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(Reprimand Him with Her Gaze)

Han Zhuoli’s forehead, shoulders, and even the muscles bulging out from his shoulders and back were all covered in sweat.

A droplet of sweat from his forehead fell into the hollow of Lu Man’s collarbone. Han Zhuoli reached out and pulled Lu Man’s hand away from her mouth.

He leaned forward and closed in on Lu Man’s ear. “Man Man, it’s fine being a little bit louder. Only I can hear it. Other people can’t hear it at all.”

He laughed lightly. “The soundproofing is good here.”

Right now, Lu Man’s mind was a blank. She couldn’t think at all. Normally, she would definitely have understood the meaning behind Han Zhuoli’s words.

But right now, Lu Man’s hands were gripping tightly onto Han Zhuoli’s elbows. She’d completely lost all ability to think.

Han Zhuoli had completely let loose. He was way wilder than he’d been at Lu Man’s place.

No matter how hard Lu Man tried to hold it, in the end, her voice that sounded as if she was crying yet not landed softly and sweetly on his heart. It was completely exciting Han Zhuoli even more.

That sweet moan of hers made Han Zhuoli lose all control. His hands even left a mark on his waist.

After that, Lu Man’s legs could not stop trembling.

Even though she was just lying down, her legs were still trembling non-stop.

She never expected that Han Zhuoli had always been holding back in the past and only used half of his strength.

Holding it back for so long, he could only keep himself satiated but not satisfied. Finally, he’d completely released everything today.

The energy he released all at once today after holding it back for so long naturally seemed like it was never-ending. He was fierce and relentless.

Honestly, if it was like usual, Han Zhuoli would already be sufficiently satisfied. He wouldn’t go to this extent either.

That made Lu Man misunderstand. She thought that Han Zhuoli at full force wouldn’t be this much.

Now that she’d calmed down, Man Man’s brain started working again. She finally understood what Han Zhuoli meant just now.

Lu Man regretted it greatly. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have moved here to stay!

But the man who had made her so tired looked like nothing had happened to him at all. He was not tired at all and even seemed full of energy.

It clearly was like he’d sucked away all of her energy to replenish his.

Right now, Lu Man was so lethargic she couldn’t even move her arms or legs. She could only use her gaze to reprimand him.

Han Zhuoli knew as well that he’d gone a little overboard this time around and smiled guiltily at Lu Man.

Lu Man was so furious, she clenched her teeth. “Don’t try to use your beauty to fluff your way out of this!”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Not only was Lu Man unable to move her arms or legs, but she was also so lethargic that she couldn’t even speak.

Now, her voice was all hoarse. Han Zhuoli was suddenly unable to laugh anymore and hurriedly went to fetch a glass of water for Lu Man.

Knowing that Lu Man didn’t have energy and that her legs were still trembling even until now, he helped Lu Man up and supported her in his arms.

Lu Man was soft and limp. Her entire body, including her tendons, was aching.

She wanted to lift her hand up to point at her stomach. Yet, after trying a little, she could only raise her finger.

“My stomach right now feels like I had done 200 crunches.” Lu Man was aching so much, her face looked like her soul had left her body.

Han Zhuoli laughed a little sheepishly and fed her some water. After her throat was soothed, she finally felt a little better.

As Lu Man was honestly too lethargic to move, Han Zhuoli went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with slightly warm water and added some bath soaps and bath salts in it. Then, he carried Lu Man into it so she could have a bath that could soothe her aching.

The bathtub had massaging functions. He switched that on as well for Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli was full of energy right now. Even if he wanted another round, he still held it back.

As he didn’t control himself properly just now, he had tormented Lu Man to this extent.

Therefore, right now, without any impure thoughts, he massaged Lu Man, starting from her calves, which were almost about to cramp, to her thighs.

He rubbed her waist and helped her relax her stomach.

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