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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 3❤️⚔️⚒️

Lisandra's POV ⚔️

‘So what do you do for a living my Lord??'.. I asked Lord Ayran with a smile on my face and he smiled right back at me.

‘I deal in real estate but I'm not really into it,I prefer teaching the village kids how to play football and help the orphanage in anyway I can'..He said and I sighed deeply..

He's such a dreamy man..

I want to be his wife right now..

‘Do you like travelling my Lord??'..I asked again and tucked my hair behind my ear nervously and blinked lightly..

‘Of course I love travelling!! if you accept my request I promise to take you around the world and we'll explore'..He replied and almost felt on top of the world..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘He's the man I want mother!! He's handsome,he's rich,he's everything I want in a man mother'..I protested mother's approval of Lord Ayran..

‘He is a very strange man Lisandra!! He's a very strange man and you know how I feel about strange men!'..She said aloud and I just shook my head..

‘There is nothing strange about Lord Ayran mother,well it's up to me isn't it?? I'll agree to his proposal whether you like it or not!'..

‘Lisandra I know what I am saying! That man cannot be trusted!'..She cried out from behind me but I chose to ignore her tantrums instead and went back to Lord Ayran.

‘I accept your proposal my Lord,I will marry you'..The words just rolled out of my tongue and he bowed down.

‘Are you sure about this??'..

‘Yes I am very sure my Lord,you are a very likeable person,you're charming and there will be no greater joy than marrying you'.I replied and the next thing I knew a lot of men surrounded me..

‘You just made a terrible mistake Lisandra'..

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