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(Very Far Ahead In First Place)

When the netizens saw the stance taken by National Film Academy students, they all praised them.

“Admirable confidence and dignity as expected from that of the school students, the brilliance of a famous school!”

“Even the National Film Academy is publicly going against Bourbotte, so those that were crazily praising Bourbotte, you guys please continue.”

“I’ve already noted down the people who supported Bourbotte, and in the future, I won’t support any of their works and for that, I apologize in advance.”

“Please publish the list, I’ll save it as well.”

“I will also save it.”

“Publish it please, I’ll note it down too.”

Honestly, Zhang Lun and his followers got caught in the middle. Actually, he really did not support Bourbotte as well, he just wanted to step on Lu Man. It was a private feud and he just wanted to benefit from Lu Man’s fight with Bourbotte and see her embarrassed.

Who knew that Bourbotte would be so good at creating trouble everywhere!

Not only did he get reprimanded online but he also got caught in the middle of this feud. Even Fighting Hero might become a total flop.

The only good thing was that he still had the backing of Bourbotte’s fans.

Thus, Zhang Lun kept praying in the office for Red Tiger’s box office collection to be a flop tomorrow, and he really hoped that it would not explode.

Otherwise, he did not know how arrogant Lu Man would be.


After Lu Man and the rest finished their meal, Lu Man suggested dropping Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei back at school, but it was rejected by them.

Having a meal with the God of the industry was already enough for them to flaunt it for a lifetime, let alone having him send them back to school. It was already too stressful for them.

As for letting Lu Man and Han Zhouli send them back home, they really were scared that they would use up all their luck.

All good things have to come to a stop and they were scared that too much of something would definitely become harmful!

Thus the three of them took a cab back to school.

While they were in the cab, Zheng Yuanshi even patted her chest. “My heart is still pounding rapidly even now! I never really imagine that Lu Man’s boyfriend would be the ‘Han Zhuoli’!”

“Yes.” Even the Han Leilei who had always been the calmest and composed person in their group could no longer retain her calmness. “I did not think that in this lifetime I would have the chance to eat at the same table as this God. Lu Man is really too low key, she never even boasted about this before.”

On the other hand, Pan Xue had a sly smile on her smile. “I clearly remember how Zhang Xiaoying flaunted her background and acting career the whole day, looking down her nose at Lu Man. But in comparison with Lu Man, she’s just a small fly. Now that I think of Zhang Xiaoying’s arrogance in the past, I find it hilarious. I really anticipate her reaction when she finds out who Lu Man’s boyfriend is.”

“Right, do you guys think we should help Lu Man keep it a secret?” Pan Xue asked worriedly.

Han Leilei contemplated for a while and then said, “Let’s not say it now. Lu Man has not told anyone all along, even if someone wants to announce it, it should be Lu Man, it is not good for us to say it out for her. If Lu Man could bring us in front of CEO Han, that means she really treats us as friends.”

Zheng Yuanshi nodded in agreement. “I feel that way too.”

“Alright, then let’s not say anything,” Pan Xue nodded and said.


It was past 12 midnight already, and Attack Force had officially aired.

The next day, Lu Man opened the Pineapple website and kept checking the ticket sales through their software, refreshing the page every minute on her phone.

But since it was a Friday, there was not much sale in the daytime and thus the box office collection for the day was not significant.

However, since Attack Force had taken pre-bookings before Bourbotte made trouble, many people had already pre-booked Attack Force’s tickets.

Thus, comparing the real-time box office sales of today, Attack Force was still very far ahead in the first place.

Right now, in the hotel, Bourbotte, Berkeley, Susanna, his assistant Flake, Ryan, Wang Qianyun, Ai Fangyuan, all had gathered in the same guest room.

As Wang Qianyun kept refreshing the data of the box office sales, and her smile kept getting bigger. “Haha, those people were yelling out loud, wanting to step on our move. But now see, Attack Force is still very far ahead in the first place.”


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