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❤️(In love with my enemy's daughter)❤

❤️⚔️⚒️Episode 17❤️⚔️⚒️

Lord Ridge's POV ♥️

‘So you still aren't going to do anything right?? You're still not going to do anything about Lisandra?? Your own daughter??'..

‘What would you have me do huh?? I have—

‘You haven't done anything of the sort!! Ever since she was taken away you never did anything!! You couldn't even hire bounty hunters to help us look for our baby!!'..She started crying and I sighed deeply..

‘Is Andra dead father??'..Mirian asked as she leaned on the doorway..

‘No my love your sister is very much alive and well'..I replied with so much uncertainty in my voice which she was quick to notice...

‘Well if she isn't dead then find her!!'..

‘It's more complicated than that sw—

‘Everyone in the village thinks that Lisandra ran away with her lover or to get away from a scandal and you think it's complicated to find her?! I never thought of you as a weakling father!!'..

‘Mirian I won't take a second guessing to spanking the hell out of you!! I might be incapable of doing some things like finding your sister but don't you dare call me a —

‘Weakling?? Does the word terrify you father?? If you don't find my sister then I might run away to go find her myself!!'..

Ayran's POV ❤

‘You burnt a hundred plates worth of food because—

‘W...Well if you look at this from my perspective it's your fault because you knew right from the start that I couldn't cook but guess who decided...guess who decided to humiliate me??'..She cut in and I grabbed her arm,and twisted it..

‘Don't you ever talk to me that way Lisandra,I am your husband and also your lord so I demand a load of respect from you! If you can't give that to me then get ready to sleep with the dogs!!'..

‘Ahh you''re hurting me!! You're hurting my arm!!'..She cried out but I kept twisting her arm until I heard a crack...

‘Ayran uhhhh Scorpion I think her arm is broken'..Caleb chipped in as he seprated the both of us and I noticed how her wrist was limping..

Did I truly break her arm??..

Oh my I wasn't expecting to do that??...

‘Uhhh Laila help her please?? Please help her before something else happens??'..I ordered and Laila quickly rushed over..

‘Her arm is broken and she's unconscious,you took it too far Ayran—She is really hurt'.

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