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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 7❤❤

Landon's POV ♥️

I backed off as quickly as possible and drove off leaving her alone on the road..

I have never met someone as arrogant as her which is very funny because the last time we met she was super nice and very sweet towards me...

Now this person in the office is a total monster in perfect skin and red lipstick..

‘Whoa you don't look so good'..Digger noted as I walked in on him watching a movie inside my house..

‘Of course I don't look so good,work sucks nowadays'..I replied and slumped on the couch..

‘Why??'..He asked..

‘Remember that beautiful lady I met two weeks ago?? The one I got drunk with and had sex??'..


‘Well so it happens,she's the new boss'..

‘Ohhh crap!!'..

‘Yes crap and she acted like she doesn't even know me!! can you imagine that she had them move my office to the ground floor with all the other dumb interns because she claims not to like working in the same environment with dumb people!! Do I look dumb to you?!'..I blurted out my frustration and there was confusion plastered all over his face .

‘You know what you need??'..He asked..

‘I don't need a drink I just need to speak with Mr Daniel,his daughter needs to chill and that's all'..I replied.

The Next Morning ⛅
I walked into the office without the regular smile on my face that everyone loves but instead with a deadly frown..

‘Yikes someone is in a bad mood'..

‘Of course he's in a bad mood he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from a newbie boss'..

‘Yeah, without Mr Landon this company would've been dead beat by now and he wasn't even promoted to General Manager'..

The gossip filled the whole building but I ignored everything and shut the door behind me only for Nancy to be in my office..

‘What are you doing here??'..I asked sharply..

‘You're late Landon,I don't tolerate lack of punctuality'..she replied and I scoffed..

‘I am only a minute late and please can we not do this today?? I am very tired and the last thing I need is your bossy bitching wrapped around me'..

‘Did you just call me a bitch??!'..

‘No I didn't,I said you're bitching and there's a difference so please move out of my way Miss arrogant who used me and now acts like she doesn't even know me but why am I not surprised??! Women are all the same!'..

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