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(Why Don’t We Settle It Today)

Little God of Fortune official Weibo account: “Thank you, Little Lamb Run Quickly. Little God of Fortune’s box office surpassed Attack Force. Animated films will shine too!”

Bourbotte: “…”

Shine my a*s!

Having achieved such a high box office collection, didn’t they know anything about it at all?

On the other hand, Lu Man and Han Zhouli couldn’t care about it anymore.

Han Zhuoli was busy discussing about his and Lu Man’s impending engagement withXia Qingwei.

Han Zhuoli’s wanted to bring Xia Qingwei to the old mansion tomorrow, on Sunday, and have the two families sit down and discuss it properly.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli stayed back at Lu Man’s home.

It seemed like ever since they moved, Han Zhuoli had been spending more time staying over at her place.

He had even started bringing more and more clothes over to leave there.


On Sunday, Han Zhuoli drove Xia Qingwei and Lu Man together to the old mansion.

Regarding the engagement, everyone in the Han family respected Xia Qingwei’s opinions and had already decided to give priority to Xia Qingwei and Lu Man.

Even Xia Qingwei was modest and said humbly, “I don’t have any requests. I’m leaving it all to Lu Man.”

Old Mrs Han nodded in agreement. “That’s true! After all, Zhuoli and Man Man are the ones getting engaged, we will still have to listen to what those two lovebirds think.”

“Man Man, what do you think?” Shen Nuo asked Lu Man.

Even Han Zhuoli looked towards Lu Man. The whole family had clearly planned to listen to her.

This made Lu Man a little stressed.

“This…” Lu Man hesitated for a moment.

“Don’t be stressed, just say what you’re thinking, it’s fine.” Old Mrs Han supported her.

If she wanted it to be grand, it shall be grand. If she wanted it to be a small affair, it shall be small.

If Lu Man wanted it to be grand, the Han family could make it as grand as she wanted.

Seeing Lu Man hesitate, Old Mrs Han thought that Lu Man wanted to make it a grand event but felt apprehensive and apologetic to ask for it, afraid that they would be against it and judge her.

“Actually, I was thinking that we don’t have to make it a huge ceremony. Let’s just all have a small meal followed by the engagement.” Lu Man didn’t want it to be too grand, she didn’t think that there was any point in it. “Anyway, this is just a matter between our two families.”

Old Mr Han nodded, satisfied. She wasn’t conceited, extravagant, and was instead a low-profile person. That was good!

“Sure,” Old Mrs Han said blissfully, “but the wedding has to be grand.”

“I’ll listen to you,” Lu Man said humbly, with a smile on her face.

Lu Man then turned to look at Han Zhuoli. “Will that be alright?”

She didn’t forget to ask for this man’s opinion too.

Her soft and meek demeanor sneaked its way straight into Han Zhuoli’s heart. Towards others, Lu Man was still a fierce vixen who would bite back if provoked, but in front of him, she would always behave like a young, bashful girl.

In front of him, she didn’t have to put her guard up and be strong. She would just be like any other young girl, relying on her boyfriend. Her temper and personality would always soften when she was with him.

He liked watching her beat up others, but he also liked her soft, meek behaviour where she tenderly looked up to him for his care and protection.

His palm couldn’t help but itch and he lovingly ruffled her hair twice. “I’ll listen to you.”

Immediately, Old Mrs Han started feeling a little anxious. “Gosh, since it won’t be a grand affair, why don’t we settle it today?”

Old Mr Han tugged at her a little. “Why are you so restless? Even if it’s not going to be a grand affair, an engagement is still a major event. We should set a day aside and although not grand, we should make it exciting and enjoyable.”

It looked like Old Mrs Han forgot that Lu Man’s mother was still here.

Today, she was here to discuss the engagement, yet to just get them engaged immediately after saying it was like treating it as child’s play, it would somehow make her feel as if their Han family wasn’t taking it seriously.

Old Mrs Han did feel that she was too excited and overlooked that fact. Thus, when Old Mr Han chided her, she hurriedly explained to Xia Qingwei. “In-law, please don’t misunderstand. I was just too happy and felt that it’s so rare for everyone to be present, so I was too careless.”

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