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( So You Guys Know Each Other)

Lu Beichen was stunned as his mouth was covered.

But he was not as surprised as the rest around him.

After all, she was the fourth young mistress of the Gu family. She had been like this since she was young. It was very normal for her to be this crazy.

Everyone looked at Gu Jingyan, breaking a cold sweat for her.

No way. He was good looking, but did she have to be so direct?

Moreover, Lu Beichen was said to be very powerful.

Those who offended him before were dealt with. Lu Beichen would definitely be provoked with her holding him like that.

Would Lu Beichen get angry and punish her severely?

It was said that this person was very fierce.

Oh my my, Gu Jingyan was in big trouble.

As everyone watched from the sides, they did not expect Lu Beichen to take her hands away and start laughing.

“Hey, what are you doing? Why did you cover my mouth?”

Gu Jingyan was red with anger and pouted at him. “You’re not allowed to say anything, do you hear me?”

Lu Beichen was not a fool. He understood what she meant as soon as she said it. “Oh, oh… so you like to play it like this.”

Gu Jingyan said, “Not everyone likes a high profile like you.”

“Ha, you’re still as proud as you were when you were young.” Lu Beichen said as he watched her facial expression.

Gu Jingyan tilted her head and looked at him. “Aren’t you the same? You’re still as arrogant.”

“Ha, how am I arrogant?”

“And how am I proud? Anyway, I don’t care. You’re not allowed to say it here, you hear me?”

“Yes yes yes. I’ll obey, Missy.”

Lu Beichen smiled.

Everyone watched from the sides, unable to hear their hushed voices. However, they could see Lu Beichen smiling as he talked to Gu Jingyan. It looked like he was not angry at all.

Why was Lu Beichen being so gentle with Gu Jingyan?

Could it be that he liked her?

However, everyone could not deny that Gu Jingyan was known for her beauty the moment she stepped into the school. There were countless who chased after her. Unfortunately, she was a proud person and did not bother about anyone. They also heard that she was one of the top scorers who secured a spot in the school and after finding out some more, she had immediately climbed to the first position. Everyone thought that Gu Jingyan was preparing to be a pretty nerd and not amenable to reason.

However, there were many who would frequently go over to the class to take a look at her.

Thus, as Lu Beichen had just arrived, he did not know about anybody. It was understandable that he thought she was pretty and was interested in her.

They could only sigh. This was indeed a superficial world…

The teacher had noticed the conversation between the two of them. At the same time, the entire class’s attention was all on them.

Nobody was even listening to her.

However, she was the first in the entire school, and the other was a young master from the Lu family. She did not know how to stop them.

At that moment, she could only watch on.

After class.

“Come, let me get you some good food.” Lu Beichen said to Gu Jingyan right away.

“Eat what? There’s nothing in school.”

“We’re going out to eat.”

“Going out to eat? Not attending classes anymore?”

“What class is there to attend? Come, I’ll take you out for a stroll. We haven’t seen each other for ten years. As the host for our first meeting again, shouldn’t you give me a treat? Come on.”

Lu Beichen pulled Gu Jingyan to leave.

Behind them, Fu Chenxi had already felt doubtful. She watched the two of them in conversation, unable to hear anything they said and felt even more amazed. Why did it seem like they were familiar with each other?

Hearing Lu Beichen say that, she quickly said, “Jingyan, where are you all going?”

Gu Jingyan remembered about Fu Chenxi at this point.

As she was pulled forward by Lu Beichen, she quickly pulled Fu Chenxi along. “Come come, let’s go together.”

“Ah, not going to classes already?”

Gu Jingyan had great academic results but it was different for Fu Chenxi. Her academic results were bad and it was luck that she managed to get into the school. When she arrived, she discovered that as a junior, she was in the same class as Gu Jingyan. Gu Jingyan was nice to her. She would take her along for studying and meals, never letting Fu Chenxi pay for it. Later, Fu Chenxi came to know that her family was the Gu family, the high and mighty wealthy Gu clan.

Out of the entire class, only she knew about this fact.

They reached the gates as they pulled one another along.

“Oh, what are you guys doing? You can’t go out.” The school’s security guard had wanted to stop them. When he saw that it was Lu Beichen, he swallowed his words.

“Oh, Young Master Lu, so sorry. I didn’t see clearly who it was. Please, go ahead.”

Lu Beichen waved his hand. “Thanks.” Then he got to the Ferrari and opened the car door before getting in.

“Let’s go, get on.”

Gu Jingyan shook her head and sat at the back, signaling for Fu Chenxi to come along.

It was the first time that Fu Chenxi had sat in such a nice car. She watched the car windows pull open and the awning tuck away. The red Ferrari had become a convertible sports car. The wind blew and Lu Beichen stepped on the gas pedal, charging ahead like the wind.

Fu Chenxi quickly grabbed the car door in fright.

However, a good car was a good car. It was so stable despite its high speed. There was not a tinge of shakiness.

Fu Chenxi was so afraid that she didn’t dare to talk. She saw Gu Jingyan being very calm with only a frown on her face as she shouted at Lu Beichen, “Can you go slower? You’re not piloting a plane.”

Lu Beichen looked in the back mirror and laughed loudly. “Why? Are you scared?”

“Yes. You can die, but we don’t wish to accompany you.”

“Relax, my driving skills are brilliant. Nobody would dare to accept even if I wish to die. Say, what do you want to eat?”

“Whatever, didn’t you want a treat from me? Go with what you want to eat.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Gu Jingyan should not have said that. Right away, the car stopped at the entrance of a bar.

“Hey, this can’t be.”

Meizu Bar. It was filled with people even in the day because it was the top bar in the entire B City. It operated 24 hours a day with no sleep or rest. If you wanted to get drinks, you could get them anytime.

“Hey hey hey. We’re not old enough yet. Are you mad?” Gu Jingyan called out.

Lu Beichen said, “Didn’t you say I can choose what to eat?”

Fu Chenxi, who had been hiding behind, was held back by Gu Jingyan. “Jingyan, are we really going in?”

But Lu Beichen had already gone in.

The two girls had no choice but to follow.

“A deck, the best at the top.” Lu Beichen threw the keys to his Ferrari to the valet immediately.

“Yo, okay. We’ll be there right away.”

Seeing that it was a Ferrari, the valet did not hesitate and quickly drove the car.

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