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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 15❤❤

Nancy's POV Cont'd ♥️

The Next Morning ⛅
‘Nancy someone's here to see you'..Mom woke me up as she knocked on my door and I groaned loudly..

‘It's Sunday so who could possibly want to see me now??'..

‘Landon?? He's right in the living room'..She replied with a very annoying smile on her face and I jolted..

What is he...what is he doing here???..

And so early in the morning too??..

Landon's POV ♥️

‘Why are you here??'..Nancy asked with the usual frown on her face and I chuckled..

‘It's Friday'..

‘No it's's Sunday'..She argued and I showed her the date on my phone..

‘As you can's Friday and today is your ex's bachelor party'..I said and her brows perked up in confusion..

‘It is??'..

‘Yes it is silly and I have prepared everything'..I replied..

‘What about your girlfriend?? Does she know about this??'..She asked..

‘Lanie?? Ohh she's not my girlfriend and she has gone back to her home which isn't any of your business'..I muttered..

Why am I even doing this??..

What prompted me to do this??..

This woman has been a pain to me ever since I met her but something deep inside of me just wants to help her..

‘What's in it for you Landon,you didn't give me a definite answer before so I'm asking you again... What's in it for you??'..She asked and this time it was my turn to frown..

‘Sheesh you really do have a flair of not wanting to trust anybody but I don't blame you for it,people have hurt you but they have also hurt me too Nancy and even more than you know it so let's just get this over with shall we??'..

Nancy's POV ♥️

My stupid ex Mike was having in wedding in Miami and luckily it was a four hour drive from where I lived so Landon decided to drive..

‘You own this car??'..I asked in shock just staring at his red sport Ferrari..

‘Don't let my job tell you otherwise Miss Arrogant,when it comes to cars I'm a fanatic'..He replied and I scoffed..

‘My father has five of this so hold your high horse Landon'..

‘Hold my wh—

‘So what's the plan??'..I asked before we got into another argument..

The last thing I need is fighting with the one person who's willing to help me..

‘Well I'm driving you over to the hotel with my sports car and we're going to be wearing matching outfits..A friend of mine owns a jewelry store so she's going to lend us one of her most expensive rings for you to flaunt in your ex's front to give him that ‘Mine is richer than you' vibes...Trust me Nancy,the bastard won't know what hit him'..

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