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(Get Lost, Lu Beichen)

Gu Jingyan was angered when she saw Lu Beichen chasing after her again.

“Hey, don’t you have some dignity?”

“Haha, why now? Is it shameless to chase after my own wife? There are other things that are even more shameful.”

Lu Beichen pulled Gu Jingyan and pressed her against the wall.

“Ah…” Gu Jingyan struggled to hit him.

On the other hand, the maids and security had looked over when they heard the shouts. They did not think that they would see the husband and wife being tangled up.

Lu Beichen turned around and looked coldly. “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a husband and wife arguing before?”

The maids turned around, not daring to look when they heard that.

This married couple was also famous in the industry. When they fought, it was best that outsiders did not take part in it. If not, they would get dragged in with dire consequences.

Gu Jingyan saw that everyone had turned away. She was very mad at Lu Beichen who was controlling her hands.

“Let me go if you have the guts.”

“Haha. You should know very well if I have the guts or not.”

“I don’t see any guts from you.”

“Let’s go inside. I’ll let you see my guts.”

“You mean those two meatballs? Those are guts?”

Gu Jingyan shifted her eyes to his lower part.

Two meatballs?

Lu Beichen’s eyes lit up like a torch in her direction.

“You’re sure it’s just two meatballs? Two meatballs that can let you beg for mercy?”

“When did I beg for mercy?”

“Haha, didn’t you admit defeat when you got off the bed?”

“Get lost, Lu Beichen. You’re really naive. I casually went along with you and made a few noises, and you think I was begging for mercy?”


Lu Beichen really felt that one day, he would get upset to his death by this woman.

“Haha, you better not be so stubborn in a moment.”

Lu Beichen grabbed her.

“Let go, let me go. Lu Beichen, who allowed you to touch me?”

“I’ve touched you so many times and now you want to act like a chaste lady?” Lu Beichen did not bother about her cries and went straight to carrying her.

People looked by but did not dare go over.

Lu Beichen had on a murderous look and it was very frightening.

Gu Jingyan was not weak either. As a person who loves to work out, and having practiced many years of Taekwondo and Womens’ Judo, most men would not be her opponent.

“Lu Beichen, stop touching me. Put me down. Don’t blame me for turning nasty.”

“How nasty? You mean like in bed?”

“You don’t think it’s dirty but I do. You’re thinking about another woman and yet you want to touch me. Are you even human?”

“Ha, we both have physical needs. What has it got to do with who we’re thinking of?”

Lu Beichen immediately threw her onto the back seat.

The driver thought they had wanted to leave and hurried over.

Lu Beichen looked back with a warning. “Get lost.”

The driver got a shock and hurried away.

Then, Lu Beichen closed the car door and got into the driver’s seat.

However, if Gu Jingyan were that obedient, she would not be Gu Jingyan after all.

“Lu Beichen, I’m not leaving. Let me out. I don’t want to go anywhere with you or be in the same car. I find it all disgusting.” She went over to snatch the car key.

Their car key was not a plug and play. As long as the key was within range, the car could be operated automatically. So when Gu Jingyan saw that the key was placed in the middle, she took it and threw it out.


“I’m not leaving.”

Lu Beichen’s eyes filled with anger as he saw the key getting thrown out.

Turning around, and with the corner of his mouth curling sinisterly, he looked at her and said, “Oh, so the mighty Miss Gu likes to play it with incitement. Since you don’t wish to leave, then we’ll do it here!”

Then, Lu Beichen turned around and immediately climbed to the back.

“Ah, you…”

“Yes, shout. Let everyone hear how lewd mighty Miss Gu can be in bed.”

“You… Lu Beichen, are really, an asshole!”

Asshole, what an asshole.

She was blind then, for taking a liking to such an asshole.

Just that, when they started, he was actually not at all like this.

Then, that bright, brilliant, overbearing, and suave man was not like he was now.

However, everything could not be as it was in the past, could it?

If back then they had not gotten married and if she allowed him to be with Fu Chenxi, then would everything today be different?

Gu Jingyan closed her eyes deeply…

During that year…

When Gu Jingyan knew Lu Beichen, she was a freshman in the school.

In that provincial high school, there were many straight-A students and children of those overbearing parents who got their way in. They all attended the same school.

Gu Jingyan’s identity at that time was unknown by many.

She had gotten into the school based on her own efforts. Thus, after getting in, like other straight-A students, she studied and attended classes seriously. She would never mix around with the rich playboys.

And Lu Beichen was definitely one of those rich playboys.

Reminiscing that hot day.

It had been a month since school started and the school was abuzz.

“Do you guys know? Who would the school be calling in today?”

“Who would be coming? Look at you guys being so excited. Is it a celebrity?”

“Of course not. He’s better than a celebrity.”

“Who’s it exactly? Better than a celebrity. I’m dying to know. Hurry up and say.”

“Lu Beichen.”

“Lu Beichen? Who’s that?”

“Ha, are you serious? You don’t know who Lu Beichen is? He’s the young master of the Lu family. Those big malls you see are opened by his family.”

“Oh, that means he’s another pampered kid. Haha, don’t we have enough of such kids being ushered in?”

Due to the admiration of the results and prestige, many wealthy families pushed their kids to attend this school.

There would be some in every class.

“You’re comparing him with the other playboys? Haha, add them all up and none are as wealthy as the Lu family. Needless to say, I heard that he’s an overlord in that big yard of theirs. Whoever provokes him is punished until not even their parents can recognize them. Also, needless to say, he had actually gotten a place in a high school overseas but the old man got sick and wanted him to handle the family’s business. So, he’s being brought here. Otherwise, his grades are quite good. He wouldn’t be too far off from our straight-A students.”

“Is that so? Who did you hear this from?”

“My Big Aunt’s relative is a maid in the Lu family. My Big Aunt has specially mentioned to me that he’s coming to our school. Gosh, thinking about it is exciting. It’s no wonder the teachers and the principal today are so diligent. They’ve made the school so neat and tidy. It’s to welcome him for sure.”

“No way, so powerful…”

Just as those words were out, everyone had already seen that the school’s principal had gone out to receive someone.



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