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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 26❤️⚔️⚒️

Ayran's POV ♥️

I watched on as Lisandra served every man on the dining table breakfast with a smile on her face and when she got to where I was she kissed my cheek..

What is wrong with this woman??..

First she kissed me on the lips this morning and now she's kissing my cheek??..

‘You never told me you and your wife and kissy-face now??'..Caleb whispered in a chuckle and I frowned deeply..

‘Well this morning I found her on my bed and she kissed me right in the mouth...And I enjoyed it!!'..

‘Well why don't you try to be happy for once,this hatred you have for her is clearly a lie you are willing to believe'..He muttered and I sighed deeply..

I ate my breakfast and one of my men brought a letter to my table..

It was a confirmation letter from one of my clients about killing a target in his way..

It's been so long I killed somebody and I'm itching to get back in business..

‘We leave at next dawn'..I said and got up from the chair..

‘Leave?? Where are you going??'..Lisandra asked..

‘Why should I tell you??'..I replied and she pouted her lips in an endearing way that wanted to make me grab her and kiss that taut mouth of hers..

Oh what is wrong with me?! 

Lisandra's POV ♥️

‘Now I don't know what you're doing princess and I don't know why you're still here but you're making a mistake by stepping on my toes'..Laila grabbed my arm and I yanked it away...

‘What is wrong with a wife trying to be romantic with her husband??'..

‘Don't test my patience Lisandra,you don't belong here'..She grunted and my brows perked up..

‘How should I prove it to you Laila??'..

‘Get him to put a baby in you'...

‘And what if I do??'..

‘Well then I'll leave but I know it's not possible so get ready Lisandra, you're going to be leaving soon'..

Ayran's POV ♥️

At Night 🌃
I walked into my room with my body all soaking wet from sparring with my men only for me to see a very beautiful feminine figure in the shadows..

‘Lisandra what are you doing here??'..I asked as my so called wife came out wearing a very skimpy red gown that clung onto her curves..

‘I...I want you Ayran'..She replied and I could feel the tension in me rising..

Self control Ayran..

‘Pl...Please leave Lisandra I don't want to hurt you'..I stuttered but she was just too relentless..

The next thing I knew my hands landed on her waist and I lowered my lips down to hers..

Well if I perish..

I perish..

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