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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 30❤️⚔️⚒️

Lisandra's POV ♥️

A week later ♥️
‘Mmmmmh Ayran you have morning patrol'..I murmured as my husband started kissing my body all over again..

‘A week ago you wanted me to stay and now you're pushing me away?? I'm hurt'..He chuckled and I cupped his face with my hands..

‘I don't have all day dear husband and besides it's the third time in a row we're doing this'..

‘Well four times a charm'..He kissed me slowly but I pushed him away...

‘You have to go now,your men are waiting'..

‘You have casted a spell on me you witch'..

‘Yeah I know I have and that's why I command you to go with your men'..I chuckled and kissed his forehead..

He slid into his clothes and the twinkle in his eyes made my heart skip a beat..

I guess I'm living in denial if I say I'm not in love with my husband..

I love him..

I have never experienced love but I have experienced lust and the love I feel for him is a wonderful feeling..

I love my assassin husband and I'm not afraid to say it out loud for the whole world to hear..

Ayran's POV ♥️

‘Let's head out'..I said to my men in a yawn and grabbed my sword..

‘It's the third time you have been late this week,last night only Caleb and I did the killing without any help from you'..Larus spoke up and I turned around sharply..

‘What did you say??'..

‘I am saying that you have become weak and unfit to lead us any longer,the league of assassins is filled with men of hardness and pride,you're going soft on her Scorpion'..He replied and I gripped onto my sword harder..

‘She's his wife Larus,what else do you expect??'..Another one chipped in.

‘Who cares?? She's the enemy's daughter and now she's his wife and bed warmer!! I see the way you look at her Scorpion and I see that you're in love with her!!'..He screamed but I just watched on silently..

‘I can't believe you would let a whore whip you into being what you are because of her tiny whole'..He added and everyone began backing off because they knew blood was going to spill..

‘What did you call her?!'.

‘I called her a wh*re SCORPION and that's what she—

He couldn't finish the statement as I slid open my sword and sliced his head off..

‘No one talks about her like that and when I mean no one I mean no one!!!'..

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