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(Exposing My Past Upon Arrival)

On the other side.

When the group of people were talking, they did not see the two girls.

Gu Jingyan heard and shook her head. Fu Chenxi looked up and asked, “Who are they talking about? He sounds like someone powerful.”

Gu Jingyan said, “The one from the Lu family. I think I’ve heard of him.”

He was said to be overbearing, impatient, and someone who picked fights over nothing. Numerous people in the circle have been beaten by him, brutal beyond imagination.

Her mother had told her before to stay away if she met him.

The good thing was, Gu Jingyan had never really interacted with these pampered sons. She had been very independent since she was young and very few people know that she was the Gu family’s only daughter. Gu family’s fourth young mistress.

She said, “Who cares about him? As long as he doesn’t get into our class and start causing trouble, it’s fine.”

Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan and felt she was very calm.

Though she was curious, it was better if she did not show it. So she could only take a look outside and set her mind to learn from Gu Jingyan, to continue reading her book.

Just that, her mind had already wandered out.

Many people had already gone out.

A blue sports car was seen at the school’s entrance. It was blue as a flame and it was driven directly into the school’s compounds.

The school leaders who had gone out to welcome him hurried after the car.

However, the car owner had no care for them. After stopping the car, he did not get out.

Until a few cars followed behind.

A row of posh cars, each one more flamboyant than the one before.

It had become a car exhibition at the school’s entrance.

The young ladies and men in the school had all been attracted by the sight and went over in a moment.

“Wow, who just arrived here? It’s a posh car.”

“Look, it’s a Ferrari at the front, a Bentley behind, and further behind is a Porsche…”

“Wow, who is this person? The cars have all come directly into the school compounds.”

Fu Chenxi could not resist looking over.

Gu JIngyan remained calm as she was.

“Gee, what a showoff.” She criticized casually and thought she did not need to bother since it had nothing to do with her.

Unexpectedly, half an hour later, the teacher came into the classroom excitedly and announced loudly to the students in the class.

“Attention, everyone. Today, we welcome our new classmate.”

The students who were doing self-study started to look up.

They only saw a man in denim with his bag on a shoulder and sporting a slightly messy but stylish hairdo. He had a handsome face with suave thin lips, high nose bridge, sharp eyes, and a wilful smirk. He had an aura of being a rebel, instantly spotted in his evil eyes.

A very handsome man.

In the class, the girls’ eyes perked up, the boys were buzzing with excitement. Some were envious, some were commending, and some sighed.

“This is Lu Beichen. He just transferred over and he’ll be your classmate from now on.”

Lu Beichen looked around the classroom casually.

As he did so, the girls started to blush.

“So, where should classmate Lu sit…”

The teacher looked at this little bully from the city, as though seeking approval. Then, the teacher looked at the students.

In general, those young masters who were not good in their studies but got placed in would usually be left at the back to self-destruct. However, who would dare place the eldest young master of the Lu family at the back?

The teacher immediately looked at the seat right at the front.

“Classmate Lu, you’ll sit there right next to Gu Jingyan.”


The classmates present started admiring.

No way, placed beside the top of the class.

That seat was the best seat in the class and it was given to Gu Jingyan, the top scorer in the entire school, and that was within reason.

Now, the teacher gave the seat beside her to this transfer student right away.


What a privileged status…

Lu Beichen looked over and did not object.

That seat did not matter to him.

“Sure.” He flung his bag over his shoulder and walked over.

He did not even look at the person beside him after taking his seat. He threw his bag into the desk, put his legs up, arms folded across his chest, and looked ahead. He did not realize that Fu Chenxi who was seated behind Gu Jingyan was already looking over.

So handsome… so handsome…

She had never seen such a handsome guy in her life.

Lu Beichen had already been used to this sort of situation long ago. He turned back and glanced at Fu Chenxi.

Fu Chenxi was caught off guard. Getting looked at by a handsome guy, her whole face turned red as she hurried to lower her head.

Lu Beichen smiled as he saw this girl who was red in the face. He turned his head back and looked nonchalantly to the side.

However, he saw a face with tender skin, carrying some pride and some coldness. She was looking ahead and not paying any attention to him.

This was a very pretty girl.

In fact, pretty was an understatement.

Her eyes are slightly fierce and covered by thick eyelashes. Her fair, clean cheeks, small lips, and slim face on a perfect oval face. Her ears are small with simple studs on, slightly yellow hair spread on one side but it was not messy and a lovely neck. She wears a simple school uniform but it did not hide her prideful and noble aura.

Lu Beichen raised his eyebrows. “Hey, I’m Lu Beichen. Looks like we’ll be sharing a table from now.”

Gu Jingyan turned her head. “Oh, Gu Jingyan.”

Gu Jingyan?

The name sounded familiar.

Lu Beichen froze. He suddenly remembered.

Gu Jingyan?

Gu Jingze…

Gu Jingyu, Gu Jingming.


Lu Beichen naturally recalled in a moment.

They had met when they were younger.

The youngest in the Gu family was the only daughter. Thus, she was pampered and had been a proud little princess since young. She had the entire family clan in her grasp.

When he first met her then, she was still carrying a doll while standing and looking at him. She started wailing that she did not want him at her house.

This incident left a psychological barrier in him. Was he that scary?

The Gu family and Lu family had been friends for many years. Thus, if others did not know, how could he, Lu Beichen not know? However, was it really her?

Was this the little girl who had cried a river that year, insisting that he got ousted?

Gu Jingyan blinked. “What?”

Lu Beichen asked, “We’ve met before, yes?”

Gu Jingyan had completely forgotten about that disgraceful moment when she was young.

Lu Beichen’s eyes twinkled. “Hey, when you were young, your mucus was all over me and you want to shirk responsibility now? Hey, how come you’re in this school? Who in the Gu family allowed you to come out to attend school?”

Gu Jingyan’s heart stopped at that moment.

No way, he recognized her?

She quickly covered his mouth.

She had never told anyone that she was the fourth young mistress of the Gu family. Did he want to expose her now that he just got here?

The onlookers went crazy because of her action.

This Gu Jingyan… She had just met him and now she was already holding onto Lu Beichen!

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