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( You Two Know Each Other?)

Right now, she could only hold on to He Zhengbai. Even if she did not actually believe him, she had to believe him.

And Lu Qi was backstage at present and did not know He Zhengbai was chasing Lu Man and following her out.

But it was a pity that he had not managed to leave the hall for long before he was stopped by two bodyguards.

“What are you guys doing?” He Zhengbai looked at the two well-built bodyguards. It was Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui.

The two men were wearing the same colored suit and standing in front of He Zhengbai. They gave a lot of pressure.

“You’re following Young Master Han. We are the ones who should ask, what do you want to do?” Zhou Cheng said, not being polite at all.

“Who’s following him? Could it be I can’t walk on the road he walked on?” He Zhengbai questioned angrily.

“You can walk on it,” Xu Hui said.

He Zhengbai instantly said, “Then why don’t you give way!”

“We’re clearing the scene right now. When Young Master Han has left, we will naturally give way.” Zhou Cheng smiled coldly. This boy had thrown away Lu Man before, and now he wanted to bother her?

If he went too far, they’d let him taste their fists!

“This is a school, not Han Zhuoli’s land. You guys are actually blocking the road? What right do you have to block the road?!” He Zhengbai said angrily.

“If you feel unsatisfied, you can tell your school leaders.” Xu Hui laughed coldly, looking at He Zhengbai mockingly.

Telling the school leaders?


Why would the school stop Han Zhuoli?

He Zhengbai held in his anger. From the time he was young until now, he had rarely met such times where he felt so wronged.

Whether it was about power or money, he could not compare in any way.

Even now when he was stopped by Han Zhuoli’s subordinates, he had no way out!

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were looking at He Zhengbai, not allowing him to follow Lu Man.

Lu Man had sent Han Zhuoli to where his car was parked at that moment, and Han Zhuoli pulled her into his embrace and lowered his head to kiss her lips. “Alright, go back now.”

“I’ll watch you leave before I return,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli’s two eyes curved. “What happened today? You can’t bear to part with me this much?”

Lu Man did not know why, but her current emotions were very strange.

Suddenly meeting him in school was both a surprise and something close to her heart, a kind of happiness she could not say out loud.

Han Zhuoli pressed her nose. “Then I’ll go now.”

Han Zhuoli got in the car with Zheng Tianming, and Lu Man kept watching as the car left before she turned around to return.

While returning to the hall, she happened to see He Zhengbai being stopped by two people.

Walking close to take a look, Lu Man was surprised. “Big Brother Zhou, Big Brother Xu!”

It had really been very long since she saw them.

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were both very happy. “Lu Man!”

Thinking about that time when they were in charge of Xia Qingwei’s safety in the hospital, it seemed to her like it had been a very long time.

At that time, they were still naive, not knowing Han Zhuoli’s feelings for Lu Man, and in the end, Han Zhuoli had snatched away a lot of the good food Lu Man made for them.

“I haven’t seen you two in a very long time. You followed over today?”

“Yes. There are many people in the school. We are in charge of Young Master Han’s safety,” Zhou Cheng said.

“You guys know each other?” He Zhengbai’s facial expression changed.

Why did it seem like Lu Man was very familiar with these two bodyguards?

Why was Lu Man so familiar with Han Zhuoli’s bodyguards?!

Only then did Lu Man glance at He Zhengbai. Xu Hui explained, “I saw this boy trying to follow you and Young Master Han just now so I stopped him.”

Lu Man looked towards He Zhengbai. She really did not understand this guy.

These were all things that had not happened in the last life.

Of course, in her last life, after she was schemed against, she went to jail quickly.

While she was in jail, she had thought the only person she could hope for help from was He Zhengbai. But she did not know that at that time, He Zhengbai had already started going out with Lu Qi. She had thought that He Zhengbai was being kept in the dark by Lu Qi.


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