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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 2❤️⚔️⚒️

Lisandra's POV ⚔️

Oh I totally forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Lisandra Rigde,the daughter of Duke Ridge and the future heir to his empire which of course I'm willing to carry all by myself..

‘Lisandra your first suitor is here!!'.. Mirian,my younger sister called up to me and I sighed deeply..

The least I can do is talk right??..

Who knows maybe some company isn't so bad after all??..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Trust me I've got a very big chateau and if you agree to marrying me there's more for you my beautiful Lisandra'..Duke Wellington bragged on and on but I just wasn't interested..

A man who brags endlessly about his possessions is nothing but pure trouble and I can't bear to live with him..

‘I'll think about it my Lord'..I managed to say and he walked away..

‘He smells like cold feet'..Mirian whispered and I bursted into a fit of laughter..

‘Behave yourself Andra, your next suitor has arrived'.. Mother scolded and i sighed deeply...

Someone just get me out of here..

Another few minutes later ♥️
‘I will take your proposal into consideration Earl Thompson'..I said trying to hide the disapproval in my voice as the very ego centric Earl bade me goodbye..

‘He's a jerk'..Mirian said again and I nodded..

‘There is no way I'm marrying someone like that mother!!'..I protested and mother smiled warmly..

‘Well your third suitor looks promising'..She said and when I looked outside a very handsome man walked towards the door..

‘Now that's what I'm talking about'..Mirian said and I quickly adjusted my composure on the chair I was sitting on..

‘Goodday my ladies,I am Lord Ayran of Whiteleaf county'..He introduce himself and kissed my hands which made me blush very hard..

This might not be so bad afterall..

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