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( Must Eliminate All the Students from Nan Hua Media University)

“Alright, alright, don’t get too angry.” The principal of the National Media University tried to calm both sides. “Lao Yang is not purposely looking down on Lu Man.”

“I am!” Principal Yang of the Nan Hua Media University did not accept the help to get out of the situation. “I just can’t stand her.”

“She doesn’t need you to hate on her!” Principal Liu said angrily. “Concern yourself first with your school’s students—don’t get eliminated in the first round.”

Principal Liu raised his chin up. “Lao Yang, I’m not directing my anger at a certain person in your school, I’m saying that all the people that came to participate in this competition from your school cannot compare to Lu Man!”

Principal Yang was extremely angry, and the principal of the National Media University just pressed his temple helplessly.

The students had yet to start fighting and the principals had already started to argue, was that alright?

“Alright, you’re the one who said that,” Principal Yang said angrily. “I want to see how far Lu Man can go!”

“I’ve said it!” Principal Liu left them behind and walked away angrily.

Principal Liu instantly went to find Lu Man.

He just happened to see Lu Man standing alone. Principal Liu went over and brought Lu Man towards a place with fewer people.

“Principal Liu?” Lu Man asked strangely.

Principal Liu’s face was still dark, and he was still angry. “That Principal of Nan Hua Media University looks down on you and I argued with him.”

Lu Man: “…”

“I already said those words, that his Nan Hua Media University’s students coming to participate in the competition this time around cannot compare to you. So you must live up to what I said and not lose!” Principal Liu said.

“…” Lu Man said, feeling speechless, “You helped me say those kinds of big words, what if I lose?”

“Don’t joke, how can you lose?” Principal Liu was anxious.

“…” Lu Man said helplessly, “Why is it that when I see how you treat me, I think you’re more confident in me that I am in myself? It’s really hard to predict things like losing and winning. I’m not confident enough to say that none of them can compare to me. I’ve never tried before, I can’t guarantee it. I’ve never felt that I’m the best, I’ve always remembered the phrase, ‘there will always be people better than you,’ to remind myself that I cannot be arrogant.”

“Hmph, I really should let the principal of Nan Hua Media University hear this.” Principal Liu pursed his lips. That Lao Yang, he did not have an attitude as good as Lu Man’s, who’s still such a young girl.

“I can only promise you that I’ll definitely do my best,” Lu Man said.

“Alright, that’s enough already,” Principal Liu nodded.

Lu Man did not dare to be too assured, but Principal Liu had a lot of confidence.

As long as Lu Man put in her best, she would definitely not lose.

With Lu Man’s acting skills, even when she was meeting the seniors in the entertainment industry, she had the talent to live up to them. It was no longer in the same range as that of the school’s students.

Lu Man herself had always kept a humble heart, but Principal Liu could see it very clearly. Lu Man could run circles around the other students in the school with her acting skills.

Her competition was never in the school.

Principal Liu believed that Lu Man could definitely win and participate in The Performer.

As to how she would perform meeting those famous artists, it was not easy to tell.

Lu Man was quite shocked. Principal Liu was being nice?

It was alright as long as she did her best?

But as soon as she thought that, Principal Liu continued, “But you must definitely get all the Nan Hua Media University students eliminated!”

Lu Man: “…”

The drawing of names began. Lu Man’s group did not have any students from the four big schools, but it just happened to have a student from Nan Hua Media University.

The students of the 23 schools went to the filming location and lined up based on the floor plan, then sat down.

The emcee began the opening ceremony of the competition, then invited Principal Liu of the National Film Academy and Principal Zhang of the National Drama Academy, as well as the representative of the Han Corporation and the Artist Department’s Manager Hao, to finish off the opening ceremony.


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