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(The Ones Who Dare Challenge Them)

Lin Che looked at Wu Yufei. “Alright, don’t panic. Tell me slowly, what happened exactly.”

Wu Yufei cried and looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che pulled her to a nearby coffeehouse to talk things through.

With the people out of the picture, Wu Yufei filled her in as she went into tears.

Lin Che had seen the news about Wu Yufei and was puzzled why Glorious Star did not do any public relations.

She did not imagine that Glorious Star would seal off someone’s fate, forcing someone out just like that.

Wu Yufei sobbed. “From the start, I didn’t want the company to use me against you. At that time, Sister Che was already a popular movie star. I was only a newcomer but the company said that I had to do it for my own development. I was a newcomer and had no say. Whatever image I had was determined by them. I could only listen and watch. I would get scolded when I said anything wrong at interviews.”

Lin Che naturally knew about situations like this. In the entertainment industry, there were countless situations like this.

Wu Yufei was just one of the examples.

For the sake of shaping an artist’s image, a star-making company would treat it like creating a doll. They would cover an artist’s true character and add on a new one for him or her.

The created person must then go according to the company’s script, with no room for errors.

For example, an artist could be very humorous and talkative by nature but the company would want him to portray a proud and cold image. A down to earth girl could be modeled into a goddess, with no room for her real character to be revealed.

Wu Yufei said, “I was very worried but for fame, I didn’t dare to say anything to the company. All these years, I’ve been depressed. There’s no way I can be compared with you but the company doesn’t listen to me at all. Now that it’s done, I’m no longer useful and they want to throw me aside. I got into a car accident this time and yes, I deserve it. However, the company is using this as a chance to break my contract and even wants me to compensate for their losses. They just want to squeeze out every chance to make use of me and even want to take all the money that I’ve worked so hard for. They’re really bloodsuckers, using this car accident as an opportunity, saying that I broke the contract first. I’m really disgruntled. I’ve let them make use of me for so many years and now, I get kicked aside like a worthless item. They haven’t lost anything. Based on what? Glorious Star is treating us artists as what? Not humans?”

Lin Che looked at Wu Yufei who was in front of her.

Wu Yufei said, “Glorious Star is very shady. As long as you help me, I can tell you. They’re especially shady. They’re the shadiest people in all these years. Really, you don’t even know. The exposé about you and Mr. Gu this time was all Liang Shan’s doing.

Lin Che looked at her. “I already know all this. That’s for sure. Wu Yufei, I haven’t even had a conversation with you all this while. Why did you think of looking for me?”

Wu Yufei lowered her head to say, “Because… I know that you guys and Glorious Star have been at loggerheads. Moreover, in the industry now, other than you, there isn’t anyone else who has the ability to deal with Glorious Star. Also, Sister Che, I think you’ve always been a saver. You’ve saved many people. I think you’re the only one who can help me. If you can’t even do it, then I can only watch myself get ruined by Glorious Star while they get my hard-earned money. They just treat us as tools…”

Lin Che sighed and looked at her.

Under such strong pressure in the entertainment industry, countless artists’ tempers had gotten worse as their agency pressured them as well. Simply because, the image that the company had created for them was too good, too clean and these ignited the rebel in the artists. For some artists, like Wu Yufei herself, they started out as obedient as they wanted to be famous. From having nothing to being spotted by the company and leaping into stardom felt like an overnight success. It made them feel more stressed as they were not mentally prepared but have become stars. If the image created was too big a difference from their real selves, it would only cause their temperament to change even more.

Lin Che said, “Alright, you head on home first. I need to think about this.”

Wu Yufei seemed like she was holding onto the last life-saving straw as she looked at her. “I only hope to get revenge on Glorious Star. I can give up on everything else.”

Lin Che watched Wu Yufei leave and then called Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin said, “It’s despicable of Liang Shan to have done this. Wu Yufei can be said to be ruined by him. But now that he’s ruined her, he wants to find an excuse to get rid of her. He can’t even control her anymore and he doesn’t want another company to poach her. Sigh.”

“So how now?”

“Wu Yufei made a big mistake but she’s really a typical example of an artist being made use of by the entertainment industry. I don’t want to see Liang Shan get his way again. It’s maddening. This Glorious Star has been against us for so many years. I’ve not been happy seeing Liang Shan since the early days.”

“So you want to help Wu Yufei?”

“Since she’s come to our side to beg us, I do want to help in this favor.” Yu Minmin said. “I’ll get Public Relations to pay attention to it.”

“That’s good.” Yu Minmin was better at handling this part of the matter.

Before Yu Minmin hung up, she smiled cheekily and said to Lin Che, “Oh yes, you two, husband and wife, showed your absolute power tonight. News of your appearance is all over the Internet.”


This was Gu Jingze’s doing, it had nothing to do with her.

Yu Minmin hung up with a smile and started getting into action.

Public Relations in Lin Che’s company was getting a bigger reputation in the industry. With all these years of experience, they only got better at handling situations and set a good example for the industry.

Just then, she saw that unpleasant things about Wu Yufei surfaced everywhere. She shook her head. Liang Shan was indeed harsh.

However, it could not be helped.

Yu Minmin helped Wu Yufei to play the pitiful card.

She got the marketing department to look at the cause of Wu Yufei’s accident. It was because she found out that she was abandoned by the company. In a trance, she got into an accident, discovering that the company was going to get rid of her immediately.

Then, this unspoken rule about the entertainment industry was also published.

So that everyone could see that there were countless celebrities who got defamed, buried, and betrayed by the company.

Wu Yufei was just one of the many.

And she definitely would not be the last.

Over that side, when Liang Shan saw that the marketing was starting to help clear the road for Wu Yufei, he immediately wondered if there was someone secretly helping her.

At this time, Glorious Star was already an outstanding player in the industry. There were not many who would dare to go against them.

No, there was one.

The one who had always been unbeatable was Lin Che’s studio.

As their studio did not seem to have any examples of failure and that they could always revive from danger, their status seemed to become higher and higher with all the years of being independent. In today’s entertainment industry, if there was anyone who dared to go against Glorious Star, it could only be Lin Che.

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