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(What“s The Point In Living)

How terrible did she look…

Yes, she had nearly forgotten. She had nearly forgotten how fat she was now, how ugly and old she looked.

She herself dared not even look in the mirror these days as she worried that she would not recognize herself at all.

Gu Jingze looked at her at this moment. Then, he took out his phone immediately, opened up his camera in selfie-mode, and put it in front of her.

Immediately, Mo Huiling saw her actual appearance on the camera.

Was that her? Was that her?

Mo Huiling suddenly screamed when she saw the fierce-looking woman with a bumpy face and an uneven complexion.

She reached out and forcefully hit Gu Jingze’s phone out of his hand. Then, she walked further away in a frantic manner.

“Not me. Not me. Not me. That’s not me…”

Gu Jingze sneered, “That is you. So, how do you think I could possibly kiss you?”

“No… no, no.”

“And in what way do you think you can compare to Lin Che at all?”


Mo Huiling looked at Lin Che who had collapsed on the ground.

Even though her complexion was pale right now, her appearance was still so beautiful.

She was just like a frozen beauty lying on the ground. She was thin and pale, but she nevertheless evoked such tenderness.

As a result, Mo Huiling rushed out immediately. Immediately following this, Gu Jingze crumbled to the ground. He grabbed Lin Che’s hands in the desolateness.

“Little Che, Little Che…” He held Lin Che’s hands tightly, but there was no longer any reaction from her.

He lay there beside her, feeling dreadful.

“Little Che, why aren’t you speaking anymore?”

“Little Che, you’re usually such a chatterbox. Why have you gone completely silent today?”

“Little Che, I love it most when you speak nonstop and keep complaining.”

“Little Che, say something quick…”

“Little Che… in your next life and in the life after that, will you always remember me? Whether or not you remember me… I will always be waiting. Always, always…”

Xue Mengqi looked at the situation inside.

“Attack, quickly. Gu Jingze’s illness has flared up.”

“Yes, Miss Xue.”

Xue Mengqi sneered and watched her subordinates rush out immediately.

She herself also walked out thereafter.

When she saw Mo Huiling on the ground, with her hands covering her face, she scoffed. “Look at yourself now.”

Mo Huiling was still mumbling to herself, “It’s not me. That’s not me.”

Xue Mengqi laughed grimly. “That is you. Mo Huiling, to begin with, you’re so ugly that you make people want to puke. I can’t believe you even wanted Gu Jingze to kiss you. I think you’re actually still insane. You haven’t gotten better at all.”

“Ah… Ah…”

After Xue Mengqi was done using her, she was no longer courteous to her at all and provoked her directly.

As for Mo Huiling, she had been provoked for real. She sprang to her feet all of a sudden and tore at Xue Mengqi’s flesh with her teeth.

“Ah… Ah… Mo Huiling, are you mad? Ah, let go of me. Let go of me. Ah… my face…”

Mo Huiling bit Xue Mengqi’s face directly.

Her teeth were as sharp as those of a mother leopard and she held on for dear life.

Xue Mengqi felt a stab of pain on her face and screamed.

Then, she felt Mo Huiling bite her, directly tearing off a piece of flesh from her face.

The people from the Xue family had all gone in to look for Gu Jingze, leaving only the two of them here. At this moment, they immediately gathered around the two of them.

They grabbed Mo Huiling and kicked her straight to the ground.

However, before they could do anything to her, they heard two gunshots being fired.

“Bang. Bang.”

The two of them fell to the ground following the sounds.

Xue Mengqi’s face was covered in fresh blood. When she lifted her head, she immediately saw that the barrel of a gun was pointing at her.

Her eyes instantly widened. She looked up and saw the person in front of her.

It turned out to be Li Mingyu.

“You… you…”

At this moment, Mo Huiling was also frozen at the back.

Then, she saw people come in successively from behind and rush inside directly.

Before long, the sounds inside had already resounded elsewhere.

The next moment, someone ran out and said to Li Mingyu, “We’ve already found him. Mr. Gu is fine. Miss Lin is severely injured.”


Gu Jingze was fine?

Xue Mengqi’s face immediately stiffened.

Li Mingyu nodded his head. Then, he cast a dark and cold gaze on Mo Huiling.

He looked at that face. He looked at her mouth which was filled with fresh blood. She seemed like a devil, a lunatic, a beast. She simply did not seem human.

Mo Huiling looked at him with resentment.

Li Mingyu shook his head. “Huiling, I can’t believe you didn’t look for me even though you’ve already recovered. Eh.”

Li Mingyu said after sighing briefly.

Mo Huiling smiled gloomily. “Would you help me if I sought you out? Don’t think I don’t know. You’ve already been seduced by that little vixen Lin Che. Even if I looked for you, you wouldn’t help me either.”

Li Mingyu laughed grimly. “At the very least, you’re the mother of my son. Of course, I will want to try my best to help you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have supported you for so many years for no reason. Given the way you look, no one will take pity on you anyway if I throw you out. It’s a shame that you don’t trust me. Putting that aside, you even did something like this. You hurt Lin Che, you hurt Gu Jingze, and you have no sense of shame at all. How did I take a fancy to you back then? I even helped you so much. It’s only now that I know that a woman like you deserves whatever end she comes to.”

“You…” Mo Huiling looked at Li Mingyu furiously.

Li Mingyu scoffed. “Forget it. On account of the fact that you’re the biological mother of my son, let me end this for you.”

“What?” Mo Huiling froze only to see Li Mingyu shoot her. Before she could even shout one word, the gun had already shot her between her eyebrows.

Her eyes looked straight ahead and there was an expression of indignance on her fact. However, she had already collapsed. There was no longer any possibility of her speaking.


Xue Mengqi was scared out of her wits. She covered her face with her hands and moved backward.

“What are you going to do? What are you going to do?”

Li Mingyu scoffed, only to see Gu Jingze walk out from inside, whilst carrying a woman covered in fresh blood from head to toe.

Li Mingyu froze. “Lin Che? How did this happen…”

With an ice-cold expression, Gu Jingze cast a glance at Xue Mengqi at the side.

Li Mingyu immediately felt anger surge through him. He looked at Lin Che and felt unbearable distress. Then, he immediately kicked Xue Mengqi’s face.

“Ah…” Xue Mengqi collapsed on the ground and continuously shrank backward.

Gu Jingze said, “In order to save me, she… took a blow from a knife.”

Li Mingyu looked at Gu Jingze. “Are you… Are you even a man? To have a woman shield you from a knife?”

“Yes. I didn’t notice. I didn’t notice that there was a knife in Mo Huiling’s hand.”

“So, now…”

“It didn’t hit her vital parts. I’ll take her to the hospital first.”

“Sure, sure. Go quickly.”

Xue Mengqi remained there, watching in disbelief. “That’s impossible… How could Gu Jingze… How could Gu Jingze be fine? Earlier, his illness clearly, clearly flared up.”

Li Mingyu scoffed. “You really should’ve gone over to take a proper look. If his illness had flared up, would his body be completely fine? Hammond has already found an antidote. Although its effect is only temporary and it’s very expensive, it’s enough to deceive you. Alright. Since you’re so stupid, there’s not much point in having you live in this world. Why don’t I shoot you…”


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