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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 5❤️⚔️⚒️

Ayran's POV ⚔️

‘I don't know what my father did to you but this is my promise to you that when he finds you he's going to rip you apart'...Lisandra said and I chuckled loudly..

‘You really think your father is going to give a hoot about you when he knows I have take you?? Have you heard of the Scorpion before dear lady??'..

‘Well I have heard of him'..She replied and i cut off her binds..

‘And what exactly have you heard??'..I asked and suddenly her eyes went dark..

‘He's a... he's a very skilled assassin that no one can catch'..She gulped hard and I drew out a dagger..

‘In few hours a woman would bring a wedding dress to you and you will change into it and look beautiful for me'..I whispered into her ear with the knife carefully placed on the nape of her neck..

‘I will never marry you'..She groaned and my hands skimmed over the cup of her breasts..

‘You don't really have a choice sweetheart'..

Lisandra's POV ⚒️

Mother was right..

I was just too quick to make a decision and now look at where it has brought me..

To an unknown place and now I'm about to be married to an assassin..

Ohhh Lisandra when will you ever learn??..

‘Master wants me to dress you up my lady'..A young lady of about my age murmured and when I turned around I couldn't help but notice the envy in her eyes..

‘You don't like me do you??'...I asked..

‘You don't belong here'..She replied and then it dawned on me..

She seems to have had an affair with Ayran or something and I could really use this to my advantage..

‘Well I don't want to be here,can you help me escape??'..I begged but she blatantly refused to..

‘He will kill me if I try to help you'..

‘He won't know it's you I promise,please help me I don't want to marry him'..I kept on begging and then Ayran walked in..

‘What is going on here??'..

‘Nothing!!'..I said aloud..

‘She wants to escape master,she told me to kill you'...The lady said and I gasped...

‘I never said that!! She's lying I never said that!!'..I protested but he just wouldn't listen to me..

Why on Earth would she just lie against me??..

‘Take her to the church and when I marry her throw her in the dungeon'..

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