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( The Rascal Is Leading Jingyan Astray)

The two of them went past the gang and ran out immediately.

Fu Chenxi watched from the back and stammered as she was in fright.

“Jingyan, wait for me…”

Gu Jingyan had pulled Lu Beichen to run out for a while.

“Hey, where’s your car?”

“How would I know where the valet had parked it?”

“Quick look for it.”

Just then, Lu Beichen spotted the valet.

“Hey hey hey, where’s my car?”

The valet was caught off guard. “Oh, it’s over there.”

Just as soon as he spoke, the men had caught up from behind.

“Ah, what is this now?”

The two of them hurried to the car. Gu Jingyan jumped in as soon as she opened the car door.

Lu Beichen quickly followed.

Just then, Gu Jingyan remembered about Fu Chenxi.

“Oh, where’s Chenxi?”


“Fu Chenxi.” Gu Jingyan said. When she got out of the car, she saw…

A few men walking out, holding onto Fu Chenxi.

Gu Jingyan’s face changed just by seeing how pale Fu Chenxi’s face was as she frightenedly called out, “Jingyan…”

A few of the men immediately demanded. “Get down here. Are you still trying to escape? If you go off, you can forget about this chick here.”

Gu Jingyan hurried down.

“Hey, don’t be so shameless. We’re still students.”

From behind, the man who had fallen and was now in pain and missing two teeth said, “Ha, now you say you’re a student. Why didn’t you say you were a student when you hit me?”

Lu Beichen scoffed. “Hey, I’m telling you. You better let her go. If you piss me off, I can’t guarantee that you’ll still have all of your teeth.”

Gu Jingyan quickly said. “Hey, look carefully. Chenxi is still there.”

Lu Beichen said, “I’ll like to see what they dare to do.”

“Ha, do you think we dare not do anything? Little students are really naive.” The guy in front said sinisterly. “Come, strip her. Tear her clothes off.”

Fu Chenxi’s legs weakened when he said that.

“Ah, Jingyan… Save me. Save me, please…”

Lu Beichen saw Gu Jingyan biting her lips, enraged.

He narrowed his eyes.

“What I, the lord, despise most is people like who bully girls for nothing.”

He threw a flying kick as soon as he said his piece.

Fu Chenxi had no time to react and her hands were grabbed by Lu Beichen.

With a turn, his hand held onto her waist while his other leg gave a kick. The guy who was holding on to her got kicked to the ground. Fu Chenxi landed in his embrace.

Unexpectedly, the light fragrance from his body had entered her lungs.

She looked at his perfect face and felt like she was the female lead of a novel who was saved in the youngster’s embrace…

With such close proximity, she felt even more…

That this man was very handsome.

It was as though he had no bad angles. He looked that handsome and extraordinary from every angle.

Her heart started beating fast uncontrollably, almost forgetting the situation she was in.

On that side, Gu Jingyan could not care about Fu Chenxi. She worried when she saw the fighting.

But wasn’t it too late to run now?

That meant that she could only…


Soon, Gu Jingyan charged over as well.

A roundhouse kick and a scissor kick broke apart the men who were after Lu Beichen. Looking at Lu Beichen, he was highly skilled as he fought fluidly. Not long later, the men were all on the ground…

Just then, the police had arrived, after everything had ended.

“Ah, police. They were hitting us. They hit us…”

The few men groaned in pain as they made their way to the police.

After a while.

At the police station.

“I say, how can you guys hit people?” The policeman looked at Gu Jingyan and Lu Beichen.

Gu Jingyan replied, “Hey, they obviously hit us first. We were retaliating.”

Lu Beichen did not say anything.

The police asked, “They hit you? Have you seen the state they’re in? How can they hit you?”

Gu Jingyan had wanted to faint. “Don’t tell me you guys think they’re the victims just because they’re injured?”

“Anyway, we’ve already reported this matter to your school. Students these days… I see you guys are from a famous school. Who’d have thought that it’d be like this?”


Reported to the school?

That spelled trouble…

At this moment.

“The lawyer is here for both of them.”

Outside, the lawyer quickly ran over.

“Young Master. Oh my, this must be Miss Gu. I’m here.”

“You’re finally here. I’m getting very annoyed by these people.” Lu Beichen told the lawyer.

The staff in the police station looked at this lawyer…

They knew him. Wasn’t this the Grand Lawyer Pan who was involved in the big financial scandal that riled up the entire country? Why… Why was he here to handle a student’s fight case…?

“Yes yes yes. I’m late, young master. Quick come with me.”

A few policemen were in a daze. When they got outside, they saw that it was not just the lawyer who had arrived.

There was…

Lu Qinyu.

He was dressed in a suit, looking aggressive as he walked down.

He looked at Lu Beichen without saying a word and gave him a slap. “You scoundrel. You just started school and you skipped classes. You still got involved in a fight. You…”

Lu Qinyu did not go light, but Lu Beichen seemed to have already been used to it. He only twitched his mouth.

Gu Jingyan watched in embarrassment, not knowing what to say.

Just then, Lu Qinyu saw that she was there. “Oh… Jingyan. Long time no see.”

He looked at Gu Jingyan. Gu Jingyan could only lower her head obediently and greeted, “Uncle Lu…”

Lu Qinyu looked at her with pity. “Oh dear, I didn’t know how this rascal got brought to your class. Look, he just led you astray, and caused you to be at the police station. Gosh, I’ll punish him when I get home. You don’t have to worry. If you’re worried that he’ll affect your studies, I’ll have him transferred.”

Lu Beichen could not hold back when he heard that. “Dad, you didn’t even ask what happened. What do you mean I led her astray? She beat half of these guys up alright? She’s more brutal than I am.”

Gu Jingyan glared at him with all her might when she heard that. She stomped on his foot.

When it came to Lu Beichen, the tender look immediately disappeared from Lu Qinyu’s face. “You rascal, Jingyan is such an obedient girl. How could she hit people? Don’t push away the responsibility. I’ll teach you a lesson when we get back.”

Gu Jingyan wanted to laugh but she stifled her laughter. Feeling good after seeing Lu Beichen’s deflated expression, she decided to better speak up for him. “Uncle Lu, it’s okay. You don’t have to transfer schools. As long as he listens in the future, it’ll be alright.”

Lu Qinyu immediately replied with a smile, “Oh my, nobody can compare to Jingyan still. So obedient, knowledgeable, gentle, and kind. Gosh, why did I not have such an obedient daughter like you? Instead, I have such a rascal!”


  1. There a gap in this story. Yesterday was only two episodes. Can you look into it pls!!!

  2. Am confused oo I don't understand this story again am really lost



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