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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 27❤️⚒️💋

Ayran's POV cont'd ♥️

A moan escaped her lips as I grinded her thighs hard against me and delved deeper into her intoxicating kiss..

‘I want you'..She moaned again and it was just too hard for me to resist her sexy voice..

‘What are you doing??'..I asked and immediately broke myself away from the deadly trance..

‘We're married Ayran,it doesn't mean anything'..She replied and I winced loudly..

Is she out of her mind for wanting to make love with me?!!.

Am I out of my mind for wanting to make love with her??!..

Gosh she's my enemy's daughter I can't just jump into bed with her??..

‘Go to your room Lisandra,I have to prepare'..I sent her away and the disapointing tears that streamed down her cheeks hooked onto me really bad..

Oh God Scorpion don't fall for this now??..

‘Good night'..She rasped and walked away..

The Next Morning 🌥
I sent the head of the target to my client and yawned loudly as I slumped on my bed ready to sleep..

Laila walked in shortly and started kissing me but I just wasn't really in the mood..

‘What are you doing??'..I asked..

‘Well I...

‘Laila I am very tired and I'm not in the mood for this now okay?? Please just go away for the moment I'll call you when I need you'..

‘But we haven't even touched ever since that witch came here!! She kissed your cheek yesterday and you don't see me complaining!!'..She cried out and walked away.


Always so problematic with everything...

Minutes later ♥️
‘Where's Lisandra??'..I asked one of my men and they pointed towards the courtyard..

My eyes darted over and a sense of fury engulfed me as I watched her laugh because of Caleb's joke..

I never realised until now how beautiful she really is..

She spotted me and turned away immediately like she was disgusted or something and I frowned deeply..


What is wrong with her??..

At Night 🌃
Through the whole day she avoided me until it was nighttime and I couldn't find her in the castle..

I walked over to the river which was behind the castle only for me to see her swimming in it..

Her wet hair just only made everything worse because with every drop going down her body a ripple was created in my throat..

‘What are you doing Lisandra??'..I asked and she turned around sharply..

’What do you mean?'...

‘Are you trying to seduce me??'..

‘Am I seducing you??'..

‘Yes you are and you're doing a great job at it so just stop alright?? Stop it!!'..

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