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(Family practicing day (2)

It wasn't long before Andrew's eyes fell on Zen. When their gaze met, a small smile played on Zen's face. A month ago he beat Grey. Zen thought that Andrew would retaliate immediately. However, Andrew had bid his time quietly. Zen now knew why. Andrew had been waiting for Family Practicing Day. He had planned to choose Zen as his punchbag in the death match so that Andrew could beat him to death without raising anyone's suspicions.

To his surprise, Andrew did not pick Zen. Instead, he selected a sturdy man standing behind Zen.

A frown grew on Zen's face.

The Luo Clan had recently bought this sturdy middle-aged man. Although a condemned prisoner, he did not suffer any serious internal injuries. He looked strong and healthy. Zen guessed that he was at the flesh refining level.

Once Andrew had selected his target, the middle-aged man didn't hesitate. He jumped in to the arena. His eyes flashed with a primeval fierceness. In a death match, there were no escapes. Flinching could mean death for the punchbag.

Rather than passively awaiting destruction, it was better to fight with all of one's strength. That was the only way to increase the odds of survival for a punchbag.

There was not much etiquette involved in a fight to the death either.

The middle-aged man made a pre-emptive move in the arena. He rushed toward Andrew with all of his strength. Since he was quite well-built, the middle-aged man ran across the arena like a raging bull. The mysterious rock that made up the floor of the arena burst out with a 'boom' sound.

Andrew chuckled as a purple light condensed in his hand. His fingers clasped into an arch as he waited for his target. When the middle-aged man closed in on Andrew, he dodged and threw the light toward the rushing target. As Andrew stepped aside, the Purple Fist Strength hit the middle-aged man.


The impact of the Purple Fist Strength didn't show instantly. However, it was severe enough to stop the middle-aged man suddenly. He couldn't hit Andrew, so he turned around and prepared to rush him again.

Unaware that he had been injured, the man took a step. "Bang bang bang bang bang bang." Six dull bursts of sound came from his body. Blood began spraying out from six areas on the middle-aged man's body.

His eyes widened, and disbelief reflected on his face. When he opened his mouth to speak, there was only a gurgling sound. Gradually, his eyes dulled and he crashed to the ground.

It had taken Andrew only one punch to kill a sturdy, healthy man!

All the children watching the match burst into cheers. Even some of the onlookers began applauding.

In the midst of all this noise, no one noticed the handful of Luo children who looked indifferent.

Andrew, as the oldest son of the third branch, had a reputation. Everyone knew that he had been refining his body with all kinds of powerful pills since his childhood. They knew that was his secret to refine his body so quickly.

However, the progress could not be this fast. The only explanation was that Andrew had taken the second Magical Pill. Since Perrin had taken the first, this was the only remaining pill. And now, it had been consumed by Andrew.

Zen shook his head at the thought, and a bitter smile emerged on his face. His uncles had done the unthinkable. No one had dared to take these two Magical Pills in the Luo Clan for hundreds of years. After taking control of the family, his uncles had shared the pills.

When Zen first heard that Perrin had taken the pill, his fury came from his heart. But now, Zen felt calm at the revelation that Andrew had taken the last Magical Pill.

The pill was said to be powerful and effective. And the Luo Clan only had two of these pills. Now, there were none left.
Zen didn't feel as though he were at a disadvantage. While the Magical Pill had its effects, Zen's refinement process ensured that he could continue to clean his body. In result, the Magical Pill was not significant to Zen anymore. That didn't stop Zen from feeling disappointment at his uncles' behavior.
Just then, Grey's voice rang out, "The winner of the first death match is Master Andrew!"

Andrew flexed his wrist and shouted toward Grey who was standing on the high platform, "I am still warming up. I want to challenge one more person."

Grey was secretly delighted at the thought that the moment when Andrew would avenge him had finally arrived. He grinned and replied, "Master Andrew, you can choose another slave if you want the challenge."

Andrew turned to face the slaves. He pointed at the slaves randomly. As and when Andrew pointed at a target, that person's face paled. They had all witnessed Andrew's strength. The targets knew that there was no escaping death if Andrew picked them. Andrew's fingers were now like the sickle of death, the person who was chosen by him would go to see the King of Hell.

Finally, Andrew's eyes stayed fixed on Zen. He hooked his fingers and laughed, "You, come on!"

Everyone looked where Andrew was pointing. An audible gasp could be heard when they realized he was pointing at Zen!

A death match for a slave could only have one of two outcomes - either the target won, or he died trying.

Zen was considered a part of the Luo Clan, even after the rebellion. In these past two years that he had been relegated as a slave, none of the children had truly hurt him. They hadn't shown this kind of mercy and thoughtfulness toward the other punchbags, however.

But today, Andrew had selected Zen. This was beyond everyone's expectations. Some shook their heads in pity when they realized that Zen would probably die today.

"Finally, come!"

Zen didn't hesitate. Nor did he say anything. He simply walked out from where the slaves stood, climbed into the arena with no expression on his face. As he approached Andrew, Zen arched his hands and said, "Master Andrew, please."

"Cousin Zen, why are you being so polite?" Andrew replied as he squinted at Zen.



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