know what to say to them.

It could only be said that having only just arrived, Lu Beichen had already gotten the school’s best students to skip classes. In the future… It was going to be disastrous.

With yesterday’s events, Gu Jingyan got closer to Lu Beichen.

When they returned, everyone’s eyes were on them.


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