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( Han Zhuoli Is Here)

It was like saying, how can I like you?

It was a joke!

Lu Man turned around and was about to go when she saw Principal Liu.

That was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that next to Principal Liu was actually Han Zhuoli!

Principal Liu was smiling and introducing something to Han Zhuoli, then noticed that Han Zhuoli’s attention was not on him anymore and that his head was turned and looking elsewhere.

Principal Liu looked over, then saw Lu Man, He Zhengbai, and Lu Qi standing together.


Principal Liu took in a deep breath. This scene…

Principal Liu instantly felt the coldness coming from next to him.

Han Zhuoli’s cold gaze flitted between Lu Qi and He Zhengbai. In the end, he fixed his gaze on He Zhengbai, his gaze like cold knives sent flying towards the other man.

He Zhengbai could not control himself and stiffened, still not understanding where Han Zhuoli’s coldness was coming from. Under Han Zhuoli’s gaze, however, he could not move at all.

Only then did Han Zhuoli slowly turn his gaze towards Lu Man. His gaze became warmer, but he still looked a bit unhappy.

Principal Liu smartly called Lu Man over, “Lu Man, come over here.”

Lu Man hurriedly went over. “Principal Liu.”

After that, she looked towards Han Zhuoli.

This man, was he angry?

Principal Liu laughed, then pretentiously told Han Zhuoli, “Young Master Han, the Red Tiger that Lu Man acted in as the main character got the good result of having 8.9 billion ticketing sales. She can be considered to be a very good representative of our school.”

When Lu Qi and Zhang Xiaoying heard Principal Liu’s introduction, their face instantly became black.

Just her?

Student representative?

Someone who had not even been elected through an internal voting.

How could this kind of person become their student representative?

What were they treating them other students as?

This kind of thing like showing their faces in front of Han Zhuoli, they also wanted to do it!

On a more innocent note, perhaps they just wanted to leave a good impression in front of Han Zhuoli. If he had any movie or drama, perhaps he would remember her?

If they wanted to be more ambitious, they would directly want to be Madam Han!

Zhang Xiaoying glared at Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, so envious that her eyeballs were about to pop out.

Pan Xue was so gossipy, she secretly took a photo of Zhang Xiaoying’s jealous look, planning to let Lu Man see later on.

Principal Liu did not care what the other students thought and told Han Zhuoli, “There’s still time before the competition. Why don’t we let Lu Man bring Young Master Han to walk around?”

“There’s no need.” She did not think that Han Zhuoli would say that.

Lu Man’s gaze darkened; she insulted him in her heart for being petty.

She then heard Han Zhuoli say, “The competition is about to start, there’s no need to walk around. Let Lu Man introduce it to me and it’ll be alright.”

Lu Man raised her head to look at him, slightly glaring.

He was even making such long pauses when talking.

“Lu Man, I’ll hand Young Master Han over to you,” Principal Liu said happily.

The students berated in their hearts, why did Principal Liu say things so strangely?

What did he mean by “Hand Young Master Han over to you”?

It sounded like he was giving Han Zhuoli to Lu Man, wanting something to happen.

At that moment, towards Lu Man, it was not only Zhang Xiaoying who was being envious.

Everyone was looking towards Lu Man covetously.

They also wanted to stand in Lu Man’s position, to take over her place and explain things to Han Zhuoli!

Who among those whose heart was set to advancing in the entertainment industry hadn’t heard of Han Zhuoli before?

This was their first time looking at a high-level person like Han Zhuoli from so close up.

“They will all be going to prepare for the grading for the competition,” Principal Liu seemed to be explaining.

“Alright, please feel free to go,” Han Zhuoli said mildly.


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