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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 16❤❤

Nancy's POV cont'd ♥️

We finally got to the hotel and to my own dismay Mike was already outside waiting for my arrival and to welcome me of course..

‘I can't...I can't do this'..I panted heavily..

I mean I thought I could do this but didn't mentally prepare myself for the whole scenario..

I haven't seen the both of them in two years and now I have to act happy in front of them..

‘You got this girl'..Landon said and covered my hand with his which surprisingly made me calmer than usual..

‘Nancy!! Oh my God!'..Mike hugged me as I came out of the car and I faked a smile..

‘Good to see you Mike.This is Landon,Landon Kirby my fiance'..I introduced him to Landon who was ten times more handsome and sexier than him and I noticed the tension rising..

‘You must be Mike,baby he's kinda shorter than what you described'..Landon replied and we both chuckled loudly...

‘Pardon his manners,he jokes a lot'..I said to Mike but deep down I so loved Landon's comeback..

Take that Mike!!..


‘Nancy??'..Irene,my backstabbing best friend walked in on us and I noticed how taken aback she was to see me....

‘Irene,it's so good to see you'...I forced a smile and instead of hugging her I shook her hand instead and purposefully made sure she saw the giant rock in my finger..

‘Oh my God is this yo—

‘Yeah,Landon and I are engaged and he has a bad habit of buying things like this'..I helped her by bragging a little but much to Mike's discomfort..

‘A special diamond for my special diamond'..Landon remarked and kissed me on the cheek..

I could see the pure jealousy in her eyes when she took a good look at him..

I mean who wouldn't be jealous??..

An extremely handsome husband..

A Ferrari..

A huge rock in my finger and very romantic remarks..

And Landon just keeps making everything better and better..

‘Babe??'..He called..

‘Yes??'..I turned around..

‘Can you please call Carl?? Tell him I want the private jet ready to pick us both up after the wedding is over,I don't want to be late for meeting with Jennifer Lopez'..He said and I nodded..

‘He knows J-Lo??'..Irene blinked and I nodded..

‘They are business associates but it's not a big deal anyway'..

‘Not a big deal?? Oh my God you're so lucky Nancy'..

Ohh she has no idea..

She has no idea how lucky I am to have Landon come with me..



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