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 Season 14

Episode 98

(Lin Che Is My Younger Sister)

After going back, Wu Yufei continued to browse the Internet. News of Lin Che was everywhere. Everyone was envious of her life, and there were even those who felt that women should be like Lin Che. She must have saved the galaxy in her previous life.

Wu Yufei let out a cold snort and posted something. “Lin Che——using marriage to realize all of life’s values.”

The post said that it seemed that there wasn’t a need for women to strive to work hard. See what Lin Che had managed to get from her marriage. Her life changed completely and she rose to become a phoenix. People like Mr. President, the Lu family’s young master, and Gu Jingyu had all become a part of her social circle. All of these were because she had married into a good family. Look at how Lin Che never made public how she got to know Gu Jingze. Who knew what method she had used to seduce him?

The post also did a comparison between Gu Jingze and Lin Che’s family background.

News that Lin Che was the Lin family’s illegitimate daughter had been posted. What status did the Lin family have? What status did Gu Jingze have? This comparison made many people found this surprising, feeling that Lin Che was too amazing to be able to seduce Gu Jingze. This was definitely a theatrical turnaround where Cinderella was suddenly transformed into a princess.

Lin Che read the news on the Internet. “What is this?”

Yu Minmin said, “Ignore them. Your television series will be going on air soon. You’re better off doing your own thing and not care about these imaginative stories on the Internet.”

Lin Che nodded. The editing for the television series ‘Dirty Celestial’ that she had shot together with Gu Jingze had been completed recently. They could move on to the publicity phase next. Several television stations had come to ask to purchase the rights to broadcast it. Panda Station also came and asked about it, but after the unpleasant cooperation with them the other time, Lin Che wasn’t planning on giving them rights to air the television series. Therefore, she found an excuse to reject them.

Lin Che threw a glance at the Internet pages and didn’t say anything else.

That afternoon, Lin Che went with other members of the production team to take part in a publicity event.

Ou Lie went along, and when asked how he felt about working with Lin Che, he quickly curried up to her and said, “Sister Che takes her job very seriously. Moreover, every single one of her television series had been produced well. I think that this is very important. It let me widened my knowledge about how a good television series is produced.”

“Then do you guys know that Gu Jingze was part of the production crew when working together?”

Thinking of how that person was actually Gu Jingze, Ou Lie felt anxious.

He also felt a little pity. He had worked together with Gu Jingze on the same drama, but why didn’t he know about it then? To think that they hadn’t talked to each other people and he would always feel stifled at the sight of him.

If he knew that this person was Gu Jingze, he would have gone to curry up to him.

It was a pity. Such a pity.

Ou Lie was still trying hard to give flatteries when someone outside suddenly said, “Gu Jingze had just posted a long Weibo post.”

All the people present quickly opened their Weibo to check it.

They saw that Gu Jingze had written this on his Weibo account, “My story with Lin Che started from an expected event. The interaction we had on our first encounter had been strange, but after being with her for a long time, we went through a lot of difficulties together that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to imagine. Only then did we really got together. Lin Che is the most precious person that I’ve met in my life, and she is my wife, someone who I’ll definitely protect. I have my principles in everything I do, but with her, I don’t care about my principles. I only care about her. Therefore, if anyone still wishes to challenge my limits, please continue.”

This domineering post gave others a great impact.

If anyone else asked others to challenge their limits, other people would find it funny. However, with Gu Jingze, this was clearly a blatant threat that just the thought of it would be scary.

“It must be because there’s been a lot of people talking about Lin Che recently and Gu Jingze isn’t happy about it.”

“He’s really protective of his wife.”

Everyone was still talking about this when the defamers immediately started to attack Lin Che.

“See that? She still has to rely on Gu Jingze to step out while she doesn’t dare to rebut at all. It’s all because she isn’t confident enough to give any rebuttal. In the end, a wild chicken will remain a wild chicken, unable to become a phoenix even if it flies up to a tree branch.”

An unexpected situation took place once again.

The Lu family’s First Young Master suddenly released a video clip.

“I want to know who is talking rubbish about Lin Che’s family background. Lin Che is the young miss from our Lu family. Does no one know about this? I, Lu Beichen, am Lin Che’s blood-related brother. Although she has always kept a low profile and never told this to others, people were still not allowed to bark mindlessly, treating someone’s low-profile as a defaming point. Seriously, are statuses and family backgrounds really that important in a marriage between two people? Isn’t the idea that two people who wish to get married to be together for their entire lifetime the most important aspect? How do these people’s brains work to be thinking that there’s a problem just because a couple’s statuses are different? Which generation are you guys living in?”

Lu Beichen was a straightforward person. As a domineering character in B City, he always went straight to the point with his words.

When everyone saw this, they felt surprised. However, Lu Beichen immediately posted a DNA report below.

When the defamers saw these, they were unable to say anything in rebuttal.

They wanted to ask if Lu Beichen was purposely trying to clear Lin Che’s name.

However, who would lie by claiming that someone was their blood-related younger sister? Moreover, the person in question was Lu Beichen.

Black Eagle took a look and immediately stepped out to give a rebuttal. He didn’t have a Weibo account and thus, posted a series of curses on Twitter.

“Who says that Lin Che is his younger sister? LIn Che is my younger sister!”

His words brought forth a great commotion.After seeing this, Lu Beichen immediately rebutted, “Mr. Mo, you’re also a member of our Lu family. Whether you admit it or not, you are a member of our family.”

Black Eagle replied, “Haha, my surname is Mo. Lin Che doesn’t take the Lu family’s surname either. Who cares for your Lu family?”

Lu Beichen replied, “Alright, alright, alright. You know who your father is. It’s impossible to change one’s blood relations. You can change your name, and even your gender, but you won’t be able to change your blood connections. Even if you’ve changed all the blood in your body, you won’t be able to change the genes in your bones. If you aren’t happy with this, then go back and be reborn.”

These two domineering characters started lashing out at each other. Everyone else could only watch from the side, not daring to join in the fight.

Although the two of them seemed as if they were lashing out at each other, it seemed too much like a child’s play.

A netizen said, “The way they scold and lash out at each other is really just a child’s play. A real one should be how Gu Jingze deals with his business opponents, wiping out the other party without having to say anything. Understand? Therefore, fellow netizens, you can stop your lashing. The two of them are lashing out at each other because they are blood brothers. No matter how much they lash out at each other, it is impossible to cut off the ties between them. If you were to do the same… be careful of getting targeted.”

The others felt that what this person said was right. These two people weren’t really in a fight, nor did they want to be in one. That was why they were just lashing out at each other online. One of them was the young master from the Lu family while the other was a boss from the other side of the law. If they got into a fight, things would have been blown out of proportion.

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