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( Look After Lu Man)

Han Zhuoli took a look at her, then refused to let go of her hand.

Lu Man: “…”

The man just now seemed like he had a face full of shyness. Did she see it wrong?

Vice Principal Wang turned to ask Principal Liu in a low voice, “Lu Man and Young Master Han are…”

“They’re engaged.” Principal Liu had originally wanted to say that they were dating but instantly thought of the Weibo post Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had posted. It was obvious the two were already engaged. It was not suitable to say they were just dating.

The two of them were actually heading towards marriage!

And he still held back a bit at first.

It looked like having always been polite to Lu Man and letting Lu Man do things conveniently to the best of his ability were not in vain!

“Sss!” Vice Principal Wang took in a deep breath harshly. “This kind of big thing, you actually did not tell me about it!”

“The two of them are very low-key, and I did not dare to say it out loud,” Principal Liu said. “Otherwise, why did you think he suddenly decided to remove all investment in the Drama Academy and to invest everything in our school even though the Han Corporation had always invested in the Drama Academy before? It was all because of Lu Man. To make it more direct, it’s to let Lu Man be taken care of here. Young Master Han is telling us, as long as Lu Man is doing well, however much investment our school wants, it’s alright.”

Principal Liu became happier and happier. In the future, their school would really be first!

Principal Liu seemed to be able to see the shining future.

“Lu Man is that low-key?” Vice Principal Wang was also shocked. It was just that none of Lu Man’s string of results could be considered low-key.

“Think about it, Lu Man hasn’t gone out in public regarding her relationship with Young Master Han, and there are so many people accusing Lu Man of being able to get to where she is only because of her luck and saying that she does not have real ability at all.” In comparison, Principal Liu really sneered at those who thought that.

If it were not Lu Man and someone else instead, even with Han Zhuoli’s investment, how could they push Greedy Wolf Operation to 3 billion and Red Tiger to 8.9 billion?

Han Zhuoli’s support was only one of the reasons. The most important was Lu Man’s own ability.

Those who’d said it was just her luck being good, they were just randomly attacking.

If it were somebody else, they also wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Furthermore, during Greedy Wolf Operation , Han Zhuoli did not help much. It was all Lu Man who’d planned it and made it go up.

“If people were to know of Young Master Han and Lu Man’s relationship, whenever Lu Man has a bit of achievement, it would all be ascribed to Young Master Han. Those people will criticize that Lu Man had only been able to do it due to Han Zhuoli. Without Han Zhuoli, she is nothing,” Principal Liu said. “Furthermore, the Chinese Arts Championships is about to start. Lu Man would definitely get quite good results, it is even possible for her to be first. If their relationship were to be exposed now, that would cause people to suspect the truthfulness of Lu Man’s results. I think that Young Master Han is definitely thinking about that.”

Principal Liu really managed to guess what Han Zhuoli was thinking. He was scared that at this time, going public would not have good effects on Lu Man.

But he did not think that Lu Man refusing to go public was also to protect Han Zhuoli. As long as Lu Qiyuan did not know about Han Zhuoli, he would not go and irritate him.

These two people were both thinking of the other.

Vice Principal Wang asked in a low voice, shocked, “You have such a good opinion of Lu Man? Because of Young Master Han?”

Principal Liu shook his head. “Look, even you are thinking like that, that Lu Man could succeed only because of Young Master Han. Based on what I see, yes, Lu Man is able to succeed because there is Young Master Han’s support, but it’s also because she has the ability. Young Master Han’s support is an addition, but both parts are equally important.”


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