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(Gu Jingyan You’re Really Like A Princess)

Fu Chenxi looked at her and asked shyly, “I… Do I really have to go? I’m a little worried…”

What are you worried about? Just take it that you’re going for fun.”

“Are you going?” Fu Chenxi looked at Gu Jingyan.

Gu Jingyan said, “I don’t want to. I think my family was invited, but they didn’t state that it’s a must for us to go. I have more class on that day. You guys should go have fun. I won’t disturb you guys.”

Fu Chenxi felt happy.

She actually felt that it was even better if Gu Jingyan did not go.

Because she always felt that when Gu Jingyan was around, she seemed to never have room to talk.

She wouldn’t even be noticed if she stood there because all the attention would always be captured by Gu Jingyan.

That was the Lu family’s banquet and she was going over as Lu Beichen’s girlfriend. Perhaps there would be some difference somehow.

Just as Gu Jingyan finished speaking, Boss Xu objected.

“Don’t be like that. What’s the point of us going if you’re not? Come on. Don’t care whose party it is. Let’s all go and have fun.”

“But I really have extra class.”

“You’re already excelling in your studies. Why do you still have extra class?”

Gu Jingyan said, “That’s different. I have higher expectations for myself. There’s a math competition during the school holidays next month and I’m preparing to take part in it.”


“Sigh. So scary. The top student is so hardworking.”

“What’s the point of us working hard, then?”

“Exactly. Nevermind, it’s her loss. We’ll attend the banquet ourselves.”

Fu Chenxi heaved a sigh of relief. Somehow, she felt that she would be very happy if Gu Jingyan wasn’t going.

Was she being good or bad?

But she couldn’t help feeling that way.

She followed Gu Jingyan back to her house.

It was in the afternoon and it was busy in the house. Gu Jingyan instructed the attendants not to come over.

Fu Chenxi watched the line of attendants file out. She said to Gu Jingyan, “You have so many maids… I think you’re really like a princess.”

Gu Jingyan looked and said, “If you really have this many maids, you’ll know how annoying it is. They meddle in every single thing. They even want to follow you to the bathroom to check on your stools and see if you’re healthy or not.”

Fu Chenxi said, “That’s because they care about you. They’re dedicated.”

“Sigh. Anyway, it’s very troublesome sometimes. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s go look at the clothes.”

Gu Jingyan did not like complaining too much to others. They wouldn’t get it anyway.

She had been under these eyes for too long. Sometimes, she felt that she didn’t have any privacy at all.

However, she was not hypocritical. Sometimes, being looked after had its benefits. For example, she never had to tidy her room. She was actually rather lazy, so with the maids helping, she didn’t have to bother with it herself.

They quickly entered Gu Jingyan’s cloakroom.

It was a huge room with rows and rows of the latest clothes from this year.

There were all kinds of styles. The brands were also all major international brands.

Gu Jingyan scanned across and looked for things that would suit Fu Chenxi.

Fu Chenxi said, “You have so many clothes.”

Gu Jingyan said, “Yes. Sometimes when new products are released every season, these brands would send a few sets over to us. Brands love to get these socialites to help promote them. It’s like if a great socialite wears the clothes, it will elevate the brand to a higher status. But they really make a loss every time they give me clothes because I rarely attend these events, unlike other socialites. They are really impressive, like Lu Beichen’s sister. I’m not sure if you’ve met her, but she’s the capital’s top socialite.”

“Ah, really… I’ve never heard that from Lu Beichen.”

“She’s not much younger than us, but she’s more fond of these. She doesn’t attend normal high school like us either. She’s in an international school, so she doesn’t interact much with us.”

Fu Chenxi looked at her. “I feel like I don’t know Lu Beichen as well as you do…”

Gu Jingyan smiled. “You will. It’s just a matter of time.”

Fu Chenxi really felt that she did not know as much as Gu Jingyan.

Furthermore, they usually had more to talk about. When Fu Chenxi was with Lu Beichen, they didn’t talk as much. He didn’t like talking about himself either.

For example, she didn’t even know that Lu Beichen had a sister until today.

Gu Jingyan picked out some clothes for Fu Chenxi.

Every piece looked good on her.

Fu Chenxi really felt that these high fashion clothes looked so good when worn.

Gu Jingyan had better taste than Lu Beichen. Thus, the clothes she chose for Fu Chenxi suited her better than the ones Lu Beichen helped her pick out before.

Gu Jingyan was very satisfied. She took a few sets and said, “Take these back. You can take your pick.”

“Ah, you’re giving all these to me?”

“Yeah. I won’t wear them anyway and if they’re kept in the house for too long, the caretaker would give them away. I’d rather give them to someone I know.”

Fu Chenxi looked gratefully at her, holding onto the clothes like treasure.

She really envied Gu Jingyan. The clothes that she could only dream of having were like bargained goods here.

Fu Chenxi said, “Thank you, Jingyan.”

“Don’t mention it. You didn’t get to celebrate your birthday because of me that day. I’m making up for it.”

“There’s really no need to…” Fu Chenxi felt a little bad that she even said this on purpose. “It’s only right that we came to your rescue. We’re your friends.”

Gu Jingyan smiled. “Yes, we are friends.”

That day arrived quickly. Sure enough, Gu Jingyan went for her extra class while Fu Chenxi went to the Lu family’s banquet.

Gu Jingyan’s extra class was actually in the day while the banquet only started at night. But Gu Jingyan did not want to go. She did not really like attending these events. She’d rather stay at home to read.

However, just as class started, Boss Xu called her.

“Jingyan, it’s so lonely without you.”

“Go to hell.”

“Jingyan, I’m serious. Come over. If you don’t come, there’s nothing much for us to talk with Beichen.”

“Please. Am I really that useful?”

“Of course. You guys would always bicker and it’s fun for us. But now, you’re not around and Lu Beichen is so much quieter. Fu Chenxi also has nothing in common with us to talk about. Little Q and I are too lonely here.”

Did she normally have so much to talk about with Lu Beichen?

Gu Jingyan did not feel that way. But hearing him say that, she recalled that they did bicker more easily. Perhaps it was because Lu Beichen’s mouth was too shrewd and he always poked fun at her. She would inevitably bite back, so of course, they would bicker.

Gu Jingyan said, “Alright alright. I’m in class.”

She hung up. Boss Xu looked at Little Q. “She likes studying too much. She’s not coming.”

“That won’t do. Let’s go find her.”

“Alright then.”

The two of them drove off to the tuition center.

They stood unabashedly at the door, whistling to Gu Jingyan who was inside.


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