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 Season 15


( It’s Easy For ThemOr did Wu Yufei become smart and look up Lin Che?)

Liang Shan wondered furiously. Wu Yufei did not know about being grateful. He had groomed her from the start and now, she dared to seek revenge.

A few of the company’s directors mentioned the matter during the company’s meeting.

“The situation outside is bad. They’re saying we treat artists like money trees, that we throw them once we no longer want them and we never spare a thought for them. How did this happen? Liang Shan, that’s your artist and you didn’t manage it well. Artists these days aren’t that easy to manage and with the addition of many media, fans, and netizens poking their noses into things, you can’t be like in the past. People like to talk about power and respect these days, do you understand?”

Liang Shan said, “I’ve checked this and it seems like another company is trying to suppress it on purpose.”

“Which other company?”

“Lin Che’s studio.”

Nobody dared to say a word after Liang Shan said his piece.

Everyone looked at one another and in an instant, the room temperature seemed to have dropped.

“How have we offended them? I’ve told you earlier on to treat them better. Now, look at the state we’re in.” A director spoke.

In the past, it was not known that Lin Che was Mrs. Gu. Now that it was known, who would dare to fight her directly?

Liang Shan said, “It’s not that we can’t deal with her now, even if she’s Mrs. Gu. Now that it’s been made known, she wouldn’t just use her husband’s resources frivolously. If not, people would say that she’s relying on her husband and she still finds this taboo. So…”

“Enough. How do you know what others are thinking? You don’t know how powerful and heartless Gu Jingze can be. We’ve asked around. A number of clans have gone without a trace and according to sources, it is related to him.”

“But now…”

“Don’t bother about this issue. I don’t want to offend Gu Jingze because of one artist.”

Liang Shan was pressured down. Even though he was the industry’s top agent, he was still an employee and could not be a director.

He felt disgruntled having been pressured all the way. He looked outside. Wu Yufei’s picture still hung at a prominent spot in the company. When he first saw her, he thought she would be easy to control as she did not have a background or backer. Now, she had the audacity to look up Lin Che to go against him.

At night.

Wu Yufei walked out of the convenience store. She had been having cup noodles at home for days. Her assistant had already returned to the company and was no longer helping her. She did not want to see anybody now. It seemed like she had experienced life’s biggest ups and downs all in a night.

She started from nothing to becoming famous overnight, and now back to a low point in her life. It really made her feel like she was in a dream and that it was not real.

Initially, she felt it was a good dream with her overnight fame. She started squandering her life after accepting that. Now, everything was gone overnight. All those years became unreal. She did not want to do anything but only wanted to be alone, to quietly stay at home to watch the television, eat and play video games.

The truth was, she was unwilling to accept this reality.

However, just as she took her keys to unlock the door, someone grabbed her.

“Ah, who are you… what are you doing…”

Wu Yufei shouted along the way until she was thrown into a car.

She was brought to a place and when she got down, she saw Liang Shan sitting on a chair looking at her.

“Liang… Brother Liang…”

“Ha, now you know how to call me Brother Liang. What did you call me when you went to Lin Che?”

Wu Yufei was stunned. Did he know?

“I…. you’ve already destroyed me. What else do you want?”

“What do I want? That’s called destroyed? You’re really naive, Wu Yufei. All of this is because of you. I asked you to behave, so you should behave. If you don’t behave, how can you blame me for not wanting you? So now, you’ll see for yourself, what kind of person I am. All these years, you’ve never really got to know me eh.”

Liang Shan got some men to move forward.

Wu Yufei looked at the strong men and panicked internally.

“You… What are you going to do? Liang Shan, you dare…”

“Haha. What do I not dare to do? You’re still the famous Wu Yufei. Oh no, even if you’re no longer famous, would you still dare to tell others what happened to you? If you dare to let others know, I’ll dare to let you be seen by all the men. Think about the title, how attractive it is. The used-to-be famous Wu Yufei getting it on with a group of people. Hahaha.”

“You… you…”

She screamed but nobody showed any pity…

And Liang Shan was posting a speech on the Internet.

“I don’t know who’s tarnishing my relationships with the artists. Due to the car accident, Wu Yufei is currently at home reflecting and also taking the chance to rest. Who dares to use this to tarnish my company’s image? I’ve never offended anyone in this industry and even if so, there are only a few competitors. Let’s have a real competition instead of relying on oppression alright?”

Yu Minmin saw that. Ha, what was he playing at?

The staff immediately said, “Sister Che, we’re unable to contact Wu Yufei now. It can’t be that she’s playing us, right?”

Yu Minmin pinched her chin. “That’s impossible. Liang Shan has no confidence. He wouldn’t come out to talk. He’ll only settle this discreetly.”

“Oh my, that’s why I say. These people are unreliable. We promised to help her and she’s playing us out.”

Yu Minmin made a sound. “We’re not to be taken for fools. Find her, immediately.”


Getting them to look for a person was very easy.

Just that, Lin Che found the location that Wu Yufei was hiding at to be strange.

“This is not the address that Wu Yufei gave. What exactly happened to her? Did she get threatened and so she’s gone missing in action?”

Yu Minmin replied, “It’s possible she got threatened. Liang Shan had worked with her for so many years and must know all the negative things about her. Then she’s really naive thinking that she can make a fool of us.”

Lin Che replied, “Go have a look first.”


The two of them went to knock on the door. Nobody answered.

Lin Che said, “Wu Yufei, I know you’re in there. Open the door or we’ll charge in. You choose.”

There was still no sound.

Lin Che gave Dong Zi a look.

Dong Zi took out a tool, placed it at the side, and with a move, the door’s lock came off.

This wonder key was not something an ordinary person would have. Most locks would unlock in a bit. Even the special locks would be unlocked after spending a bit of effort.

The door opened and they went inside.

“Who… Who… You… Don’t come inside.”

Wu Yufei’s voice trembled. Lin Che frowned and thought it was strange when she heard her voice.

She looked at Wu Yufei who was there in a mess. Her clothes were also unbearable.

Lin Che’s face changed. She walked over. “What happened to you?”

Wu Yufei looked up. “You guys… It’s you guys. How did you find me? Nobody knows about Liang Shan’s place.”

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