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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 9❤❤

Landon's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Dude you quit your job?!!'..Digger exclaimed as I packed my stuff into the cardboard box..

‘That is pretty much obvious but since you asked then...yes I quit my job'..I replied and he shook his head..

‘You should've—

‘You saw the way she acted towards me Digger!! I can't work in an hostile environment and you know it!! She is the most arrogant and butter person I have ever met so please cry me a river but I quit!!'..I snapped and he sighed deeply..

‘I totally understand you man,I totally do understand you but what...what is your next plan??'.

‘Ohh you should know me by now that I always have a plan B,well Cole and Baker industry have been vying for me to work for them as a marketing manager so...'..I replied with a smile on my face and we both waked out of the office..

‘You deserve a proper send-off Mr Landon'..Jeremy,the security guard dubbed his hat at me..

‘I am never getting a proper send-off Jeremy,I'll miss you though'..I chuckled and left the office...

Let me see how miss Arrogant would handle things without a manager...

Nancy's POV ♥️

‘Is anything wrong??'..Dad asked as I barged into the house angrily..

‘Seriously Dad?!! Everything is wrong in that office of yours and oh..Your dumb assistant manager quit!!'..I yelled..

‘Wait!! Landon quit?! Why and how?!'..He stood up and I knew the gravity of what it meant to him.

‘Well I guess I was a little too hostile towards him and he couldn't bear it anymore,God I need a drink'..I walked away..

Minutes later after having a cold shower to cool down my temper,I proceeded to go downstairs but paused at the sound of his argument with Mom..

‘Give her time sweetie'..Mom whispered..

‘Time?? Miranda you were the one who wanted me to step down because you wanted our daughter to handle the business and most importantly spend time with you!! But I have gotten complaints upon complaints from the staff'..He said and I rested more to listen..

‘But the company is doing well isn't it?'.

‘Yeah but it's all thanks to Landon,you know I felt guilty when I saw the look in the boy's eyes when I gave Anthony the promotion and not him....He didn't know that I was planning on making him the head of the branch in Oakland'..He added and I gasped..

So this was his plan all along?!!.

‘Well all you have to do is make Nancy understand'..

‘How should I make her understand?? She made him quit and for Landon to quit on something that means his buttons were pushed very hard,how do I make her understand that Landon is the reason we still have everything??'..


Why didn't they tell me all this before??..

I guess I have to fix it somehow..

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