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( An Abandoned Celebrity)

However, it was true that everyone found it surprising that Lin Che was actually Lu Beichen’s younger sister.

At the same time, she was also Black Eagle’s younger sister?

Then, what was their relationship actually like?

Moreover, seeing that even the DNA reports had been released, there was no way they couldn’t believe this. This must be true.

There were too many things going on in influential families, and many people were thrown into disarray.

When Wu Yufei read these on her computer, she was confused.

She put her hands on the keyboard, thinking of what else she could say to curse Lin Che. However, at this moment…

The door was suddenly opened.

When Liang Shan saw Wu Yufei in front of her computer, he was stunned for a moment before he was struck with a realization. He walked up to Wu Yufei. “You’re the one who did it. Wu Yufei, you’re really a fool. You’re picking these fights and letting Lin Che gain more attention. How can you be so stupid? Had all the artist training given to you back then all gone to waste? These things should all be left to the public relations to check on the best timing for release before sending out. You’re really too stupid to send them out carelessly. Look at the situation you’ve created.”

“That’s enough. I don’t want you to care about me. This is my private time and my private matter. It has nothing to do with the company.” Wu Yufei opened the door and walked out.

Liang Shan looked at her with a displeased expression. “Wu Yufei, come back here. If you dare to walk out, then the company won’t care about anything related to you in the future.”

“Heh.” Wu Yufei turned and gave a spiteful glance. Then, she continued to open the door, get in her car, and drive out.

She felt anxious during the drive as she thought of Lin Che, her company, and other people’s gazes.

She thought of how people were still comparing the two of them every now and then, but now, the comparisons were no longer actual comparisons. They were just attacks toward Wu Yufei.

Some people were saying that in the past, Wu Yufei was seen as the next Lin Che, but now, Lin Che wasn’t an existence that ordinary people would be able to compare against. Wu Yufei was still a far cry in comparison.

Some people said this, “Wu Yufei’s company was still saying that Wu Yufei definitely had greater comparison than Lin Che, and had won the prize for the Best Female Lead. However, it was a prize that Lin Che couldn’t be bothered with. Lin Che was someone who had won the Gold Medal Award before, so why would she care about this Best Female Lead award?”

Wu Yufei knew that all the boasting they had made in the past were now all slaps given to her in the face.

Her hands that were grabbing onto the steering wheel tightened. She narrowed her eyes and looked to the front, but suddenly heard someone shouting out loudly, “Ahh, there’s a car coming! Quickly dodge!”

Things happened very quickly, but it was too late to take any action.

At the scene of the car accident, a pregnant lady fell to the floor, with blood all over the ground.

Wu Yufei, who got off from the Porsche, was dumbstruck when she saw the scene on the floor.

It was until someone shouted, “Ahh! The driver is Wu Yufei!”

Only then was Wu Yufei struck with the realization that she had crashed her car into someone. Moreover, this was a public area, and everyone had brought out their phones and started taking pictures.

Wu Yufei was driven with rage as she looked at how everyone seemed to be watching a show. She turned and said, “What are you taking photos of? You haven’t seen anything like this before?”

At this moment, the pregnant lady’s family member rushed over. “Ahhh, our child. You, you, you… pay with your life!”

That person was probably the pregnant lady’s mother-in-law. She came charging over, grabbing onto Wu Yufei and shaking her vigorously.

Wu Yufei felt even more impatient. She looked at the woman and then pushed her away. She said, “Where did this shrew come from? How dare you touch me? Take away your dirty hands. You’re clearly a village woman. Want me to pay with my life? I just knocked down someone. I won’t have to do that. Hmph.”

After the woman was pushed away, she quickly went over to help the pregnant lady up. “How is it? How is it? How is the child?”

Other passersby said reprovingly, “Someone has called for the ambulance. That’s enough. Why are you asking about the child at this timing? With there being so much blood, it’s already a good thing if the adult is fine.”

“Ahhh, so much blood. My grandchild, oh my god, you must pay with your life, pay with your life.”

The woman broke down in tears on the ground.

At this moment, the ambulance and the police arrived.

Seeing that it was Wu Yufei, they were stunned for a moment.

A police officer asked, “What’s going on? Let’s head to the hospital first and take whatever checkups necessary. This is a traffic junction. Move everything that should be moved away.”

Wu Yufei looked at the police and then picked up her phone. “I want to call my insurance company and lawyer. Hold on.”

The police said, “Alright, alright, do as you wish. But the checkup must still be done. Come along, we’ll do a blood test and see if you were drink driving.”

The pregnant lady had been brought off, and it wasn’t long before Wu Yufei was also brought to the hospital by the police.

When the older woman heard that Wu Yufei was a well-known celebrity, everyone started to persuade her. They said that there was no way that the child was going to be safe, and the adult was still in the emergency room. Since this person was a celebrity, then the woman should ask for more money.

At the thought of this, she quickly came over. Seeing that Wu Yufei was having her blood drawn, she said, “My grandchild likely can’t be saved. You must pay with your life.”

Wu Yufei looked at her arrogantly, “Heh, you want me to pay with my life? That’s probably impossible.”

“Heh, it’s right and proper to pay with your life when you kill someone. Otherwise, give me monetary compensation. You’re so famous, so if this matter blows up, nothing will happen to me, but it’d be over for you. Hmph.”

Wu Yufei couldn’t be bothered with her. She picked up a cigarette and lit it. “You can tell this to my company when the representative comes.”

The doctor frowned when he saw this. He said, “Smoking isn’t allowed here, it isn’t allowed. Put it out.”

At this moment, her company already got news of this but didn’t send anyone over despite very long.

Wu Yufei waited for very long, and even the police were starting to urge her. “That’s enough. Are you leaving or not? Come on, it’s time to go to the police station.”

“That won’t do. I have to wait for my company’s representative to come.”

“What company? There’s no one coming for you, and your lawyer didn’t come either. Come with us and explain everything. Don’t stay here and affect the hospital from curing people and saving lives.”

Wu Yufei said, “Hey, you know who I am, right? The influence of my matter isn’t comparable to an ordinary citizen. Do you know how great my influence is? If you don’t, don’t be shooting off recklessly.”

The police let out a snort and said, “I don’t care who you are. Even if you’re a celebrity, you’ll still have to abide by the law. Take her away.”

“You… You guys, let go of me… let go.”

The police had wanted to give this case special treatment since she was a celebrity. However, Wu Yufei’s attitude was too arrogant and detestable. She seemed as if she looked down on other people from a high position as if celebrities were superior to ordinary people. It put people off and thus, they intentionally treater her more harshly.

The moment they went out, Wu Yufei’s vision turned black. Many reporters were watching there, and all the cameras pointed toward her.

“Wu Yufei, is it true that you’ve knocked over and killed a pregnant lady?”

“Wu Yufei, were you drinking and driving?”

“Is it true that you scolded the injured victim?”

Wu Yufei’s head was about to explode. She could only quickly enter the police car under the policemen’s protection.

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