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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 6❤️⚔️⚒️

Ayran's POV ⚔️

Hours Later ♥️
‘Just make this very quick priest I don't have all day'..I grunted under my breath and the priest who had a knife behind his back finally said the last words..

‘I now declare you man and wife,you may now kiss the bride'..He said and i bursted into an hysterical laugh..

‘That won't be necessary priest,take my bride away boys'..I ordered my men and they took Lisandra away.

‘Why did you marry her in the first place?? You...You don't even love her!'..Laila cried out as I walked into my room..

‘And how is that your concern?? Since when has my decisions become yours to make??'..I frowned deeply and she started crying..

‘But...but you promised to—

‘Protect you and not bow to your will whenever I want to,I am clearly not in the mood for your tantrums Laila..We had few nights of bliss together but I am still your master and you're my mistress—Lisandra is my wife now and you have to live with it'..I interrupted her with a very low voice..

‘Why did you marry her??'..

‘i answered your question already'.

‘No you did not,do you like her??'..

‘Laila please lea...

‘Answer the bloody question Scorpion!! Do you like her!!'..

‘I don't like her!! I married her because I want her father to know that she's.mine now and she's never coming back to him are you happy now?!! Now get out of my sight and if you say a word again I'm going to make sure you join her in the cell!!'..

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