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(Please Look After Me for the Rest of My Life)

However, if Wang Qianyun still had some self-respect, once she knew that Han Zhuoli was already engaged, she would stop pestering him.

“Yes, sure.” Auntie Sun accepted and left.

Returning to the door, she said through the intercom, “Miss Wang, I’m really sorry, you should have informed us before coming rather than directly just coming here straight.”

Wang Qianyun pursed her lips. Was she blaming her for coming presumptuously?

“Unfortunately, our Young Master is getting engaged today, so it’s honestly quite inconvenient for the two elders to have guests. Why not you find another date and confirm with us in advance whether the two elders are free,” Auntie Sun said.


Suddenly, Wang Qianyun had a bad premonition. “Who is getting engaged?”

“Miss Wang, your question is overstepping a little. How is it any of your business who in the Han family is getting engaged?” Auntie Sun had also heard Wang Qianyun’s statement during the premiere, claiming that she wasn’t a Chinese anymore and was thus extremely furious at her. She no longer had a good attitude towards Wang Qianyun anymore. “But it’s fine telling you, anyway. Our Young Master Zhuoli is getting engaged, so today is really inconvenient.”

Wang Qianyun couldn’t care less about Auntie Sun’s tone and hurriedly asked, “Who is he getting engaged to?”

How could Han Zhuoli get engaged so soon?

She previously heard that he had a girlfriend, but back then she thought that he was just finding an excuse to get away from her.

Could it be that he really had a girlfriend?

And was actually getting engaged today!

On the other hand, Auntie Sun pursed her lips coldly. No wonder no one in the family liked Wang Qianyun.

As to who Han Zhuoli was getting engaged to, how did that have anything to do with her?

Thus, Auntie Sun said impolitely, “Miss Wang, I’m afraid you’re being rather rude now. Why are you so interested in Han family’s family matters. Who he is getting engaged to has nothing to do with you. I’m sorry, to prevent this matter from being revealed in advance, I can’t tell you no matter what. So please go back and wait for the Han family to release the news. Please leave.”

Auntie Sun hung up the call with the intercom and didn’t bother with Wang Qianyun anymore.

On the other hand, Wang Qianyun stood frozen at the doorstep of the old mansion. Even a maid was looking down on her!

Who could say that Han Xijin and Wang Juhuai were good friends? She had come here, but they didn’t even let her in!

She came here this time because she knew there was not much hope left with Han Zhuoli.

So she wanted to impress the elders in the Han family instead.

If she gained the favor of the two elders, Han Xijin and his wife, at least she would have more opportunities to visit the Han family, and that way she would have more opportunities to interact with Han Zhuoli.

As long as the elders in the Han family liked her and supported her, Han Zhuoli’s girlfriend could be kicked away as far as she wanted.

With the Han family seniors supporting her, she didn’t believe that Han Zhuoli wouldn’t give in, and she didn’t believe that his girlfriend could beat her.

Who knew that the moment the wonderful idea struck her and she finally came here, she wouldn’t be allowed in!

So how could Wang Qianyun just admit defeat so easily, she just returned to the car and waited there.

Didn’t she say that the engagement was today?

Then they would come out sooner or later. She really wanted to see exactly how amazing this girlfriend of Han Zhuoli was!

That Han Zhuoli would not even look at her at all!


With just a meal, Lu Man had turned into Han Zhuoli’s fiancee.

Old Mrs. Han grinned ear to ear, brimming with happiness. She was already wishfully dreaming about Lu Man giving birth to little great-grandchildren for her to play with.

One, two, three, four…

The house would be filled with little kids crawling and roaming around.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli suddenly grabbed Lu Man’s hand and took out his phone, taking a few photos of her hand.

Unfortunately, Han Zhuoli’s photography skills were really not good, thus the pictures turned out to be blurry even though it was just focusing on her fingers.

However, Han Zhuoli didn’t mind his own bad photography skills and uploaded the blurry picture where even the brand the ring could not be guessed and just posted it on Weibo.

Han Zhuoli: “Finally Engaged! Dear, please look after me for the rest of my life.”

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