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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 36❤️⚔️⚒️

Lisandra's POV cont'd ♥️

‘ love me?'..The shocking words just rolled out of my tongue as my limbs went numb..

He just said the I love you word!!..

He just said he loves me!!...

‘Yes I said I love you but you don't..

‘I love you too Ayran!! I love you too more than you know it!!'..I replied with tears in my eyes and our lips locked in a very passionate kiss..

His hands around my waist tightened and we drained the passion out of each other till we were both out of breath..

‘I have gotten a lot of time to think about it and honestly I feel more alive that I have ever been in years,I want to start a kingdom with you as my queen Lisandra'..He said and i nodded..

‘I will always be by your side Ayran,always and forever'..

‘Always and forever'..

We kissed each other again and very much predictable,he hung me up on his waist and took me into our room..

‘You are really insatiable Scorpion'..I chuckled loudly as he took of his shirt with his smile on his face .

‘I really am,I really really am'..

At Night 🌃
I woke up in his arms and turned around only for me to discover that it was already nighttime..

Oh God!!..

I was so engrossed in making love that I forgot about Julian!!..

I slipped on a light night dress and headed down the dungeon to check but he wasn't dear but two of Ayran's men were and they were on the ground dead in a pool of their own blood..

I rushed back upstairs and before I could call out for Ayran I felt a hand over my mouth..

‘What do you think you're doing Lisandra?!! You're in love with that assassin?? I watched the both of you made love and you enjoyed it?!'..He yelled softly while I forced myself to speak..

‘You betrayed me Lisandra!! I love you and since I can't have you then I am going to kill you'..He said..

‘No you're not going to kill her,step away lad'... Ayran came out of nowhere and dragged me away..

Oh someone is going to die today..

‘You can't beat me Scorpion,I am way much stronger than you know!!'..He yelled and Ayran smiled..

‘Lisandra go into your room,your husband has some little issue to sort out'..

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